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Pontiac Montana Air Shock Problems



  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,958
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  • kenniekennie Posts: 38
    Something I discovered over the past week... apparently there is something called a "shift kit" that you can install on some transmissions of which are for montana. The shift kit somehow bypasses the PCS and is signficantly less expestive/difficult to replace - simply dropping the trany pan you can install the $30 part which is available from zz??.com. Don't know much more than that... search automotive forums for more info... Cheers, Kennie
  • ivarjivarj Posts: 1
    did you find any adapters for the air hose connectors?

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  • whether you may have fixed the issue on my sisters 99 montana i lookied in the hatch area seeing on the drivers side there is a small area where you can hook up a 12v phone charger or some other devices next to it is a switch its a on and off switch for the compressor for the air ride assist turn it off will keep the pump from working i turned hers on and then turned the vehicle key switch on and almost isntantly it came on after a few mins it shut off but her issues is that i have to replace all her rubber hose lines as they are so rotted out no air is filling the shocks so that is a simple job to do but i hope this helps you out
    good luck
  • Hi, I have a 2008 Montana SV6. I had a similar problem so I checked the fuses on the right side ( to the right of the glove box) Look for fuse #2-20A or #15-25A These are both side by side, the are marked as ELC and the panel, I looked at both and it was #15 that was blown It worked after I changed it. Hope this helps.
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