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Honda CR-V News



  • So I've had the car for less than 2 months and I've had to put air in the tires 4 times. The indicator light comes on and sure enough,the tire pressure in all 4 tires (cold) is 29. It is VERY annoying. The dealer said that the light "is very sensitive" but why do the tires not keep inflated longer (I do not drive much ) . I drove my other car for ten years and I can't remember inflating the tire pressure more than very occasionally. Perhaps not a good thing but geesh,this is ridiculous. So is it just my car or are others having the same problem?
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    I have no problems with the TPMS on my '07 CR-V. Your indicator light should come on only when tires are "significantly" underinflated, not 1 pound under. Is your tire gauge accurate?

    Honda, and others, have had some problems with early TPMS units. Have the dealer test the system, rather than rely on, I assume, just a comment by someone.

    How much air do the tires actually lose? If you're filling to 33 psi and they're down to 29 psi after a month (at the same temperature), you've got a tire/rim problem, although that sounds unlikely on all 4 tires.
  • I wonder if outside air temp is contributing to the "problem," as in inflating on a warmer day and (this being winter) and then registering a lower pressure on a much colder one?

    I always try to check mine early in the morning, preferrably before the sun has had a chance to warm the tires...I can get a pound or two difference if one side of the car has been in the sun versus the other.
  • just took posession of an '08cr-v ex. when delivered the tire pressures were low; in fact one was under 25psi, when the door sticker says 30psi cold. none of these set off the monitor.
    and so much for the pre-delivery checklist!
  • Agree that the low pressure should have been caught during the dealer inspection, but the monitor is not necessarily faulty. Per Honda specs, the TPMS shouldn't go off unless the pressure falls below 20% of rated pressure or 24 psi. TPMS is intended to inform drivers of "significant" low pressure, not just "somewhat" low pressure.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,963
    Not much - a refresh of the front end.

    "Comparing the 2010 model with the current CR-V, it appears that Honda has changed the grille, bumper and front fascia — a "freshening," in the parlance of the product development specialists — and little else."

    Facelifted: 2010 Honda CR-V (Inside Line)

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  • motoguy128motoguy128 Posts: 146
    Looks like it will get turn signals in the mirrors, and a 18" wheels as an option or standard on the higher trim. I'd anticipate the LX still haivng 17's.

    Summary - expect a slightly stiffer ride, without any real imrpovement in handling, and missors that cost a fortune to replace if damaged.
  • That's not the one coming to the states.It's japan ,We will not see those headlight nor the turn signals.
  • We will all know in about a month or so, but stating one thing or the other for the 2010 CR-V is a non starter at this time.
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