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Toyota Solara Windscreen



  • moms_maxmoms_max Posts: 62
    Wow!!! You were able to get a windscreen installed for a 2008? I have been trying for 2 years to locate the hardware! I bought a windscreen off a guy who was turning in his lease. Little did I know the hardware wasn't included :mad:

    Meegwell, you were the smart one...had it dealer installed right from the get-go! You gave us all a good tip... I will try your suggestion! Thanks...
  • Yeah, that's why I would go with a Windblox. They are way easier to get on and they don't require any fancy hardware, etc. You can get them on and off in just a minute or so. That, and with the warranty, you know you won't ever have any problems with it. ;)
  • Hello,

    I am also missing a hook. Looks like it's been 3 years since you posted this. Did you ever find one?

    Thank you,
  • Hi Nancy...
    No, I have not. Unfortunately I have been preoccupied with an aging out-of-state mother...while my car sits in the garage :(
    If you look back at the messages in this thread, there was a good suggestion by meegwell during the 2010 posts, I think.
    There's a "Top Shop" about an hour from here - they will be my last ditch effort but it might be a few months before I get there! Perhaps they can make one?? I'll post results. If they can get or make one, I'm sure they'd love to know they could sell more!!
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