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Mercedes-Benz C-300 2008+



  • avatar1avatar1 Posts: 32
    I just spoke to my ins company. They will actually pay off the lease and pay 100% of your down payment in the 1st two years of the lease. After that, it's prorated, but this is a new program with Liberty Mutual. 604doc is right about the Money Factor, the higher your upfront payment, the lower the money factor is with Mercedes. The deal I just wrote reflects that.

    As an aside, I told the salesman I liked the grille from the sport model better than the luxury model, but I liked the lux model overall better than the sport. He offered to swap the grille and now I have a lux C300 with a sport grille. This is what I wanted. I personally felt the sport version's ride was harsh compared to the lux version.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 920
    Once again...there are two types of upfront payments. One is a capital cost reduction which does not reduce the Money Factor and exposes you to loss of your money if you total the car. The other is to make multiple security deposits which you get back at the end of the lease and do reduce your money factor as well. I assume that avatar1 used multiple security deposits.

    Warning...many dealers (and most sales people) don't even know that they offer an option for multiple security deposits. If you run into one of those dealers, find the finance manager and have him pull out his literature and learn about the program.
  • jamieh1jamieh1 Posts: 1
    Hello avatar1,
    BUY the C300 and NOT 328xi.
    In terms of style and sophistication, you can't beat Mercedes. BMW is nice but the style is outdated and "square" meaning it looks hard and not sophisticated.
    I bought the c300 6 months ago and I have to say I am very impressed with the car and I LOVE IT. No regrets whatsoever. I got one with the paranoma sunroof, 6-disc CD changer and the multimedia package with the 7-inch screen navigation for only $37,000 OUT THE DOOR including taxes and license fees.
    So you should try to bargain yours down to around that range. $40,000 is a bit too high.
    Good Luck.
  • avatar1avatar1 Posts: 32
    I picked up the C-300 tonight and I have to tell you I am more than impressed. This car has every option and I am still slogging my way through the NAV manual. The ipod interface is better than I thought and better than the salesman said it was, he didn't know how to work it. I am so glad I didn't get the BMW but I am glad I test drove it. I think the deal I got was good, I neglected to mention they handed me a check for $2325 to pay off my lease on the Acura I drove in with. So all in all, I am quite happy with the car, the dealer and the finances. I am saving over $175 a month over my last lease and this is by far a superior car.
  • for the stereo system there is a memory board that acts as an adaptor for a memory card. I have been to several electronics stores AND asked the MB service department about how/where to get the board. No one seems to have a clue as to what exactly or where I can buy one from. Can anyone give me more details like an exact description of what I need and where to buy from?
  • Can anyone lead me to a forums that discusses some of the more technical aspects of the Mercedes C300 class? I have question about the navigation system and other audio file type questions. For example I would like to change the voice on my nav system and maybe "adjust" my voice command system. Thanks
  • The dealer told me that the voice cannot be changed. What other questions do you have, I will try to answer them if I can. I have the C300 and have been getting deep into the manuals and systems.
  • How about the memory board question in #209?
  • press the voice button, say "dial number" and then it should let you say the number you want to dial. You can save numbers in the car's address book and assign voice tags to those numbers and then you can say "dial name" and it will.
  • Who is the name brand or manufacture on the C300 sterio system? I have some parts questions that I think need to be asnwered by the maker. Thanks
  • Looking at both..any opinions on which is better if considering long term ownership.
  • This is a close one. Volvo used to have a reputation of lasting forever, even longer than Mercedes although I know owners of both with several 100K miles. I have always thought that Mercedes was ahead on the Engineering curve, and Volvo takes what works and makes it work better. I get an average of 21.7 mpg in my C300, and I do not always get premium. I usually get the mid grade. Both cars are in the $40K range I think although I thought the S80 was a little more expensive. I am betting that when the new and improved fuel add ons come out, Mercedes will be more likely to have the retrofit sooner and it will be more efficient. This may never happen but I like I said I believe that Mercedes has the better engineering. The test for me would be which on fits you better. Both are good to great cars. Does the S80 have AWD? This was a biggie for me. I was going to get rear wheel or AWD. I have a real problem with front wheel only. I love the way rear wheel performs and pushes rather than pulls.
  • Can not figure out to to make calls with voice command ( no navig) but my phone has the ability to make the voice calls .
    HELP dealer and mbusa is useless. : :confuse:
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,206
    a well presented argument.

    You know you should listen when it's in ALL CAPS.

    Such a breath of fresh air and cogent thought.

    I own neither car, but based on this post alone, I'd certainly give the Volvo a harder look.
  • 604doc604doc Posts: 182
    Good one CD! ;)
  • I will take your WORDS for it on the Volvo as I have never owned one. Test drove alot of them and then chose something else. I will say that I love my C300 Lux 4 matic with the nav and sunroof. I'm still trying to figure out all of the features and options but that is part of the fun. I recommend the Nav system with a 4 gig hard drive. I'm old enough to remember when a 20 meg HD was huge. I play some of my DVD concerts on the way to work. the picture does not show but the music is great.
    My only question, almost a complaint is I would like more torque at the lower speeds, BUT I can use the the gear selection for that . I spend alot of city traffic in 3-5 gear. Also, the BLuetooth takes over my phone sometimes after I have turned off the feature in the car. It seems to have a mind and search mode of its own sometimes. :)
  • I have test driven the volvo a lot also. Am convinced that it is a better quality vehicle, at least on the interior, than the C300, but it has absolutely no personality.
    Looks so much like a "senior citizen" car.
  • When I start my brand new 08 c300 sport, the temperature gauge whizzes and has trouble going to the proper temperature.

    I've taken it to the dealer and they couldn't duplicate it. It happens 99% of the time. It starts when I start the car and continues throughout the entire car ride. Sometimes the sound dulls or gets worse (like it has been lately).

    Its as if there is a little motor to get the temperature gauge going but it's stuck so it makes that sound whiiiizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    have you had this problem? my car is only 3 weeks old. :confuse:
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