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Jeep Grand Cherokee Gauges



  • bobbyorrbobbyorr Posts: 1
    Please help !! Overhead reading lamps flash on when turn signals are engaged. Can someone help me troubleshoot? Thanks
  • haglejshaglejs Posts: 1
    I have had the same problem with my 2000 Cherokee Sport 2WD. It only has 55k miles. I have had the problem for several years and spent $thousands on it. Light usually comes on after a hot start. Neither jeep dealers nor other shops have been able to fix the problem as it usually comes back after a couple of months. Car drives perfectly otherwise. I do not want to spend any more $$ on this. My question - 1) Is there any way for me to turn the light off once it goes on? Mechanic/Jeep Dealer charges $100 just to turn it off. 2) Is it easy to disable the bulb in the dashboard and to turn it off that way? Thanks!
  • shootshoot Posts: 4
    The last time I sent my jeep in for the "engine light" I was told the light came on because they had put in the wrong type of oil. Oil? OK. So I take it in on Tuesday - they changed the oil the filter and the light has not come on for two days now. The longest ever. So maybe talk with your mechanics and make sure they are not substituing the oil.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    get obd 2 reader hook up to readout plug read codes erace codes light off. cost about 70.00 bucks for reader then is yours
  • jerry50jerry50 Posts: 6
    Had same problem with mh 02 GC check engine light coming on and on and on. Dealer did the "smoke test" on the fuel system and found an o-ring at fuel inlet area had small rip, allowing smoke to escape, causing sensor to read low pressure which triggered the check engine light. hope this helps because it worked for me
  • srushiasrushia Posts: 6
    Some days no problem, other days this happens. Engine skips a beat, but otherwise runs fine, ABS & Brake light come on, speedometer pegs from end to end, odometer lights fade in & out, radio buzzes, and battery gauge fluctuates between 9-14v. This continues until I shut it off & then on. Also, sometimes when I try to start it, nothing hapens but a low clicking sound, I wait a minute & it starts fine. Battery was replaced 6 months ago. Dealer suggests it is a bad alternator, but could not guarantee it would fix it. Any suggestions?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    there is a temp sencer under the bat i would remove the bat and mahe sure that the sencer is not unhooked the sencer controles how much the bat charges check this first

    if just clicks when try to start but starts right up when jumped bat is low take to auto zone they can check cargin system on car
    good luck
  • srushiasrushia Posts: 6
    Thank you, I'll check the sensor. I've also read in this forum it could be the regulator/alternator, ignition switch, or ABS module. Once I narrow it down I'll post up what fixed it. But I'm open to more suggestions.
  • isomanisoman Posts: 11
    2000 Jeep 4.7L engine. Would not start. Started after 4 tries. Drove with no problem. Next day started ok but engine light on for about 30 seconds Diagnostic code showed code for camshift sensor. Took to dealer who did complete diagnostic check and replaced camshaft sensor. Insured me that this was the problem and that car would not start if it put out a bad signal. Can someone tell if the car would not start if the sensor itself was sending a bad signal or would something that the sensor was sensing as bad have to occur.
  • Along with my overheating problems, at about the same time the "airbag" dash light came on. At first it went off and on sporadically, then just stayed on. We have not hit anything, or touched anything (that we know of). Any way to shut the annoying thing off? Should I be concerned that it's on?
  • srushiasrushia Posts: 6
    Fixed it. I'm embarrassed to say it was only dirty battery terminals and clamps. I had cleaned them once, but after getting the battery checked, twice, I cleaned them until they shined!!! Now everything is working properly again. Starts every time and no more intermittent issues!

    I must have read almost everything related to my issue in this forum and I appreciate all the help.

  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 39,042
    Maybe, just maybe, when you cleaned them the second time you pulled on one of the battery cables just enough to make a better connection at the other end?
  • srushiasrushia Posts: 6
    Could be, but I'll tell ya, the positive clamp had a very dark coating that took some elbow grease to clean. Not only did I use a wire brush, but I had to use a file to remove the coating, it was on there really good, and thick. The negative clamp was easy to clean, it shined right up. That's what made me take a double look at the positve clamp and continue to clean it enough to make it shine. Now I have a nice tight fit with clean terminals & clamps. Starts right up every time!

  • georgedageorgeda Posts: 7
    Please explain more about the battery temp. sensor. I was wondering what it was when I cleaned the battery tray. I hope a little water and baking soda didn't hurt it.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    Bat temp sencor is used to control charge rate when batt is cold holds back high charge rate till batt is warmed up

    should not have hurt it by cleaning
  • srushiasrushia Posts: 6
    It's very easy to check if it's still good. Just remove it and using an ohmmeter measure the resistance of the sensor across the 2 terminals of the sensor connector. At 75-80F the sensor resistance should be between 9,000-11,000 ohms. If not, relace it.
  • jeepwife1jeepwife1 Posts: 1
    Here was my experience with the "check engine light" episode. Took our car in for some minor recall thing. When I picked it up, on the way home got the check engine light. I called the dealer, mad as a hornet, told them what happened and demanded to know what they did to my vehicle, thinking they had prepped me for more money. Here is what I was told by the FEMALE TECH who checked me in and out. When you put gas in your vehicle, replace the cap - turn it at least several times so you get a bunch of clicks and she told me that it may take several fillups before this will correct itself. Sounds pretty stupid but, Low and behold - it actually worked. No more check engine light. All I can say is try it!
  • rodeoboyrodeoboy Posts: 8
    First off, what year, make model? If it is a Cherokee around 2000 vintage what do you call overheating? The engine compartments are small and if it has the 4.0L six, those run normal around 220 degrees. It's not overheating if it does not surpass that and you usually don't see even that unless you are sitting in traffic. The air bag light should be looked at by the dealer. It probably just needs a re-set.

  • acyracyr Posts: 3
    I have just purchased a 2005 jeep grand cherokee and have only had it for almost a month.

    While driving along one day all of a sudden all the lights on the instrument panel lit up and blinked for a few seconds, then they went out. Almost like it experienced a power surge of sorts.

    It seems to run fine, I haven't noticed any loss of power or starting problems. But it just happened again for the third time, and before I take it in I wondered if anyone ever had this happen to them before? If so was it an indication of a larger problem?
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