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Buick Enclave Transmission Questions



  • emh773emh773 Posts: 3
    2008 Buick Enclave - 71K miles

    I too can relate to the Enclave owners with transmission issues. Monday the transmission seemed to be slipping, skipping then jerking into gear. I (a woman) brought it to the dealer 2 days later, I explained the transmission didn't seem to be working right. After inspection they told me it was an engine plate cover leaking oil issue and the "transmission was operating as designed". This didn't seem right, so brought to our local mechanic and was told it was a transmission issue. My husband brought it back to the Buick dealer and after again inspecting it, they confirmed this is likely a wave plate issue, a known defective part with a TSB (technical service bulletin) by Buick. A significant cost to fix.

    Yesterday (4 days since we first noticed the problem) the transmission completely stopped working and the car will no longer drive.

    The kicker is that we bought this from a GM dealer as a certified pre-owned vehicle in 2011. The car took original ownership July 30 2008 and therefore is out of warranty by 2-1/2 months. But it's near 30K miles under the warranty.

    We've kept up with all work, most of which has been done through an authorized Buick dealer.

    We feel this should be fully covered by GM. Before jumping to conclusions and posting our negative experience with GM, I wanted to give them the chance to handle the situation properly. Who do I contact for help with this?
  • We've had our Enclave for a little over a year and it seems like every four months it needs a serious repair. First was a water pump. Next, brake booster and master cylinder. Today it got to take a ride on the back of a flatbed to the dealer. It needs a new transmission, steering gear and possible a power steering pump. I'm hoping all of this is covered under power train warranty or the extended warranty from Carmax. It's the first car that my wife has "loved", but I'm afraid it's future is not long with our family.
  • emh773emh773 Posts: 3
    We've been in touch with Buick corporate, talked with April. Issue has been escalated to the District Specialist and we should hear more on Monday/Tuesday. Will send additional update at that time.
  • mruss1mruss1 Posts: 1
    I feel your pain. Had the water pump done, brake booster and master cylinder all this year. Now more issues. BUT, we got a letter a few weeks ago from GM about water pump. Sent in receipt for repair and are expecting a refund (we did not get repaired at GM). So if you haven't been reimbursed for that, look into it.
  • I have just read these post, and am scared to death!! My transmission light just came on, and I am about to have it checked. My question is, how long is the powertrain warranty? I bought my 2008 car with 35K miles on it (now has 86,000), and my warranty that I purchased just went out. I assume the transmission is covered under powertrain, but how long is that good for?
  • I beyond mad and upset, got this truck 2008 model back in May 2012, I had to get rotors replace days after purchase. Then later on replace battery. Replaced tires shortly after buying and lights twice. Now at 48,xxx my transmission needs replaced. And they are confirming if it's covered under my extended warranty. I put a nice hefty down payment on this truck and I just feel like I threw my money down the drain. Per hearsay I am hearing even after transmission replacement I will have ongoing problems. After reading up on this car I wish I would of did my homework. Nice look but a piece of trash and Buick won't own up to it
  • I have a similar problem with my enclave. When I start accelerating it will not shift out of low gear. I took it to a transmission shop and they said my transmission is fine but it could be my battery. I have not replaced my battery yet but I if I pull over and turn off my vehicle for about 10 seconds then it clears up. I have found out that the enclave's are power hogs and need really good batteries to function properly.
  • Second steering wheel column/rack and pinion replaced within 2 years. I guess the "Out of a job yet? keep buying foreign" bumperstickers can be changed to "still buying domestic? at least your mechanic will have a job for life"

  • Has GM done anything to recognize the piece of junk transmission that they put in the 08 Buick Enclave. It seems like the same story is told by every enclave owner. I have an 08 enclave with 61 k miles, never towed anything, blown transmission. I opened a case with GM customer care almost a month ago. The case was assigned to a supervisor named Lucenda. After talking to her a couple times, she promised to call me back in an hour with a resolution. That was a week ago. I have left 10-12 messages. I have talked to three others that promised to have her or someone call. Nobody will call back. I have a hard time believing that GM customer care has gone down hill this far. Does anyone have any advice on how i could or should proceed. It is enough that GM put a substandard transmission is a very expensive car, it is another to hide from their mistake.

  • 2008 Enclave - broken wave plate in the transmission. 61 k miles. GM customer care keeps repeating that it is out of warranty. I know that it is on years. i can calculate the age of the vehicle. It is not rocket science. My request is that GM honor their mileage warranty because they know they produced a sub-par transmission. The age of a vehicle does not wear it out, miles and use wear out transmissions. I have owned a dozen GM vehicles, never once have i blown a transmission. i bought this enclave brand new as i do most my cars, and expect more from GM. What have others had to pay to fix their transmissions?

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