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Mercedes-Benz C-300 2008+



  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    I hardly know where to begin - this is a tender topic with current BMW owners...

    Runflat tires are 50-100% more expensive to buy than regular tires. They negatively affect ride and noise. Many tire shops are unprepared to repair them [even when they are repairable], and even shops that can fix them wind up recommending replacement more often than repair. Any time after about 5k miles, replacing one really means replacing two, because of treadwear patterns, making the cost difference even more dramatic. And on top of all that, eliminating the spare hasn't given the E90 3er a trunk any bigger than the W204 C-class.

    Simple rule of thumb: if you want a SPORTS SEDAN, buy the BMW; if you want a TOURING CAR, buy the Mercedes. We're very clear on what we want [and I've had plenty of BMWs in my time], and we are very happy owners of a C300 Lux.
  • Does anyone know why Mercedes won't offer the Bluetec option with the C-Class. I was speaking with a sales person at one of the dealerships in Atlanta. It sounded like there was some political reason behind the decision not to offer the option.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    It's coming, and it appears to be mostly a matter of priority. MBUSA has stated that they don't want to put any diesel in any model in the future that isn't 50-state compliant. That in turn has led to a series of decisions about which models in the lineup get first priority on being tested and certified with the new diesel technology. For reasons that I don't personally agree with, the emphasis has been on the big, heavy stuff - GL, ML, and R - probably because they get more positive buzz from mileage improvements here than with the rest of the lineup.

    For some reason, the E has been given a pass on all this - it has been allowed to have the diesel all along, and will get the urea-injection technology first [ when the W212 E is due here as a 2010 model in early 2009].

    I expect the C will get the diesel, finally, in our market also in calendar 2009, but in the fall when the 2010 models are introduced. I personally am hoping for the 2.2 to be offered here in the C, but it is more likely that the emphasis will be on the 3.0 V6.

    As mileage standards get more stringent, and pressure builds for all manufacturers to do something about global warming, I expect the entire Mrecedes lineup in the USA to be available with diesels, and/or the new "dies-otto" engine, which combines a spark ignition with compression ignition in the same combustion chamber. But that's in the middle of the next decade.

    Long answer....shorter version: sometime in 2009-10. I don't know that I'd describe "politics" as the problem - it's a combination of how much it costs to certify a new drivetrain for both the EPA and CARB, and the usual reluctance of the dealer body to get behind anything that doesn't improve "performance" or sound sexy. If the dealers were more enthusiastic, this would have already happened. If that's "political", then so be it....
  • I ordered mine in mid-November and picked it up on December 20, 2007. I have a C 300 Sport, white with black interior, P1, Manual 6 speed transmission (because I love manuals) and the 18" AMG wheels. Coming from a 2003 Passat (which I loved), I had considerd many cars, including the 335i coupe and sedan. The new B8 Audi A4 was also in the running. I deceided on the Benz in August when I saw it in-person. All of the other choices disappeared from my thoughts. I am quite happy with my decision. I decided to go with a one-pay lease, but negotiated a price that was $495 over invoice. At the end of 27 months with no payments, I can buy the car for $24,750.00. I definitely intend to buy it. This car is very nice. Maybe a little short on hp, but well worth the price. Even with the sport suspension it rides great. Last year, my best friend bought a 335i with the sport package and few other options for close to $50,000. When he rode in my car this weekend, he said "if this would have been available when I was looking, I would have chosen it over the 335i." Don't get me wrong, I love the 335i, but the C300, in my opinion, has a presence that can't be matched by any of the other vehicles I considered.

    -My Passat was heavily modified. Modifications included H&R sport springs, Bilstein struts/ shocks and 18" wheels. With those modifications, the ride was better than my friend's 335i with the sport package. The C300 Sport has a firm ride, but it is not harsh or jittery. It feels great and the handling is quite sharp.

    -Some members asked about the C300 Luxury transmission. It only comes with an automatic and the higer price is about equivalent to the C300 Sport with the automatic option.

    -Your iPod has to be turned all the way up when it is plugged into the aux port. I thought mine was malfunctioning until I turned up the volume. The dealership did my bluetooth sync and it works great. I need to figure out how to send my phonebook (business card) to the car though.

    Anyway, I hope my review of the car helps prospective buyers.

    Here's mine">
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,238
    ". . .I hope my review of the car helps. . ."

    Definitely. Thanks.

    Be sure to come back every six months or so and let us know how it's going. The main issue MB has to overcome is the abysmal reliability reputation that's been accumulated over the past several years, especially related to electrical/electronic components.

    Good luck, and enjoy,
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    We are now at the 5 month point, with 5500 miles on our C300 Lux.

    We have no issues to report. Everything works.

    The ride-handling compromise continues to be the most impressive feature of the car - both are a distinct improvement over the W203 C-class, and I think beats the E90 BMW 3er. The latter is the better handler, but at the expense of a harder ride and more road noise.

    Just couldn't be happier at this point, with the exception that I would have preferred to have the 2.2 diesel.
  • be325be325 Posts: 91
    I am not sure if this question belongs in this section.
    Our new C300 Lux we programmed for the day-time running lights. I believe there is a safety issue in having them on ... as other people can see you better. Perhaps, it is unnecessary because it is not required by the law, unless it is raining. Does any one know if these headlights always work at a 100% of their capacity? I remember other car makers advbertizing that their day-time lights were operating at 33% capacity (during the day) to extend their longevity and still make you more visible.
  • all of your posts are very informative. thanks for all your help so far. would asking $30,500 cash out the door be low balling them? Is anyone here in the So Cal area? for those who own the c300 sport, what is the most inconvenient feature? what is a good reason why this is a good buy even though it's a 1st gen car?

    thanks in advance for your input.
  • I have the C300 2008 Luxury Sedan with the PI, PII and Multimedia packages.

    When I first started using the built-in navigation system, the audible commands from the system (turn left, turn right, etc.) were very audible.

    Now they are very soft, to the point that I have to turn down the radio to almost off to hear them.

    Is there some setting that controls the volume of the navigation system audible commands?

  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    The DTLs run at a reduced level compared with the conventional headlights.

    Law or no law, they are a good idea.

    But for real low visibility situations, you need to use the regular headlight switch choices - only these turn on the headlights to full lumens, and most importantly, light up the taillights. The automatic feature can do this for you, but there are times when the only thing to do is intervene yourself and make sure you're showing full lighting both forward and backward.

    In any case, if the DTLs were unavailable, I'd run with the headlights on. You need all the help you can get as insurance against drivers and pedestrians who are too busy talking on the phone or otherwise not paying full attention.
  • lkmc01lkmc01 Posts: 8
    Agree. Just bought a C300 sport - automatic. Liked it much better than a BMW 5-Series (used) I test drove. Mostly because it fit me better and handled better. Paid list price, but I didn't think I had a lot of room to negotiate. I've yet to see another one on the road.
    I had the iPod integration kit installed and am now questioning that decision a bit because I now don't have the port available and would like to have satellite radio. I should have picked the model with the Satellite radio option already installed. The integration is nice though and I use my iPod a lot - I just keep a second iPod in the glove box. I don't have the issue you have with volume because it is all handled through the sound system. Not sure what to do about the Satellite radio issue now.
  • I will probably do the iPod integration kit in the spring. My C stays stored during the winter as it's mainly a toy. Is the integration kit worth it? My salesman talked me out of it, but after living with just the jack, I think it would be a worthwhile upgrade. I want to get the spoiler and install clear-bra first though.
  • be325be325 Posts: 91
    Very good response .... lots of common sense in it about safety.
  • lkmc01lkmc01 Posts: 8
    OK after just taking a couple of 2 hour drives; I'm thinking the integration kit may not be worth it. Unless I'm missing something (possible) - you still have to choose a playlist before you plug it in and if you are driving and you don't like the playlist - it is hard/unsafe to get to in the glove box. It is nice though to use the steering wheel controls and have the iPod turn down when the phone rings - does that happen with just the jack too? As I only have about 600 miles on the car, I still have a lot of best use things to figure out yet. Fun to drive though!
  • I just picked up the C300 Sport about 2 weeks ago. Great car and am very happy. The dealer tried to sell me the tire warranty for $600---he kept telling me that the tires have a very low profile and he would strongly recommend getting the warranty which covers the tires and the rims -- which if you get a flat he claims can run about $900 to replace.

    I had such bad luck on my Audi A6 before as they put Pirelli tires on which were garbage and all four inevitably blew, one at a time.

    Anyone have a) any problems so far w/ the tires and b) any advice? Please advise and thanks-
  • I just got the car too and don't love the integration kit. I did call the dealer as I had the same question as you did. Once the ipod is playing, you should hit the "Telephone Hang Up button" on the steering wheel--that brings up the playlists and then you can navigate through those-sort of strange but it works.

    For a company that touts safety, the ipod in the glove box is not safe at all-
    Hope you are enjoying the car-
  • lkmc01lkmc01 Posts: 8
    Excellent tip on the Telephone Hang Up Button. Still need to play with it a bit to figure it out completely. Much better!

    Wish I'd gotten the PO1 package - I think I miss XM radio and heated seats even though I live in the south...
  • rlm51rlm51 Posts: 21
    Not sure if this is the correct forum, but here goes ...

    Took my C300 in for service today, primarily for the complimentary 1K - 3K service but also had them investigate squeaking noise from brakes that started a week or so ago. They replaced the pads, resurfaced the rotors and from what I can tell, pretty much did a complete brake job. All fine and good, them being proactive and all. However, I am now very nervous about problems with a fundamental system in a brand new vehicle. The service rep. (and manager) gave me 10 reasons why, from mag chloride to "just one of those things."

    Just curious if anyone else has had a problem with brakes, if this may be a symptom of a larger issue (reliability?), or ... ? By the way, this is my first MB (and first German since a decades-ago Opel).

    Thanks in advance for your help and advice.

    Bob in the Mile High city
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Our C300 Lux is now going on 6 months old, and 5500 miles. The brakes are one of the strengths of the car - very powerful, no noise, less dust than we've ever had on a German car.

    I have heard of owners who will get some squeaking if the car has gone a long time between car washes - dust buildup around the pads can cause this - but it has no functional significance, and goes away the first time the brakes are washed as part of a general car cleaning.

    To be honest, I think your dealership may have overreacted, but heaven knows, that's better than the opposite.

    [This is my 15th MB, out of 55 cars overall since 1962, at least half of which have been German.]
  • This story sounds oh so familiar. Bought a 2008 C300 Luxury late November 2007. Within two weeks heard squeaking - took it to dealer, said they heard the squeak and fixed it. A week later, squeak was back, took it back to the dealer. Said they heard squeak again and fixed it. Two weeks later, squeak is back for the third time - dealer once again said they heard it, and once again fixed it. The three times it has been in the shop - dealer pretty much did the same thing as yours - replaced pads, resurfaced rotors, etc.

    Now car is back in shop. Squeak is still there - dealer said they have two other customers with the same exact problem, same car. Now they have no idea what is causing the squeak and will talk to Mercedes about it and possibly start a file - whatever that means.

    This is my first MB - always drove Lexus/Infiniti - very frustrated and very concern that such a new vehicle has been in the shop four times within two months.

    Is anyone else out having this problem?
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