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2009 Jaguar XF



  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    I don't think all gasoline engine cars sold in the US must be able to take fuel with up to 10% ethanol.

    I maybe wrong. but I think that even if they don't have a sign stating that it contains ethanol, it may still be there.
  • I have an XF SC, 3200mi, bought March '08. I have 4 cars and this is my favorite and planned on keeping it forever. So far it is had 3 batteries, the sound was lost after a phone call (see recall on that), it stalled on start, shook and died, CAT FAULT FAILURE message. Waited and tried again and smooth as silk. Into Jag for diagnosis. They came up with 3rd battery, and replace air filters. I am losing faith in taking this automobile out for a trip. The car gets thumbs up every time it is out. Also, frame tweaks when I turn into my driveway. Windows rattle, they are tinted, and Jag mgr says it is the tint? If I tap down a little on each window or put them all down, does not rattle. Seems to me to be the fit when window up against seal. Do not know what next step should be? One more failure may put me over the edge. The dealer has been very helpful.
    I bought this over a Maserati sedan, no real new features, and a Bentley Continental, interior like Wal Mart. This is a classy car, but has its faults.
    I may have bought one of the first ones manufactured. Paid sticker, with all accessories, two people waiting behind me to buy it if I did not. Maybe I should have let them?
  • tmacguytmacguy Posts: 37
    I read this post some time ago. I took it with a grain of salt and thought "here is a an owner who thinks too much of his car." Then it happened to me. I live in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, left the car for a valet at the Westin hotel some days ago, on car pick up, the valet said with a big smile on his face, "sir, I drive BMWs, MBs and lots of cars, but sir, this is the best car I have ever seen". Wow... that post on Edmunds was right, is what I thought. But, they have seen nothing yet, the next day I went i switched my AC vents to Auto. This time it was a different valet, and again, I was totaly complimented on the car.
  • tmacguytmacguy Posts: 37
    I can not swing the rear view mirror up or down, only left and right. Is this normal? The mirror angle is too low for me and i have to duck every time to look back.

    '09 XF Supercharged.
  • hushhush Posts: 12
    I probably do think too much of my car, but no matter where I go, people are always saying WOW!! It must be that there are not alot of these on the road. I have yet to see another and I travel all over the US.
  • hushhush Posts: 12
    Has anyone had problems with the stock tires? are there any other choices in tires for a better ride?
  • Hi, is your car still not rattling?
  • Do you still have rattle?
  • Has anyone put 19" on their supercharge that comes with 20"? Found some snow tires for 20's but $1800.00 Would do a new wheel and tire combo for much less if their are no issues. Thanks
  • Got 2009 premium luxury Indigo Blue 2 months ago. 0% financing for 5 years !

    Absolutely no problem with electronics. This car is superb and silky smooth with tons of power !! The stares we get are hilarious... Aston Martin rear and arturo wheels are nothing short of spectacular. Deal of the decade for sure !!!

    Previously had a great and extremely reliable 2000 Acura TL which was stolen and trashed in a joy ride. Unfortunately I don't like the new TL design and the ride too sporty.

    Will equip with winter tires soon. Any tire suggestions ?
  • Jaguar is now an Indian beast (according to the Indian press AND Tata Group) thanks to Tata Motor's 100% acquisition of JLR. Land Rover/Range Rover is also fine Indian heritage now. Both now high quality Indian luxury cars. Power to JLR's new Indian owners/masters.

    Already Jaguar/Land Rover are establishing component sourcing offices in India. Soon they may be entirely "Made in India".....yessss!
  • Have a 2009 Premium Luxury six months with 8,500 miles. No significant problems except keyless entry wouldn't work in hot weather. Dealer finally diagnosed and cured. Love the car.
  • After waiting 5 months I finally get to pick up my 2010 XF Premium Luxury with Portfolio package, B&W sound, headrest mounted DVD, 19 inch Artura wheels, chrome mirror and side air vent covers and finally rear trunk spoiler. It is Indigo blue with the interior in barley & truffle leather :) with the figured ebony veneer.

    Test drove a 2009 Luxury for two days this summer after I ordered mine and loved it. :shades: My wife was all smiles every time she got behind the wheel.

    It will be a change going from my 2007 LR3 which was also a great vehicle but now that my wife also drives an SUV I did not see the point of having two in the driveway.

    Service here at Jaguar Land Rover of Ottawa has been superb.

    Counting down the minutes....... ;)
  • I was one of those people who fell for the JD Powers story that Jag hag improved its reliability. NOT TRUE!!!! :lemon:

    I have a 2009 Jag XF Premium with just under 10,000 miles.

    It has been in the shop 6 times already:

    1). Radiator hoses failed. Coolant system leaking

    2). Sunroof rattles like tinker toys.

    3). Navigation system sporadically stops working for days on end.

    4). Rearview camera ceased to operate in warm weather.

    5). Thermostat replaced. Cooling system leaking AGAIN.

    6). Electrical short in the steering wheel buttons.

    7). Rear brakes at 60% of life while front at 80%. Now that the dealer has "looked at them" they are burning hot in the rear.

    8). The side view mirror on the drivers door now pops out every time you shut the door.

    9). Mechanical noise when going on and off the acclerator. Dealer says performs as designed. Really? That's what they said about the side view mirror the first time I brought it in.

    For Jag I think performs as designed means breaks frequently. To top it off the service loaner program is hideous. I have been with out my car for at least 12-15 days in the past 9 months. I've had a Prius, Rogue, VW Beetle as loaners. Why don't they use their own cars as loaners and why do I have to add 20-30 minutes to my drop offs to go to Enterprise, fill out paperwork, etc.

    The good news (I joke) that the folks at the Enterprise office know me now. UGH!!
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,477
    My sense [ from reading several sources ] is that Jag has improved their reliability, overall.

    However, for Jaguar [ like most manufacturers ] a first year of production for an essentially all–new model, like the XF is a real risk.

    My ** GUESS ** is that a 2010 model year XF is likely to be improved substantially over the 2009.

    I could be wrong . . .
    - Ray
    Liking the sound of the new 5.0L V8 [ non-s/c ] version. . .
  • Again we are talking first year of a brand new model stuff. If you have really been having this many problems get the car lemon lawed. Depending on your state you maybe already have enough for a lemon law case.

    As to Jag dealers not having their own cars as loaners many new car dealers are in that boat right now.

    None of our new car dealerships have more then one or two new cars as loaners right now. The reason being that many manufacturers have severely cut back on the support for new car loaners. Keeping new cars as loaners was always expensive but when the factory picked up a good bit of the cost it was doable. Now they aren't picking up as much and selling the cars after they are loaners is harder.

    We used to always sell our older loaners and make money. This past year we blew thousands of dollars on each loaner getting them sold.

    The supply of new cars has been curtailed drastically too so many dealers simply can't tie up 200,000 plus dollars of their inventory as loaners.
  • tmacguytmacguy Posts: 37
    I do not this is a case of a first year car problems. Reputable companies do not release cars with problems, 1st year or 10th year, period. I know many who bought 2009 cars are not complaining, I am one of them. Yet there will always be those who got bad cars, and they are the vocal ones on boards. Each car maker, no matter how hard they try, have bad cars slip off the assembly line. I have a 2004 Cadillac SRX, and it was nothing but trouble since day 1, but I came to know, my SRX is the exception, not the rule.

    Sorry about your misfortunes, at least you have a "Lemon law", I wish I had such law in my country, that SRX was a lemon.
  • the rear is awesome, so are the wheels, but the front end i just can't warm to.

    that's why I'm holding out for the new XJ, even though it's really a stretched version of XF but the front looks far better and more organic with the rest of the body.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,477
    " the front looks far better and more organic with the rest of the body."

    The front of the new XJ is fine with me -
    as is the front of the XF.
    The rear of the new XJ does NOT appeal to me...
    At all.
    - Ray
    Beauty is in the eye......
  • I am looking to buy or lease a 2009 XF Supercharged. Can anyone comment on the car prices / finance rates / lease rates they have found? Also, any recommendations with regard to a dealer. I am in VA

    I am assuming that now is not the time to negotiate a good price on a 2010 but if I am wrong I will go for a 2010.

    Any information and advice is greatly appreciated.

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