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2009-10 Hyundai Tucson

aneeshaneesh Posts: 43
Does anyone know when the Tucson will be updated with new styling and more powerful engines?

I am guessing it will use same structure as the Kia Rondo....I am hoping the interior will be like the Elantra.

I4 should be the 2.4L with 165hp and V6 should be rated at 190Hp and 5 speed AT transmission on both engines


  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    I did a report 55K miles of my Tucson V6 (see Tucson forum). I don't think Hyundai will do serious changes to the Tucson until 2012.

    Hyundai should realize that what people want is a compact SUV with offroad capability (not just crossover) and 5-seats. The only shortcoming of the present Tucson is its limited off road feature. The VW Tiguan is the answer for this sector of costumers wishes and the germans has addressed this. Why engine power has to be linked to 7 seats?

    I could be happy if Hyundai improve the multi-link suspension (rear) capable of doing the same that the Sorento, for example. Stronger structure.
  • ziadcziadc Posts: 1
    Today I went to Hyundai showroom in Dubai and seen the Tucson 2009 , it's the same shape as tucson 2008 the only difference is the large CD screen.
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    IIRC, at the New York Auto Show, one of Hyundai's US Execs confirmed a new round of 24/7 2.0 (2nd 7 new and refreshed cars in 24 months), and I believe a new Tucson should be in the cards of play.

    I would like to see the next gen Tucson NA version switch to the fuel efficient 2.4L I4 Theta engine used in the Sonata (NA). At the same time, cancel the 2.7L V6 used in both the Tucson and the Santa Fe.
  • gauriingauriin Posts: 6
    I heard that Hyundai Tucson will be discontinued in 2010 in Korea.
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    I don't know about in Korea, but for the US market, the Tuscon replacement is coming soon.

    And just looking back in my last post here, my wish came true!! Hyundai is going to delete the 2.7L V6 on both the Tuscon and the Santa Fe (US market), with fuel efficiently 4 cyclinders, which I believe would be Thetas.
  • carbuntcarbunt Posts: 40
    There maybe two 4cyl engines offered for the 2010 Tucson. A normally aspirated 2.0 and a turbo 2.0. Plus a 5spd auto box which should improve fuel economy over the current model.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,074
    Well not too much information. The press release was posted. Some cool new features like a Kenwood Navigation system. The kenwood navi unit isn't all that spectacular. No large display. Instead a Garmin packaged in a Double din stereo. It does have an aux in. Standard on the limited and optional on the lower trims. v6 is staying for 09. Hope this helps.
  • prasadpprasadp Posts: 14
    Hi everyone,

    Any idea when 2010 Hyundai Tucson will hit the dealers? It looks great. i initially wanted to buy a Honda CRV, but i think Tucson is worth waiting. any information on this subject is highly appreciated.
  • I asked about the same question two or three weeks ago in the main Tucson thread and didn't get any replies. Hopefully somone with info will let us know, if not then maybe we will get a better idea around the time of the LA Auto Show- it is supposed to be displayed there.
  • yyqyyq Posts: 2
    It's 2011 Tucson.More info
  • prasadpprasadp Posts: 14
    so there wont be any 2010?
  • prasadpprasadp Posts: 14
    I mailed hyundai, u.s.a and they said it should come to PA by mid dec. this year, which is good for me as i am planning to buy this year end as i can get my tax refunded.
  • Thanks. I hope that turns out to be accurate.
  • bpraxisbpraxis Posts: 292
    Hello everyone and I hope that you are having a nice day.

    Wow, the new ix 35 or Tucson looks like a much more expensive vehicle.

    The new Lexus RX which is a major disappointment to my eyes should have looked like the new Tucson.

    The contrasting lines are fantastic and I cannot wait to see one in the flesh.

    Hyundai is on the move and thier styling makes the current crop of small SUV's look very long in the tooth except for the CRV.

    The Rogue and the RAV need a nip and tuck remake.

    Any word on the pricing or when we can order????
  • I have been trying to figure that out, too. A few weeks ago someone on this thread said Hyundai told them mid-December. I am skeptical about that. Most of what I have read lately says early 2010 U.S. release, but I'm not really sure what that means.
  • I also am choosing between a CRV and the 2010 Hyundai Tucson. I also agree that the new Tucson looks very sharp. Anyone have any thoughts on what to expect on its performance and safety? I hear some mixed reviews on the 2009 model, don't know if it can compare to the CRV. Obviously the price will be probably lower.
  • I expect to look at the new Tucson but not because of performance. This article indicates the new Tucson might get the new direct-injection engine, which could improve MPG's or horsepower or both. I am hoping the new model will be better on MPG's, safety, and reliability than the older model. -cylinder/
  • Here is the official press info, pics and specs on the new Tucson. Some really good stuff! Tucson/Press_Release.asp

  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Doesn't look too good - just like the Rogue - reason I crossed it off my list....
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