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2009/2010 Honda Fit



  • Hmmmmm. The last time I needed a spare was back in 96. How about you?

    How much fuel did I use hauling it around. How much space did I give up for that very seldom used jack, lug wrench, extra rim and tire, etc?

    Funny, cause it seems like I was always jacking up my air-cooled Beetle... back in the day
  • "Hmmmmm. The last time I needed a spare was back in 96. How about you?

    How much fuel did I use hauling it around. How much space did I give up for that very seldom used jack, lug wrench, extra rim and tire, etc?"

    When did you last use you Life Insurance? Would you cancel your life insurance plans since you haven't used it yet?

    Anyway, looks like Honda does offer a spare in the 09 Fit - so all can rest assured. Otherwise it would have been idiotic for Honda not to have a spare in a econo/compact that most of its owners will use as a primary car.

    I drive a 330i with run flats and no spare - and let me tell you - I have never been comfortable not having a spare. In my last cross long distance trip, I threw a full size spare and jack in the trunk, as I did not want to be marooned in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere, that too with my family along.

    PS: Have been following this forum for a long time - excellent info and discussions.
  • Test drove the midline Sport MT. My wife drove (sadly, I can't drive a stick), and I was quite impressed, as was my 6 year old daughter. :) The car seems solidly built, and I like the improvements for this year. My dealer got more in Saturday, so I'm going to go test drive an automatic tomorrow.
  • ... Except in Canada, where you get a repair kit only. This is stated in the '09 manual.
  • shriqueshrique Posts: 338
    I've got one and I specifically checked before I signed on the dotted.
  • Strange that the Canadian version of the Fit would not have a spare but the US version would... :confuse:
  • art24art24 Posts: 1
    Just got back from an extra long weekend checking out the wife’s new 2009 Fit/Sport/Nav. I zeroed out the trip indicator, with 71 permanent miles showing on the odometer and drove north from Albuquerque-Santa Fe, on Hwy 285 etc., until we were deep into Colorado’s golden aspens and other Fall colors before reaching I-70, an hour west of Denver. Much of this leg was a fairly slow go, while traversing Colorado’s national forests and mountain roads, which held our new Fit’s slushbox 4-banger to a 45-55mph range. The 2nd day was a mixture of freeway & urban sightseeing in and around Mork & Mindy’s old stomping grounds (Younger TV viewers may disregard!) .
    This morning (4 Oct) we turned & burned out of Colorado Springs onto southbound I-25, where I generally had the Fit’s snooze-control pointed to 78 mph for most of the 6+ hour drive back to Albuquerque. The total trip burned 1050.1 miles of new rubber, while I kept a strict gas log for our few fill-ups. The bottom line was a trip- average of 37.33 mpg. Bear in mind, much of the driving was done on (Colorado’s stingy!) 85 octane regular gas, and at altitudes ranging between 9 and 11,000 feet, as we crossed many well known mountain ski towns. To be sure, the Fit’s auto tranny frequently kicked itself down a notch or two, which set up a noticeable engine buzz, but not an unpleasant one. (We also drive a Forester that, when dropping to a lower gear, wakes the dead as it puts a major dent in your ear drums. )
    At 5’11” (and too much belly weight), I didn’t find the driving position quite as comfortable as our 2004 Subie – but for over 1100 miles, it was certainly acequate and never unpleasant. The Sport’s stiff suspension could be described as either akin to a lumber truck – you can roll over a dime and call it for heads or tails - or, confidence inspiring when canyon carving the twisties at higher velocities. Lastly, the Nav was a joy to use, as it guided us through some of Denver’s more convoluted by-ways to avoid the worst of Friday afternoon’s rush traffic. My criticisms of Honda’s wonderful 2009 Fit are really minor, with the worst one being that you have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting any dealer discount on this pint-size winner. Good Hunting!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,810
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  • I just test drove the 2009/2010 honda fit sport and the 2010 honda civic lx. I compared them, head to head, and found the fit to be more towards my liking. I was quoted, as a *SPECIAL* price of: 18,557$ at Clearlake honda in texas. Since it was 300$ off original 18,857$. It was optioned as follows.
    1.) 499$ tint (i looked at the web, said it was STANDARD
    2.)189$ wheel locks (really? think i'm that dumb?)
    3.)240$ cargo tray (wow, again, 103$ on web.)
    4.)0.00 Free oil changes for life ( goes by milage... date... ???)
    I told them there was no way i was paying that for this car. I talked, and talked, and the guy ran back and forth. Finally a manager came over and offered me 17,857$. I said, not no, but hell no. I want to pay, what they told me was there BARE MINIMUM price of 17,401$. (no way thats what they own it for..... they have to make more money...) I said, I'm walkin out, so i did. They called me about 3 hrs later, saying they need to make a sale, and said they will over it to me, as it sits, with the oil changes, 17,500$ even, but i had to do it by 8:00 pm. I said i can't make it. Then they said, well, come in tomarrow..... :D thats where I'm at now.

    When i go back, i want to see WTF was with the 499$ tint, the lug locks, IF they charge for a spare tire or W/E, how much mats are, The cargo tray price, more info about the oil change for life thing, and something about mud flaps on the fit... I never saw an option for flaps or guards on the fit. I did on the civic, but not the fit. This is where i am now. I will get back to you, about 10:00pm cst tomarrow maybe with the car, and all the details. :D see ya then!
  • stephen987stephen987 Posts: 1,994
    1. There is a factory tint, but it's not very dark. If the dealer has done an aftermarket tint, be sure it's a very good quality.
    2. Yes, wheel locks are a Honda optional accessory. Not worth that kind of money, imho.
    3. The cargo tray is overpriced at $240, or even at $103, in my opinion. I would have paid maybe $50 for it--it's a glorified floormat. But I didn't like it anyway.
    4. The Fit has a "maintenance minder" system--based on driving style and conditions, it tells you when it needs an oil change. Depending on conditions, anywhere between about 5k-12k miles.

    The Fit Sport has a body kit that is not compatible with mud flaps, so Honda doesn't offer any. Factory carpet-type floor mats should go for about $90. If the dealer wants to jack these up, try for better deals.

    Were you looking at a manual or an automatic?
  • I'm looking at an automatic in blackberry pearl. I now got an offer of 17,500$ with 6% interest. :confuse:
  • stephen987stephen987 Posts: 1,994
    That's not a bad deal. Fits are in pretty short supply.
  • People, I'm sorry, but honda's are overhyped and WAY overpriced. -Yes, the fit is roomy and yes it get's good gas mileage and is reasonably zippy - but that's where it ends. I have'nt felt that much cheap HARD plastic on an interior since i rented a chevy aveo 3 YRS AGO! and that ride- ouch! every bump is an event - i live in Spokane, WA - we've got plenty of potholes. The best car i've owned? the 2000 ford focus zx3 hatchback we traded in on the fit - 126,000 miles and NO problems- that car had way more soft touch materials on the interior (which isn't hard as the fit has none) - and the ride struck the right balance between sport and comfort - oh yeah, it was $12,000 brand new- we bought into the honda hype and have been regretting it since 2006- furthermore, i never hear anyone complain about the turning circle! the circle in our focus was MUCH tighter than the fit (which turns as tight as a minivan). This will probably be our last honda.
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    Guess if the 17.1 foot turning radius of your Fit reminds you of a MiniVan then your ZX3 17.9 turning radius must have felt like a Full Size Van. Even the larger 2nd generation Fit has just a 17.2 foot radius. Maybe you need to get yours looked at.

    Both the Fit and Focus are/have been good vehicles in two different classes. Take a look at the Ford Fiesta which is coming out shortly and will be a direct competitor to the Fit if you are a Ford fan. Only problem is you will have less cargo space and versatility with the Fiesta.
  • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion because everyone's needs are different. The FIT is not a perfect car but in my opinion its plusses far outweigh its few minuses. It may be somewhat overpriced (as are most Hondas, Toyotas, and the like) but it is certainly not overhyped. Its interior versatility alone makes it as functional as the SUV I gave up for it and its fuel economy is just outstanding. Slight differences in the turning radius are not prime issues for me or for most drivers. The FIT is a winner for me! I have a feeling that it is for most people who have purchased it as well.
  • aaykayaaykay Posts: 539
    I had an 08 Fit that I drove for over 17,000 trouble-free miles and traded it in, for a 7-seater (the trade-in price was just $3000 off what I paid for it brand-new and does not include the $800 savings in sales-tax !). As soon as I drove off the lot, I sorely regretted letting go of the Fit (base with a manual trans).

    I went back last week and bought an 09 Fit Sport with a manual Trans (could not sleep well without a fuel-sipping swiss-knife-like Fit in the garage :blush: ). The car seems to drive with a bit more of a quality feel than my prior 08 Fit. Seems more "substantial", if I were to put it differently. I am still on the first tank of dealer-filled fuel, and hence I will probably wait till it is re-filled (with my customary Shell or BP gas) before starting to check the mileage.

    PS: In case of the Honda Fit, the EPA mileage is just plain BS, based on personal experience. I never got less than 35MPG in combined city/hwy driving, in my 08 Base Fit with a manual transmission and routinely got in the 37mpg range and much higher during other times, depending on the way I drove and the route I drove. I also never use any of the "hypermiling" techniques that I read about either and routinely drive at 70-80mph (and well above those speeds too :blush:) on the hwy. The engine obviously felt a bit buzzy at such higher speeds but I have always felt Honda engines to be fully upto the task of high rpm cruising. At those times I always wished for a 6th gear in the Fit, to be quite honest.

    PS2: However, since it is a manual transmission, I always coast downhill or on level ground, with clutch pressed in (like with all of my manual transmission cars) which probably dramatically allows the raising of the mileage (something that the EPA probably does not factor into its MPG rating in their manual transmissioned cars).
  • rgf42rgf42 Posts: 3
    Are there any improvements for the 2010 year? Like 4 wheel disk brakes and a larger fuel tank.
  • stephen987stephen987 Posts: 1,994
    None whatsoever, and one real loss--you can no longer get nav with the manual transmission.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,426
    Why do they do goofy thlings like that. They should at least let people pay a small price to get the less popular option combos. We are in a computer age - a little flexibility should be a piece of cake.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    Hmmmmm. The last time I needed a spare was back in 96. How about you?

    Sunday after Christmas was the last time I used spare. During a snowstorm, in a very rural area, nearly 200 miles still to drive to get home. Without a spare I would have been stranded on the side of the highway with my wife and dog. Not a good situation. We have AAA and due to the snowstorm the estimated time for a service provider to arrive was Monday morning!

    A spare is mandatory in my judgement.

    Best thing that could happen would be for all manufacturers to include a full size spare just as VW does.

    Prior to the latest incident, a spare was needed in three of previous 5 years. Pot holes and nails and screws and other road hazards!
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