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Chevrolet Suburban and Tahoe No Start problems



  • Did you every get a response on what the problem may be? We are having similar problems with our Tahoe same year. Curious as to what the outcome was.
  • Please view this picture to help answer my questions.
    Thanks for any help you can give.

    Picture is at

    My Suburban's starter is not turning fast enough to start the truck. In fact it acts like the batteries are both drained. The batteries have both been charged, and I hooked up jumper cables to boost the power when trying to start, but it didn't change the symptoms.

    My inspection of the cables showed no corrosion at the terminals. My inspection of the starter innards shows grooving in the brushes and copper (aren't they supposed to be smooth?), and from what I understand from past starters, there are supposed to be slots between the copper contacts (at least I think that's what I've seen before), but there isn't on this one. I've never before seen a worn out starter in terms of the copper contacts, so I am wondering if you think this starter looks perfectly functional or if it has run its lifespan. Take a look at the picture, and if you have any questions, leave an answer or email me at "adam @ berkey . biz" (no spaces)


    I took it down to Schucks to get tested, but their test doesn't include the friction of the compression of an engine, so I'm wondering though it passed the test on their testing equipment, that the actual use of it trying to compress the cylinders in the truck need more "juice."
  • I have a 02 Z71Tahoe that will not start. Problem started about a month ago when I went to start the truck, turned the key, no noise! Lights, radio, dash lights all came on, but no action. Came back a hour or so later, it started right up! Truck would not start a few weeks ago, got it towed to my house, soon as the truck was lowered from tow truck, I got in just to check, and it started right up. Drove fine with no problems for a week, then all of a sudden, problem came back again.tried jump starting, but no results. How do I know if its the starter, battery or ECM? Please help!!!
  • Left the Tahoe with the dealer for 3 days and they had no solution. However, it has not failed to start since. over four weeks ago now. Love you know if you figure your problem out. Then I can check mine.

  • ok this problem has been eluding me for months now. My 92 Burb will not start without adding starting fluid and then will not idle at less than 1500-2000 RPM. I am getting 12+volts to the injectors I have changed the oil pressure sensor, fuel pump, fuel filter, ESC, EEC(computer) O2 sensor, map sensor, Idle air control valve, full tune up and full oil change. The symptoms are; Vehicle will not start without starting fluid, then once started will not idle below 1500-2000, it appears to shut off the injectors. I have talked to several techs that I know and they are all baffled. ANYONE HAVE ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Have you checked the compression in each cylinder, and how about a leaking intake manifold?
  • No leaks that I found and I rebuilt heads and reinstalled them so compression is wihtin 2lbs of each other. however if I put fuel in the TBI it will start then if I keep it at above 1500 RPM it runs perfect it is once I try to let it idle the injectors shut off
  • tdarrtdarr Posts: 5
    I had the same problem on my 2003 Z71. Had at dealer several times for problem , but they never fixed problem. Changed battery, ignition switch and checked everything in starting system . I installed new starter not rebuilt and have not had problem in two years. I was having the same problem you are talking about with dead ignition at times with and without dash power when it happened. It was very intermittent . Hope this cures your problem. tdarr
  • I will try a new starter today. Hopefully this will fix the problem. Thanks tdarr, and I will keep u posted.
  • Had a similar prob with my 97 Sub. Same symptoms. Found out my battery was arcing. Made my piggy back positive cables melt to each other. Replaced battery under warranty and replaced both positive cables and made sure cables were tight on my starter and alternator. Problem Solved. Hope this helps.
  • Good help booty2324 :lemon:
  • cf4230cf4230 Posts: 1
    2007 chevy tahoe won't start. this all started when all the gauges quit working while the tahoe wasa running,shut it off and now it won't start. when turning the key over it just clickes.....everything including lights,radios....etc still works
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    sounds like the battery is run down and needs replaced
  • I agree with kiawah about the battery. But, I would like to add checking your cables also in case of corrosion.
  • I have a 02 Tahoe that does not like to start in cold weather. It did this last winter but as spring came around I had no more problems until the cold air came back this winter. It will roll over fine but will not start. And the other day it sounded like it was going to start and it just choked and died. I could smell gas or something. I tried again and it started fine. Anyways when it warms up outside its starts like new. No problems when its running at all. Just doesnt want to start when its really cold outside. Need some help please because I dont have the money to spend at a shop if they dont find the correct problem. Thanks.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Not sure how your expectations are that someone on the internet, who can neither see, hear, or drive your vehicle.....could do better diagnosis than a local technician. This is the type of reported symptom, that could be caused by so many different things.

    You could end up throwing a lot of unnecessary parts into trying to fix this, based on suggestions you might end up with.

    How many miles on the vehicle? How do the plugs look? Are there any error codes in the computer? Is the vehicle due for, and/or have you tuned it up recently? What prior maintenance has been done on the vehicle, and anything related to this problem? There's a lot of factors that go into trying to diagnose the problem.

    I'd start by taking it somewhere who will check your computer for error codes. That may point the technician (or you) to a particular area to start looking at. Some autoparts chains will read the error codes for free for you.
  • Expectations were not high....just thought I might get lucky:) Can you tell me just one thing though? Should I tow it so that they can see for themselves what its doing or just wait till it warms up outside ,crank it, and drive it. I live in a small town with small garages. Little Rock is 30 minutes
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    On symptoms where it only occurs when the engine is cold or fist started, arrange to drop off the car at night, and put the keys in the night slot. Get a ride home. They'll see the problem when the go to start it in the morning.
  • Good idea...thanks for your time :)
  • abc129abc129 Posts: 2
    Did your mechanic ever figure out the problem? I have the same problem and have taken it several places. No one knows the problem. Any feedback would be helpful.
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