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Should I buy a used Honda Odyssey?



  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYPosts: 3,729
    We have an '02 that we purchased new and recently turned 137k miles. While you may hear negative comments, we had a terrific ownership experience.

    Early models with the 5 spd tranny had an oil starvation problem, and ours was replaced with a unit with the internally modified 2nd gear oil jet at around 35k miles. The only other failure in 9 years was a transmission neutral safety switch (that manifested itself as a power door problem due to the shift interlock). I believe it was cracked, and was probably damaged when they replaced the tranny and moved parts between units.

    On March 5th we bought a Toyota Sienna. I spent a good part of last Sunday afternoon detailing the Honda in preparation for selling it. I even started working on a window sign, but 3 days later I'm still driving and enjoying it, in no hurry to hang the For Sale notice up. The Sienna rides smoother and is more quiet & refined, but the Honda still outhandles it and is simply more engaging to drive.

    Frankly, I think a well maintained '04 could prove to be a great vehicle. It was the end of the run, and most of the bugs were resolved. By comparison, there were probably more complaints about the '05 models as they were a complete redesign and suffered some first year issues.
  • sww2sww2 Posts: 9
    Don't even think about and walk away. The transmssion is this car is guaranteed to fail and you get pay a heflty price to repair.
  • scottinkyscottinky Posts: 194
    edited August 2011
    I had the chance to buy an EXL with 152K on it today for $5200 on the road from a dealer. Van looked to be in excellent condition. Had the previous owners info as well. However, I walked away from it, fearing the worst after researching these vans for countless hours. Just didn't feel like buying a ticking time bomb. I am looking at a 2004 Sienna instead. did I make the right call? It was a great price on a clean unit.
  • 147haiba147haiba Posts: 1
    I don't know if my car has defection but honda odyssey has a lot of problem. Power steering problem, now coolant system, My car 2006, 112K. Coolant leak via holes on the pipe which I don't know. When found out the temperature needed reach the highest on freeway. They recall and fix the power steering and other thing which I don't really know. Now I complaint about the coolant leak. I dont know other car. But Odyssey is the worst car I have had.
  • Unless you know the complications with the sliding doors in advance. They are a nightmare. I had one of the sliding doors fixed once at $300 cost. It happened again two days ago but WORSE...the entire DOOR came off the tracks and literally fell off the side of the car!!!! My 8 week old was in her car seat right next to it. Had three kids total in the car. I was shocked and it was actually very dangerous as it fell into oncoming traffic. The local Honda dealer was very accommodating and wanted to help but when it came time to talk to Honda Customer Service what I found out shocked me. I gave them all of my info and was very polite and then the customer service guys says "no." "We wont help you." I asked to speak with his supervisor and this is what shocked me more--smugly responds "no" give be a good reason and I will. I was frankly shocked at the customer service. Would not Honda want to deal with this issue? I don't think Honda would want to know how Honda America is treating their customers. This whole outfit is a sham which I never expected from such a large company with so many other competitors in the marketplace. I will not buy a Honda Odyssey or Honda again--go with the Toyota Sienna!!!!!!! I was on the fence but now I will sell this Odyssey and buy the Siena!!!!!!
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