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Chrysler's New Lifetime Drivetrain Warranty



  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 408
    I know with 7 children, my wife and I are pretty much resigned to purchasing a Suburban. However, since the eldest lives with her biological father, and the second eldest is quite angsty and she does not go many places with us, a 7-passenger vehicle would theoretically work for us.

    That means a DGC, T&C, or Commander would possibly work for us. With a lifetime powertrain warranty, we would be able to think about one of these vehicles. I know some of the rebates are smaller than they were but newspaper ads on these vehicles are still looking good. In the meantime, I would worry about two things.

    One, a new van or Commander is somewhat above our budget. We could finance it out six years and get the payment where we need it, and the warranty would still be in effect long after the payment book is an empty spine. Right now we're looking at used 02-05 Suburbans in the $10-$15K range and one of these new vehicles are more like $20-$25K.

    Two, if we were to spend this extra money and get the new van and have the transmission conk out 4 years in at what would be around 80K, is the dealer going to come back and say, "you have 5 kids plus soccer and softball equipment and bring home meat for your freezer 375lbs at a time, you abused the van and we're not covering it!"
  • wtd44wtd44 Posts: 1,211
    If there ever was a bullet proof automatic tranny, Chrysler made it! :shades:
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,422
    yes but not in cases of oil starvation, or severe overheating or failure to prove the periodic maintenance requirements were done--these are owner negligence issues and not defects in materials or workmanship. Other cases might be torn CV joint boots, damage to an oil pan, incorrect parts installed by owner, evidence of stripped threads or broken studs, wrong fluids, different size tires, etc.

    There are plenty of loopholes available.


  • wtd44wtd44 Posts: 1,211
    This all leads back to my decision some years ago to hopefully never buy a vehicle I wasn't able to "eat." By that, of course, I mean-- If at all possible never buy a vehicle whose total loss would bankrupt you mentally or fiscally!
    Now how can one REALLY prove that they provided proper maintenance? I read here that saving receipts for oil purchases will be accepted as proof of oil changes. If that is true, then it proves that only a game is being played with the buyer. Then, again, I'll say, buy a moderately priced vehicle and take your chances. Do not buy a vehicle you think may require considerable repairs, warranty repairs included. Caveat Emptor. :lemon:
  • waterdrwaterdr Posts: 307
    It's the age-old I by used, pay less, and take more risk, or buy new, pay more, and take less risk? Time and time again, it is always better (financially) to buy used. can still get decent warranties on used cars. AND, re-built trannies cost about $1500 and you can buy rebuilt, used-motors on some cars for under $2,000. A new Suburban.....$40k+ plus. I just sold my 2002 Z-71 for $12,000.....had a 100k on it, but chances are the motor and tranny would have gone anout 100k w/o issues.

    I have a 2007 Pacifica and it came with free oil changes until 100k. I take it in every 3500 miles and let the dealer do it. That way, if there are any warranty issues down the road, there is no argument. I also follow the book for everything else....not what the dealer says. Those jokers recomend changing all fluids every 15k.....the book says more like 45k.
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    Those jokers recommend changing all fluids every 15k.....the book says more like 45k.

    The free oil changes are probably like the lifetime light bulb warranty at the hardware stores. When you're in the store to exchange the defective bulb they figure you will purchase other things that will more than offset the cost of a 50-cent light.

    I have lifetime free oil changes and tire rotation from the dealer I bought my car through. All I pay is $8 for the oil filter. So far they haven't tried to hit me up with any additional services but it only has 6,000 miles.

    I like to do the majority of my own maintenance anyway. I keep any receipts on things I did on my own for warranty reasons.
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    A friend bought a Jeep Patriot the other day. A lot of SUV for the money, but the overall quality of interior materials were a bit subpar. A very nice looking jeep, gets very good gas mileage 23/26(?), has the CVT trans, side curtain airbags, stability control, traction... for a MSRP of $20,380. He said he got the friends and family discount and rebate which made it $17,000. The lifetime powertrain warranty was a selling point which influenced his buy. He also bought the lifetime extended bumper to bumper warranty for $1,800. Sounds pretty good don't it? :)
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    NO...he got hosed on the warranty. He should have GOOGLED and went to Champion Dodge Chrysler (Barrington, Illinois)...I purchsed a Chyrsler )OEM warranty and saved many many dollars...NO...I do not work for them.
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    What did you pay that makes you think he got hosed?
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    Keep in mind that he bought the Patriot for nearly %17 under MSRP, which is a pretty good deal, even if he could have negotiated a few more dollars off the lifetime warranty.
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    Keep in mind that he bought the Patriot for nearly %17 under MSRP, which is a pretty good deal

    O.k, he just emailed me the specifics. The Jeep was MSRP $20,150....minus dealership discount of around $800... minus $3,175 rebate ... which is a total price paid of $16,163. That's around 20% under MSRP

    He paid $320 in lisence and fees....$970 in taxes. The lifetime bumper to bumper warranty was $1,960

    Now considering some people pay $1,960 for 4 years of extended warranty... the price for a lifetime of total coverage seems pretty darn good. By the way, my friends brother-in- law is the GM of this Chrysler dealership. ;)
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    Go to there website and check out their prices.
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    I did. A savings of around $3,500 each on two different Patriots, and a savings of less than $1,000 on another. My friend had savings of $4,000 off MSRP... so I'd say he got a better deal than what Champion Dodge Chrysler of Barrington offers.
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    I did not mean he did not get a great deal on the vehicle...I am saying he could have saved $$$$ by not purchasing the Chrysler warranty at that dealership. He could have saved even MORE $$$$ by purchasing the Chjrysler OEM warranty online. Besides, he already purchased the there is no sense beating a dead horse.
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    ohhh, the Chrysler OEM warranty online. Well, OEM warranties can be cancelled can they not? May be something to look into if he can save $200 or $300.
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    I am not sure if the Chrysler OEM warranty can be cancelled. I have read on other sites that the Honda OEM Warranty can be cancelled....but... I do not know "how soon after the purchase date"....
  • afunafun Posts: 2
    Can anyone tell me if the "powertrain" warranty covers computers, electronics, sensors, exhaust, and emissions systems?

  • afunafun Posts: 2
    I've seen that but it doesn't say what they mean by "powertrain"
  • the_big_althe_big_al Posts: 1,069
    It won't make be the deal that makes me switch. Not having fully investigated it and taking it only as I see it, the warranty is good for only the original buyer of the vehicle and only covers the powertrain, but not the other gremilins that can pop up after several thousand miles. This has no benefit as a reasle option and if you happen to be a subsequent owner, you're out of luck anyway. Just a shot in the dark, but even though Chrylser has the confidence in it's product, how many of these vehicle are going to be kept for a "lifetime" buy thier owneres?

    Also, will they cover an engine failure if I follow all the provisions in the warranty and I happen to put 250K+ miles and the transmission or engine fails, will they honor the warranty and fix it? Or will they come back and say it's normal wear and tear? LIfetime is lifetime, but are they saying that they expect their powertrains to last a lifetime? I'd almost be tempted if I had the resources to go buy a Chrysler vehicle and try and get several hundred thousand miles out of the vehicle and see what happens when a major drivetrain component fails...
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