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2007 Chevrolet Impala



  • tchisholmtchisholm Posts: 2
    I purchased a 2006 Impala new in July of 06...GM calls the upolstery problem "pilling." My dealership after 4,000 miles of driving attempted to blame this breakdown of the fabric on my fat a..and said that I was the only one they'd seen. After driving away from the dealership I happened to spot a General Electric administrative plant in town that had leased about 2 dozen Impalas so I stopped in to compare notes with a few of their drivers...The first car I saw had 34,000 miles on the odometer and had total breakdown of the cloth on the driver's back.
    At my yacht club I spotted another Impala (also high mileaged) purchased from a lease company and sure enough...the same problem...The back of the seat looked like a cat clawed it to threads.

    I went back to the dealership with that information and somewhat proved my point...Informing them that the threads were breaking at 4,000 and shouldn't be... they agreed to replace the drivers' seat...

    At 8,000 miles on the odometer(4,000 more) I saw the threads coming apart again...and this time also on the passenger's seat as well...They were replaced.

    At 12,000 or thereabouts again I had my seat replaced.

    THREE SEAT COVERS...Car now has 27,000 give or take and no problems other than normal wearing.

    I've found cloth breakdowns in 2006, 2007, and 2008 models

    GM's supplier got a batch of old dried up threads...don't let anybody kid you...This IS UNDER WARRANTY but you'll need to fight for it
  • tchisholmtchisholm Posts: 2
    There are many of us who've had the very same problems...GM got a very bad batch of cloth in many 06, 07 and 08 models but it doesn't show up right away...I don't know abut the 09 models because I stopped looking.

    GM DOES know all about it...Start screaming at your dealership and demand to speak with the regional manager if you don't get anywhere...

    Don't let them Bull Sh.. you
  • rysterryster Posts: 476
    What lumbar setting are you using? I was thinking that if you had the lumbar fully engaged, it could be stretching the seatback fabric and causing excessive stress on the threads. Eventually the threads would become fatigued and fail.

    My '06 with fabric seats, also purchased in July '06, now has 42,000 miles on it and has no issues. The lumbar in mine is set very mild.

    If this pilling is happening to '06's, '07's, and '08's it must be something more than a bad batch of cloth. GM would have discovered and eliminated the issue well before three model years had passed.
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    I have leather seats on my 2006 SS. Never had a problem. You should have gotten leather. The cloth is probably re-cycled and that's why its pilling. This is what happens when tree huggers get into the car industry. Or maybe it was made in Red China. Hope not.
  • impaledimpaled Posts: 7
    We just inherited a 2002 Chevy Impala and just broke 40K miles last weekend. Two days ago, I go to start the car....nothing happens. Dash is lit up with SECURITY, SERVICE NEEDED, etc. but neither the A/C nor radio came on. Attempted to jump...still nothing. Have car towed to the local Chevrolet dealership, they tell me the BCM won't talk to their computer and that they won't know anything until that is replaced. They replace it, drive it and check everything out to make sure everything else is alright. They say it's fixed...I pick it up drive it home. The very next time I go to start it up (the following a.m.), it won't start!! This time the A/C and radio are on. Naturally, I call the dealership since I just dropped $500 plus the day before. They tow it back at their expense. Two hours later, I get a call that the "battery is deader than dead" and they'll be *happy* to replace it for $200 and I can pick it up in 45 minutes LOL. Oh, and the guy asked me if the tech mentioned my battery was weak the day before. Um, no...

    I can't help but think that this was the original problem and they misdiagnosed. Too coincidental for them to fail at the same time.My fear is I'm going to replace the battery and then discover there is something else amiss.

    Hopefully, this post isn't so old that no one responds!

    Thank you!
  • hello. sounds like the stealership impaled your wallet, hence the name, correct?? if it's a dead battery, take a nice new one over there tomorrow, put it in yourself, and then have them test the vehicle again. if nothing is wrong, demand your $500.00 back for their tech being dumb, ignorant, or a combination of the two. what powers the BCM?? the battery. if they were having issues with the BCM, instead of just yanking out yours and assuming it was bad, maybe they should have tested the battery to see if it was the culprit. if it was the factory, stock, original battery, it's 7 going on 8 years old and should be ready do die anyways. snot nosed techs are dumbed down too much these days. they have no common sense, adhere to the dealer mantra of screwing over the customer, and leaving you violated in the pocketbook. if the tech's computer doesn't tell them what is wrong, they're stumped and can't use their own keen powers of common sense to figure it out. do NOT let this stealership f*** you over this way. my money is on a 70 dollar battery, not a $500.00 failed BCM. electronics act screwy when they cannot be fully powered, and vehicles today are more reliant on computer systems than ever. keep us in the loop, please!! best of luck... john
  • impaledimpaled Posts: 7
    hi john,
    thank you so much for your response. yes, you are right about the name :) i left the car at the dealership over the weekend and plan to talk to the head boss man tomorrow. i will definitely let you know how it goes. you are right about the techs being idiots. the guy i talked to yesterday, said it could probably be jumped but he wasn't sure it would keep running! i don't know if he was trying to scare me, but the car *will* keep running after it's been jumped unless the issue is *not* the battery. comments like those are what frighten me the most! i can't tell if they are dumb or are counting on me to be dumb :) will keep you posted!!
  • impaledimpaled Posts: 7
    Went to dealership this a.m. and talked to the service manager. He had a tech test the battery right in front of me and established that the battery had a bad cell. He offered to replace the battery for a discounted price of $59.99 - much better than the original quote of $200!! Also, didn't charge anything for installation/labor. Hopefully all the problems are solved now :)
  • hi all. just taking an informal poll. seems the glossy piano black vertical trim piece between the front and back doors has started to peel it's clearcoat off, or something akin to that. anyone else having this unsightly issue?? i only have one of the 4 trim pieces going south on me, but it is enough that i think it looks terrible. anyone go around with the dealer on this? i am ready to, but figured i'd post here first to see if i got a bum trim piece or not. i fear that is not the case, our 98 cavalier did the same thing, albeight after 6 years, not 3. thanks... john in grand haven, mi. black 07 3LT
  • '07 3LT 61,000 miles. My tire pressure monitoring system is still working, but I had the tires rotated, and they didn't update the tire positions. The right rear is tire goes soft over time, but the monitor says it's the right front.

    The DIC says to push the button with the check mark to update tire positions. I do this, the horn toots, and I get a message to the effect that it's updating. But it doesn't work. Am I supposed to do something else, or should it update automatically once you push the button? The manual sheds little light on this. Thanks.
  • cnwcnw Posts: 105
    I had that same issue on a 2006 Impala last year. It was still under warranty and not a question asked by the servicing dealer. All four doors were affected; they ordered parts and replaced without ANY hesitation. Clark
  • '07 LT3 61,000 miles. Our door trim is holding up okay. Two other things though: the chrome on the lower front grille went bad, and the dealer replaced it under warranty with no questions. We also have rust starting underneath the chrome trim on the trunklid. It's leaving a muddy-colored streak as it dribbles down. I've seen other Impalas with the same problem. We're in the rust belt. Anyone else have this?
  • hi ken. i'm in grand haven, michigan, so that makes me rust belt too. thankfully no rusticles on mine yet, but thanks for a head's up on a place to watch. i think i'll be visiting my stealership this week, even though my 3/36 is a few thousand past. my chrome on the grille looks like crap too. good ol' plastic plating. ida been happier with a black or silver painted surface there instead of plated plastic.
  • Ken,
    I have a 2007 SS with 28,000 miles and now Four Bad tires and a car out of
    alignment. Does the warranty cover any part of this problem thanks.

  • i'd check your build date, the earliest 2007's came out in august/september 2006, and it would be like the general to say that "your car was built 36 months and 2 weeks ago... so sorry". keep us abreast of your situation.
  • > Yeah, me too. I don't know what reaction that you'll get but it might be the same that I got when I asked about the unsightly corrosion on the the little center caps in the 18" SS wheels. I bought the extended warranty. My car had about 45,000 mi on it when i inquired and they told me that if I had reported it within the 36,000 miles that they could have taken care of it. Now those to replace are about $35.00 a piece. Very disappointing and add the flaking of the black trim pieces makes my 2007 Impala top of the line Chevy look like poop.
  • hey all. yep, i finally joined the fraternity of clunking ISS members. mine started several thousand miles ago, just past the 3/36, now sitting at 46,745, and of course i didn't drive it at all (that fell to the working wife). she has finally noticed it especially when the impala first gets going, but it does have the GM clunk most of the time. armed with as much info as i can about this defective item, what's the chances of getting this replaced by the company's coin? from everywhere i heave read, the general just absolutely can't seem to get this item right. i know there's an updated ISS, but has the new one been a proven winner, or just a stopgap? looking forward to hearing your feedback. thanks much... john..... 07 3LT
  • I have an 07 Impala SS, recently it started making a clanking noise when I het a bump, and a clunk, clunk, clunk noise when I went over 60, the sound was coming from the right rear corner, so I replaced the strut, now it makes a creak when I hit a bump, and the vehicle starts to shake a little at high speed, I am at a loss as to what is wrong here and I would greatly appreciate any help that anyone could give me. Thank you.
  • benomackbenomack Posts: 1
    edited August 2011
    Has anyone changed a battery in an 07 impala I need to change mine but I think you have to take off all kinds of **** to take it out is that true???
  • rysterryster Posts: 476
    To get to the battery, you have to unbolt and remove the black support bar that runs over the battery. Then unbolt and move the fuse box. Then unbolt the bars that secure the battery to the battery tray. Then it is a matter of wiggling the battery to carefully remove it from the car.
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