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2008 Hyundai Elantra



  • joe242joe242 Posts: 1
    Our car was purchased new in August 08 and we were very happy with the ride, handling and safety features. Unfortunately, in January 09 we experienced a stalling problem that was to be repeated in May 09. Both times the stalling happened when we were within 1 mile of our starting point of the first drive of the day when the temps were in the 50s or 60s. Both times as I slowed for a stop sign with my foot off the accelerator, the car stuttered and jerked to a stop with the car in drive.

    In January when this happened, I was able to restart the car and went to the nearby Hyundai dealer. There they told me that if the check engine light was not on or the car was not currently experiencing the problem there was nothing they could do. However, they suggested that the problem could be related to contaminants in the fuel and recommended a “dry gas” additive. I followed their recommendation and did not experience the problem again until May. This time the event was more serious in that I had difficulty keeping the car running in drive; it would run in park and neutral. The car was towed to the local dealer where they checked the fuel pump and pulled the gas tank to ensure there were no contaminants causing this problem. They had the car for 3 days, trying various things. The bottom line is that they found nothing wrong and, therefore, corrected nothing. When I asked about the recall for the fuel pump, they told me that had to do with cars made before mine.

    Now we are concerned every time we take the car out something bad is going to happen. Hyundai Motors USA is offering no solution, unless the next time it happens that the problem remains when the car is towed to the dealer, so that it can be diagnosed and fixed.
  • Today, after my '08 Elantra has been in the Service Department for three days, I continue to receive a free rental car from my Hyundai dealership while they try to diagnose "clunks/thunks/bangs" in the rear passenger area of my 2008 Elantra. Love the car, - VERY concerned about the loud "clunks" in the rear of the vehicle. Seems to happen when the gas tank is full to half empty when accelerating from stop, turning right, going over speed bumps, even driving over bumps on the Interstate. Dealership has heard the noise, - confirms the issue, but cannnot find the source. Anyone else having this problem? They have been GREAT! But I hate the '09 Camry rental that I am driving 'till I get my Elantra back. ANYONE ELSE having this issue?
  • justloujustlou Posts: 24
    I just had the exact same issue on my 2009 Touring. Sounded like the rear end would come off if I hit a bump. It was diagnosed and fixed quickly though. Turns out a nut fell off the rear stabilizer bar.
  • And the winner is,.... Thanks, I believe you nailed it! I called the Service Dept. on Saturday morning and they said they had completly disassembled, inspected, and rebuilt the suspension systems in the back of the car. They heard no more noises, - and more importantly, neither have I. I mentioned the stabilizer bar, and they said that could very well have been it. Throughout this whole ordeal the dealership has listened to me, been patient, proveded a free rental, and been in regular contact with me, - including checking out any responses I have received from Hyundai forums. I cannot say more. I am already a repeat customer and intend to remain one. Thanks again.
  • justloujustlou Posts: 24
    I'm glad you have it resolved, even though it took awhile. Luckily with mine, they diagnosed it quickly. My car only had 2k miles on it when it happened, and I was worried it was something serious.
  • elantra08elantra08 Posts: 15
    I was wondering if anyone else has had a problem with swealing power windows. It only happens basically once the glass window is along the rubber guard when rolling up and letting go of the button. I have had both driver and passenger power window buttons(on driver side) have this happen. Dealer replaced the power motors once, then it stoped. Now its just the driver power window button that is doing it. Tech said that there are "many complaints with this and there is nothing that they can do about it and that is how they are made to work."

    Does anyone have any solutions reguarding this problem?
  • In reference to my husband's Elantra breaking down and the 2 car / 18 wheeler accident trying to avoid him. WE GOT SUED!!!! But Allstate sued Hyundai and last week my husband had to sign paperwork he would not sue Hyundai for himself. Needless to say since my car was not involved even though it had a bad fuel pump I didn't have to sign anything. But Hyundai paid this guy $1500 for whiplash. Our insurance will not go up as Allstate proved it was not our fault but hubby had to sign he would not even join a class action lawsuit if ever there was one.
  • mjoshimjoshi Posts: 34
    I've 2008 Hyundai Elantra and approaching 90,000 miles. I want to know if I need to change timinig belt and what is average cost of timing belt change on 2008 Hyundai elantra ? I'm in Upstate, NY area.
  • I would have it checked out before you change it. I had a Toyota Tacoma with 125,000 miles before the belt needed to be changed. I do know there is a belt problem with the AC on mine. I have taken it to the Dealer 3 times already for the AC. I have a 2008 Elantra PZEV. With the special emissions. I found out today when I went for inspection (NY) that there are 3 belts altogether. I only have 22,000 miles on my car. Did you get the safety recall letter about the stick shift/cruise control/brakes? They told me at Valvoline that the Elantra has a lot of transmission problems too. In fact it was Valvoline who when I had an oil change told me I had to replace the belt on my Toyota. My Elantra has had the cruise control problem since I bought it and every time I went to the dealer and complained they said they could not duplicate the problem. Now after 5 yrs this safety notice shows up.
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