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Honda CR-V Transmission Questions



  • I have been driving a 2000 Acura and a 99 Accord since several years ago. Everything else works just great except that the transmissions suffer from exactly the problem that many other Honda owners have reported: The car often (but not always) gives me an obvious feeling of pause when I try to accelerate.

    Now I am interested in buying a new CR-V, so I would like to know if Honda's transmission problem still persists and if it affects the CR-V 2013 models.

    Any information would be helpful. Thank you!
  • My 2002 CR-V has 260k+ miles and has never left me stranded a single time, original engine and transmission. Rear diff is half bad (3 wheel drive?).

    The current generations CR-V uses a 5 speed automatic. This transmission was introduced in 2002 Accord (I think) and had early issues, but is now bulletproof.
  • I've owned 3 Accords, a 1990, a 1997 and a 2004. All are still running like tops on original engines and transmissions. Bought a 2013 CR-V back in April and so far it's been running flawlessly. It's the nature of these forums that the people who provide input are usually those who are having problems. It's not unusual for any product which is produced in the hundreds of thousands every year that some slip thru the cracks which are not up to par. Unfortunate, but it happens. The fact remains that Hondas are renowned for their reliability and being a high quality vehicle.
  • Back in March my auto trans went. Started to slip and then stopped working a few days later. Took it to a trans specialist and had rebuilt. Paid in the ballpark of $3,000.
    Several weeks ago it had begun slipping. Only happens when the trans goes from 1st to 2nd gear. Everything else is fine. I had it into the same shop again since it has a warranty, he said he couldnt find any issue. He said nothing looked wrong. But he took the whole thing apart, redid it just to be sure, said he changed some wiring to new (don't know what that meant), rode it all over and said it was fine. I had it for a day, was doing great, and then this afternoon it starts to buck again between 1st and 2nd when you start from a dead stop. Again all other gears are fine. VERY frustrating. Anyone have this issue, or any ideas? Should I take it to a different person for a second opinion?

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