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Buick Enclave Transmission Questions



  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Good morning pinnacle49,

    Does this revving of the RPMs happen consistently? If not, there's always a risk of them not being able to duplicate your concern - I would certainly advise that you have a tech drive with you if you're not certain this will happen every time or that they will not notice it.

    Given the model year of your Enclave and the mileage, you are likely still within your bumper to bumper warranty. However, if you have questions about warranty coverage that are unanswered, we can check into that. Send your request and the last 8 digits of your VIN to us via email at (we will be able to tie your email to any open Service Requests you had started when you called into the Customer Assistance Center).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • I have an appt for Monday. However, mountains are an hour away, so don't know how we will duplicate the hills, etc. Hopefully they can figure something out. Thanks for the response.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Keep us posted, pinnacle49! Hope the appointment goes well.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • I know nothing about cars but am going to try to explain my issue. When accelerating on freeway (like trying to go from 55 to 60/65+, the RPM needle stays below 2 and the car seems to "hang up" until I floor the accelerator to get it up to the desired speed. I have taken it to the dealer 2x, they claim they can't duplicate it so I leave with it unresolved. If I have to accelerate in a hurry to adjust to traffic conditions, it seems like it just won't get moving quick enough, which is pretty nerve-wracking. Is this how it is supposed to be in this size car? Also, have been reading these blogs and on other sites and I too have that issue of the car rolling backward while on an incline unless the brake pedal is jammed to the floor. When it is time to move forward, it rolls back and you need to make an extremely quick switch between the brake and accelerator. Embarrassing when you end up burning rubber on a hill!
  • derek30derek30 Posts: 5
    I have a Buick Enclave that the transmission died. I have under 100k miles on it. The warranty was good through 100,497 miles and expired just a few months ago. Dealship is saying they called GM and since it is a few months expired it is not covered. Has anyone delt with a situation like this? Any advice would be great since this is a big ticket repair.

  • pinnacle49pinnacle49 Posts: 4
    Finally took car back into mountains in Utah. Had vehicle in cruise control. After hill crest car began descent (in cruise control) and rpm stayed at 4000 all the way to the bottom. Had to hit brake to take vehicle off cruise control in order to get rpm back to 1900-2000 where it would normally run at my speed. Not sure what to do next since dealer had no answer.
  • derek30derek30 Posts: 5
    I recently posted that our Buick Enclave 08 transmissiion died andPower Steering pump failed. Warranty is under the miles but over on time. Dealer called GM and the offer was to cover a small portion of the $5652 cost of repair.

    Service said I may want to talk to sales to see what the trade in would be and weigh out options. I called and was told that my car would be either scrapped or wholesaled out. This blew me away since I have a friend that does transmission repairs in another city that works for dealerships rebuilding transmissions and then they resell them.

    Any advice of what to do?

  • smokeboxsmokebox Posts: 1
    I am the proverbial travelling salesman. I have 105,000 miles on my 2008 Enclave. 85% are highway miles. The car is maintained meticulously. I cannot be without a car. The transmission was serviced every 40,000 miles. I have never had a problem. I was driving along and the car bucked twice and no transmission. It was towed to the transmission place and it will cost me 5500.00 for a new transmission. I bought the car because of its looks and size. I have had many cars with 200,000 miles and not one has lost its transmission. There are many manufacturers out there with good cars and GM has just lost me as a a customer.
  • jsmhjsmh Posts: 1
    Please cannot afford $4000.00+ for trans ..please help
  • trollotrollo Posts: 1
    Transmission didn't work last Sunday 250 miles from home. Had to spend another night in hotel to get to the dealer on Monday. My Enclave has almost 70K miles on it. Dealer says it is covered under powertrain warranty, but would take a couple of days to fix. Gave me a loaner, and I drove home (with my 12 year old twin girls).
    Picked the car up on Friday, seemed to be fixed. Headed for home, got about 100 miles and car started slipping in and out of gear. Then started getting the message, "transmission hot, idle engine.
    We pulled over let car idle and message went away. Started going again, made it about 10 miles before same message. Did the same thing, and made it another 15 miles... kept doing this all the way home. Made it to my dealer and dropped the car off about 2:00 a.m.
    Dealer called this morning and said that trans would not go into forward gear now (would not go in reverse last night). Gave me another loaner, and will call me on Monday.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Hi trollo,

    We're sorry to hear that your vehicle is being repaired for the transmission. The good thing is that this will be covered under your warranty and you won't have to come out of pocket. We hope everything goes smoothly with your repair. Please keep us updated on this process.

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • mprost1mprost1 Posts: 2
    I just read your thread on your problems with Enclave. We, too, have had the same problems when using cruise control in the mountains. We took it into the dealership and they are "unable to replicate it" and even asked my husband if he accidentally manually shifted which he did not. My husband believes this is extremely dangerous as the only way to get the car down from 5000 rpms to 2000 was to put car in neutral as the pressing the breaks didnt help. I have also noticed that the car's rpms jerk when the car is traveling between 45-50 mph even though the gas is being pressed or released. What did your dealer say? We are scared to take the car into the mountains again until this is fixed.
  • rjconsumerrjconsumer Posts: 1
    edited August 2013
    I have a 2008 Buick Enclave that I purchased in September of 2008, it has roughly 50,500 miles on it. This past weekend when driving out of town, the car began having issues switching gears at high speeds. It was happening more frequently the closer we got to our destination. When we arrived at our hotel my husband, suspecting a transmission issue, checked the transmission fluid. There was plenty of fluid, clearly a bright pink in color; however, there were metallic shavings in it.

    We had to have the car towed to the closest dealership because after stopping the transmission would no longer go into reverse and we couldn’t get out of the parking spot. The dealership told us when they looked up our car in the GM database, it was out of warranty! That our car had gone into service in June of 2008!

    We got a rental car and said we’d fax them our paperwork denoting the mileage at purchase and the purchase date. We did this and the dealership contacted GM on our behalf.
    GM’s response? That we purchased a USED car and that they did not need to honor our purchase date!

    The dealership when we purchased the vehicle, told us that the warranty would be good through 40,438 (438 is the number of miles on the car when we purchased it) or 100,438 (for the power train warranty) or 60 months, whichever comes first. So at this point we have reached neither date nor mileage according to our purchase documents and the agreements we signed. Does an agreement that GM has with the dealership from June supersede our agreement with the Dealership? Do we need to have our warranty repair work done at the dealership we purchased it from?

    Either way this feels like a very shady way to get out of fixing something that should last for 100,000 miles or more. Very shady GM, very shady!
  • I'd be more upset with your dealer, than GM..

    They sold you a car that had already been reported as sold, and the warranty clock was ticking, yet never disclosed that to you.

    Seems like a small thing, until now... I'd suggest to them in a kindly way, that they've perpetrated a fraud on you, and you expect them to stand up and make it right.

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Hello rjconsumer,

    I'm very sorry that you've experienced this, and it seems like there's been a lack of communication throughout this process. I'd love the opportunity to take a second look at your case and clarify any additional details. If you are interested can you please email me your name, VIN, contact info, and dealership? I look forward to hearing from you.

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • mprost1mprost1 Posts: 2
    While researching our own engine shifting problem, I've come across many different scenarios all with the same outcome of engines not shifting out of proper gears. If the dealers cannot replicate it because they can't take the car on long road trips or down winding hills then the only recourse is for all of us to file a complaint with the NHTSA or Personally, I feel like this is an extremely dangerous situation as even hitting the brakes on our car failed to take the engine out of high rpm. The only thing that worked was shifting to neutral. After reading your story of the engine not going into reverse what happens if neutral doesn't work either? I'd hate to find out going 75 mph.
  • Probably sound like a broken record, but on my way home from work Thursday and on my way out of town for the birth of my grandson, my 2008 Enclave with just under 73K miles, RPM's started revving up super high when it needed to switch gears, then would finally slam into gear jerking the whole car. I was on a major interstate and terrified to say the least. I had complained to my dealer twice before that there was something wrong with the car when it shifts, but was pretty much blow-off both times so now here i am with a very expensive car sitting in my driveway waiting to be towed to the same dealer that blew me off when it was under on earth can GM ignore so many complaints and issues with this car???If I have to replace the transmission, I really don't know where the money will come from...
  • I echo your comments. Same scenario here: 105,000 miles on a 2008 Enclave purchased new off the showroom floor; problems have included leaking sunroof (multiple service visits), steering issues where main front-end support assembly mounting bolts loosened and needed realignment and re-torqueing (with no valid explanation as to why this happened- this also required multiple service visits), and today the transmission fails! Now waiting on a "GM Certified" transmission to arrive at dealership.

    When I inquired about the "GM Certified" vs. "New in Crate" transmission, I was told that the only option is a remanufactured transmission (GM Certified) and is warranted for 36months/100,000miles; a "New" transmission is not available but if it was available, it would only carry a warranty of 12 months/10,000 mile warranty because it would be classified as a new part. And, it would cost more than the certified unit. Does this make sense?

    It is quite obvious that GM has a serious problem and long-term customers like me (8 new GM vehicles in the past 25 years) are very dissatisfied and for good reason. As a loyal GM customer, this is the proverbial end-of-the-road for me and GM.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Hi nanax4

    I am so sorry to hear that you have had this experience with your Enclave. Have you spoken with a Customer care Agent yet? If not I would like to assist you. If you are interested ion my assistance could you please send me an email to and include a brief description of the problem and your VIN and current mileage. I will do whatever I can to assist you. I look forward to hearing from you. Congrats on the new grandson.

    GM Customer Care
  • I purchased my 2008 Enclave new, and I love it, but I do NOT like the dealerships. They are dishonest to say the least.
    I've had the same problem with the RPMs shooting up while stopped at a light, but dealership says they can't duplicate, so it's my problem.
    Had two Schrader valves replaced for my AC, and they charged me $500! Should not have cost more than $200.
    Now my rack and pinion steering is making noises AGAIN. It's been replaced twice (so they say), but this time they want $1200 from me because my extended warranty had expired 10 days before - outrageous! There's more, but I don't want to belabor this message.
    Now that I'm reading these blogs, I am absolutely ready to get rid of this vehicle - love the vehicle, but I will NEVER buy another GM product.
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