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2009 Jaguar XF



  • I am concerned that Jag's quality may be rearing its head. At 3400 miles I am now having the upper radiator hose replaced, a lighting card for the steering wheel, and squeaks in the sunroof fixed. Jag has the nerve to charge as much or MORE for scheduled maintenance than my MB but they provide rental cars through Enterprise. I was given a 4 cyl Nissan as my loaner that took me 40 minutes to receive. What a joke!! If you want to play with the big boys (BMW, MB, Lexus) you need to get with the program. Their loaners are their make and take 5 minutes at the dealership.

    I love the car in general terms and get lots of compliments but I hope I don't live to regret my choice from a maintenance and dealer support perspective. :confuse:
  • hushhush Posts: 12
    i have 9200 miles on my XF and no problems. Took it in for some accesories and as given a Porche for a loaner car. Stevinson imports in Littleton Co have been outstanding! Good luck!
  • I sign tomorrow on an '09 XF Luxury (all options except the cruise, a/c seats, larger wheels) at MSRP $53,500. 48 month lease, 12k miles annual, $2000 down. Payment of $689 per month with TT&L rolled in. Is this comparable to what others are seeing?
  • drjmakdrjmak Posts: 19
    I pay $759 a month with nothing down on a loaded lux premium with everything except the advanced cruise with 12k/36months. has the upgraded radio, advanced vision a/c seats etc. mine was a demo with under 5k miles. dealer here always has father in law same price and got demo with less than 2k miles....
  • hushhush Posts: 12
    I just put the chrome side vents and a rear spoiler on my XF SC. I cant tell you how many people stop and stare at this car! When I go to a hotel, the valet's fall over themselves to park my car and they always park it close to the door so everyone can see it! I have never seen another on the road since I bought mine last year. I have never had another car that elicits the response I get from this XF SC!!!
  • audiguy5audiguy5 Posts: 2
    Can anyone tell me how this car performs in winter weather, snow and ice? I live in Iowa so we get some of that. I assume it needs snow tires put on for winter?
  • luvtnsluvtns Posts: 18
    I know what you mean. I just have the Luxury XF and I get the same response. I recently went to a Casino in Mississippi and they kept the car up front also.
  • Beware! bought the 09 XF Premium in June 2008 and drove it brand new fully load off the showroom floor. Gorgeous car and was so excited about my XF. However started having problems 6 months later in Dec 08 after taking it in for a scheduled maintenance. Just two weeks later after that maintenance started having all types of problems: (Fuel light on, Knocking/rev-ving noise,). Of course thought I was in the clear and that the problem was fixed by my dealership then I had to bring the car back a second time a month later in Jan 09 for same fuel problems and more. This time (very hard time pumping gas in car, Dash display language changed to foreign words)…Well this second time of round my dealership said they found the problem that my fuel had a kink in it and that’s what caused the problem. Well fast forward back to square one again same car issues just took my car back today on May 20, 2009. I am a disappointed Buyer and now I don’t want the car anymore that’s 3 occasions now I had to bring the car in, communicating with my dealership on finding a resolution! Very frustrated! On top of that received very bad customer service from my dealership here in Riverside alot of headaches.
  • early74bearly74b Posts: 34
    Will see if the '10 model clears out some of the first model year bugs of the '09's that many have already been mentioned. I've owned a good number of makes and models over the years but have seen few of these XF's on the road which makes it even more appealing. The ones I have seen look much better 'in person' than in photos, etc. I'm searching out over the various networking sites (Jag specific forums, LinkedIn, etc.) on info about Chicago area Jag dealer and Jag mechanic ratings as if I do decide this route I want it to be as good an experience as possible. Over in the Luxury Lounge Edmunds forum, some discuss the XF but as this forum is more specific we'll see what others have experienced. It will not be my only car so I'm willing to deal with the minor stuff (to a point) but stuff should get fixed on the first try and of course even buying one should not be regretful! I'll be combing the archives for Chicago dealer Jag experiences but more specifically the service issue stuff as I think I'll do fine on the purchase/lease with so many Jag dealers around here that compete with other. I can offer dealer feedback for Mazda, VW, Dodge and as of late MB/smart (wife's commuter car) but Jaguar is a much different 'animal' (pardon the pun). With all of the favorable press hopefully Jaguar is heading in the right direction with its new owners.
  • luvtnsluvtns Posts: 18
    Sorry to hear about your problems. However, I purchased a 2009 XF Luxury and I really love my car. It is stylish and I feel like a million dollars driving it. I have had this vehicle for over a year and the only problem I had was opening the gas tank, but supposedly they have corrected that and changed the hinge for me. Also, I find that it makes really good gas mileage - 26 to 30 mpg on the highway.
  • dphildphil Posts: 1
    New Xf with less than 3000 mis. The engine seems to make ALOT of noise eminating from the rear. Maybe it's not the engine but the drive train. Anyone else with similar problem? It sounds very whiny.
  • faith23faith23 Posts: 3
    I live in PA. and just got an offer for a base a brand new xf for $699 and $2500 down. My last 2 Jaguar s type leases were also demos. What dealership did you lease from?
  • jag_galjag_gal Posts: 1
    You've had your XF for 7 months now-are you happy with it?

    Would also be interested in hearing from anyone else who has had their XF for some time. Any issues?

    I've had an XJ8 for 10 years (love the car despite the $$ maintenance). It's time for a new car. Nothing is wowing me except for the XF (I've looked at Mercedes, BMW, etc.) I'm a little reluctant to to get the XF given it's a new model though--no data on reliability. Would appreciate all input to get me off the fence.
  • I have to admit, I love it. I am not the car person in my family, my husband has that role all sewn up. I am more about the deal, but I do like to be comfortable. I have had Mercedes, BMW, Lexus and Porsche. I picked this car after lots of research, but bottom line is it's gorgeous and really fun to drive.

    No problems so far except a minor recall for the fuel filler door which was easily fixed by the dealer during my oil change.

    I would absolutely buy it again. Oh, and I have 8k miles on it.
  • faith23faith23 Posts: 3
    Where did you get that deal? I am looking to lease a demo to get my payment lower. Thanks for your help
  • hushhush Posts: 12
    The owners manual says NO ETHANOL !! If used it may void your warranty. Where can you go anymore that doesnt have at least 10% ethanol in the gas?? Can you put an additive in your tank if your forced to use this crap they pedal as "good for the enviroment", that protects your car?
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    As far as I know, all grades of gasoline in the US can contain up to 10 % ethanol, not "at least 10%". Except for E85 fuel, which is 85% ethanol, the actual amount of ethanol present is about 7 %. The purpose of the ethanol is to reduce tailpipe emissions, but also to reduce our dependence on imported oil. Also ethanol is an octane booster; ethanol has a blending octane rating of about 105.

    There is no additive which could remove the ethanol or protect a fuel system not designed for 10% ethanol in gasoline. The harmful effects of up to 10% ethanol gasoline on the fiberglass and epoxy resin fuel tanks of boats is well known. Marinas reportedly supply ethanol-free gasoline.

    Could you quote the specific reference ( giving page, section and year model) in the Jaguar manual which states "NO ETHANOL"?
  • luvtnsluvtns Posts: 18
    I do believe that the instruction booklet said that you can use up to 10% ethanol. I had the same concern.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,476
    Alternative fuels


    Fuels containing up to 10% Ethanol (grain
    alcohol) may be used. Ensure that the fuel has
    octane ratings no lower than those
    recommended for unleaded fuel. Most drivers
    will not notice any operating difference with
    fuel containing Ethanol. If a difference is
    detected, the use of conventional unleaded fuel
    should be resumed.

    XF manual .pdf = page 167 \ Fuel and refueling
  • hushhush Posts: 12
    Thanks for clearing that up! Its been quite a challenge while travelling to find gas with no ethanol! And as far as your reference to dependency on foreign oil, We should simply lift the idiotic enviromental regs placed on U.S oil companies and produce the Trillions (yes, TRILLIONS) of barrels of oil from here in our own backyards. But hey, this is a Jag forum, not a soap box, so my apologies! Thanks again for the response!
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