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Hyundai Santa Fe Towing Questions



  • notlawdnotlawd Posts: 11
    Here is the response from the manufacture about the coil rite 4170 springs. I hope they are available by May so I can tow my trailer without the sag.

    "We completely redesigned the Coil-Rite product line and should have all
    part numbers available by mid April at the latest."

    Tech Support
  • gwillygwilly Posts: 51
    I hope the redesign involves making them less likely to pop. I talked to my trailer guy today and he said he could order them(probably not until April after reading the above) but I would have to install them.

    He has had customers with air bag blow outs on the same vehicle twice in a row, even with him the professional installing them. I could see that upper "jounce" bracket popping the bag. But this is the only option for me at the moment, my fingers are crossed.
  • paul1003paul1003 Posts: 1
    Ron (and others)
    I am about to order and install a Curt hitch (#13538). During my research it seems different hitches get torqued differently. I don't have a torque wrench but have watched several install videos at and seem to have a feeling how much force to use. What did you do? :confuse:
  • ron71157ron71157 Posts: 11

    I don't have a torque wrench either...I just tightened the bolts up as much as I could using a 1/2 ratchet and a 12 inch extension..also needed a universal for the bolt on top of the support bar. All is well as I recently towed our 19.5 ft bayliner home from the shop with no problems. Don't forget to get the wiring harness that plugs into the factory harness along the frame driver side rear...very slick.

    Have fun

  • I have read just about every message on here and still don't understand exactly what to do. I have a 2007 Limited with tow package.
    1st question: should there be a wiring harness under rear bumper on driver side?
    2nd: if there is, does it plug directly into trailer (flat four) wiring or is there some kind of adaptor i need to buy? where?
    3rd: if there IS an adaptor should I get it or just forget about it and buy the "universal" kit on eTrailer?
    4th: I like the Hidden Hitch best - anyone had any problems with these?
    5th: Anyone ordered from JC Whitney lately or should I stick with eTrailer for a few bucks more?
    Any answers would be much appreciated!
  • ron71157ron71157 Posts: 11

    Indeed there should be factory wiring plugs (2) along the driver's side rear well. There you plug in the appropriate harness: Hyundai Santa%20Fe %20With%20Tow%20Package

    works like a champ.

    I installed it and this hitch:

    four bolts and you're good to go.

    hope this helps
  • salmousalmou Posts: 4
    Firestone have it in stock at last!! I have just receive my kit for my 2008 Santa-Fe. I hope it's good !!!!

  • gwillygwilly Posts: 51
    Is this the same part number as before, or is it a redesign?

    I finally relented 2 months ago and got a reese weight distribution hitch for my 2005 Fleetwood pop-up trailer and 2007 Santa Fe AWD / touring and couldn't be happier. Yeah, I know that they are not recommended for uni-body frames but I couldn't deal with that rear end sag for one of our many trips this year.

    No issues whatsoever and the trailer behaved far superior to what I dealt with before, no swaying and far less bounce. Now that I have this setup, of course the airbags would become available ;-).
  • notlawdnotlawd Posts: 11
    Where did you find them? I would like to order the kit.
  • salmousalmou Posts: 4
    Firestone say that they have 4 in stock (i've receive a e-mail from them last wednesday) !! Just look on there web site to find a store near you and order from them !!
    Me, i live in canada and i order it from a store that they sell parts for cars and truck in Montreal. They order it and it took 3 weeks to receive it.

    Hope you find one !!!

    Excuse my poor english, normaly i speak french !!!!!!!!

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Your English is far better than my French and we understood perfectly what you meant. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • santafex2santafex2 Posts: 2
    Just wondering how your kit worked out for you. I ordered mine 2 weeks ago. I have a 2008 Santa Fe GLS. It also came with the tow package, however the rear was sitting a little low. Did you have to remove the exsisting mounts found up inside your springs to install your new air bags???
  • notlawdnotlawd Posts: 11
    I just installed mine and the instructions were horrible. I did have to remove the rubber jounce bumper. The hard part was getting the bumper out of the coils. I accidently pinched the airline on one side so I am hoping it does not blow. The other side went much smoother once I new what I was doing. You have to buy rubber grommets for where the airline passes through the hole you have to drill. I have not tested them yet but will soon.
  • santafex2santafex2 Posts: 2
    Sounds like you did fine. I did find an install video from coil rite on their website. They always make it look so easy. Thanks for tip - I will make sure buy the rubber grommets.
  • penpoohpenpooh Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 4WD Santa Fe LX and am wondering 1) did they have towing packages for this year and 2) if so, how can I tell if I have the proper towing package installed. Thanks!!
  • azjazj Posts: 18
    I'm looking for an 07 or up Santa Fe SE or Limited. How can I verify if a particular vehicle I'm looking at has the trailer prep/towing package (better fans, trans cooler (is this a better cooler or is there none without this), larger radiator)?

    The 09 brochure indicates that all SE's and Limiteds have the trailer prep package. Is it really that simple for the 07s and 08s?

    Obviously I'd rather not trust the salesman/dealer. Did that once before and didn't get what I was told.
  • rick2456rick2456 Posts: 320
    I have an 07 SF SE AWD wXM and have only made a quick cursory search, but was unable to locate any factory wiring on the drivers side wheel well. Good luck.
  • regan9663regan9663 Posts: 7

    I was thinking of getting the Coil-Rites for my 2007 Hyundai SF and wondered what your impression of them are now that you've installed them. How and how hard was it to get the jounce bumpers removed? That's the only part that I'm questioning if I can do myself. The rest looks fairly straightforward for a DIY'er. Thanks.
  • notlawdnotlawd Posts: 11
    I hauled my 280# tongue weight trailer 850 miles and I had no problems. They worked great at keeping the vehicle level (no sag at all with about 19psi in them). However, they could have designed the plastic/rubber spacer better. It just floates around the top of the spring and the only thing that keeps it from coming out is the air line. They jounce bumper is easy to remove from the mount. Just pull down at an angle. Getting it out the the coil is another story. I had to disconnect the shock (which is easy) and then pry it out with a long screw driver (not so easy). I hope this helps.
  • salmousalmou Posts: 4
    Hi, i did not tried it whit my trailer-tent yet!! It,s gonna be in 2 weeks. But i can tell you that to remove my jounce bumper i did not have to remove my shock. I used water and soap to help me glide it thru the coil. Where i had a little bit more trouble is to pass the air line thru the hole of the support of the jounce bumper and pass the line to make sure that it did not touch the exhaust !!! Dont forget to put rubbers grommets like notlawd says it's very important and dont be cheap on tye-rap to hold the air line in place!!!!! I have pass my air line to go inside the trunk, and i have install a small air tank whit a gauge to have a reserve. The spring valve to fill it up is inside whit the gauge !! I think it's nice and more practical !!!!!!
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