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2007 Chevrolet Impala



  • kelvinlkelvinl Posts: 3
    Took it to the dealer to get my brakes serviced. While there I asked them to check on the hesitation again. This time while test driving it jerked for them.
    They diagnosed it as the valve body hanging up inside the transmission. They replaced the valve body assembly, the pressure solenoid, and filter and fluid.
    Been driving it for a month now and it works Great!!!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057
    I apologize for your frustrations with the dealership. I would definitely recommend finding a dealership that you trust that works with you. Have you got your concerns fixed? If you would like I can locate a different dealer to look at your vehicle. Please email me and let me know what I can do to assist you. I will need your complete contact information, VIN, current mileage, and Edmunds user name.
    GM Customer Service
  • buddyboy59buddyboy59 Posts: 1
    may be intermediate steering shaft,GM has a TSB on this car for a clunk when you turn.
  • hello all. the latest rant has to be the mufflers on my 74K 2007 3LT getting holes in the top side of both mufflers big enough to stick my fist into. they have been getting worse for the last year, and after having the car on ramps tonight i found out the extent of rot. now i can look at replacing two mufflers with stainless steel aftermarket ones that might last a bit longer. christina, check your email. i contacted you. peace, john
  • Traded the car in for a Honda more issues for me!
  • I hear ya! I have the same problem on my 2007 LT also! What is the deal with the holes on the top side? Did they design it to fail? I called the dealer and he told me $723 to fix!!! I asked if they were failing and he said he had seen a few. Seems awful early to me! (I drive 100 miles a day so it is not from short distance driving.)
  • boston303boston303 Posts: 35
    Forget the tank issues.. The only people buying this car are the rental car companies.. No one in their right mind would ever consider buying such trash. I rented one recently and then rented a Ford Fusion. Interior space with the Ford was on par, but overall the Ford excelled by comparison in quality, materials, seat comfort, style, adjustments, technology, driving experience, handling, braking, ...shall I go on?? The Ford was so vastly superior it is a wonder that Chevrolet survived government bail outs.. Well perhaps that speaks to why they needed a bail out.. And have learned nothing since... I understand that GM has hired/promoted a new designer. I wish her luck in remaking this brand and getting through the GM beuacracy
  • boston, did you happen to rent a brand new fusion? if so, compare apples to apples. GM hasn't done much updating on the platform since the 2006 redesign, so you'd be comparing what to me is a 6 year old car to a new offering from ford. the newest GM offerings, especially the buicks, are IMO very nice cars. despite the issues with my imp, as posted here several times, i'm happy with the vehicle. the impala could have used an interior refresh by now, and maybe drop some R&D money into beefing up the tranny, but the recession pinched alot of pockets. that's my two abe's for the day. peace, john
  • In true GM fashon the car gets 60,000 miles and starts to fail. Mostly electrical failures.
    Hadn't owned one in 20 years so thought we would try them again, bad idea! should have stayed with Ford.
  • Reading these issues is like dejavu all over again! I bought my 2007 after it was turned in from a lease - 40K miles. First thing that happened was a huge problem with the front tires - the steel belts were completely broken down - almost blew out the right side on the freeway. Then I have had the horrible squeaking with the windows - so irritating and embarrassing! Next the dash rattles and sounds loose. I put a folded paper in it, which looks very classy. THEN . . . it is December and I am with my 86-yr-old mother, and the heater won't work if we slow down! The garage tells me it is the water pump and GM said it should NOT have gone out at under 50K, so I pay $100 for diagnostics. We continuously get the signal that the tire pressure is "wrong" and needs to be fixed. I don't understand why the tires always leak! NOW, it is one year after the heater problem and it happens AGAIN!!!! We take it to the dealer and they think it is a "bubble" in the cooling system. In the disgnosis, they discover the . . . (yes!!!!) the dreaded LEAKING GASKET!!!!!!!!!!!!! They give me good news/bad news and I faint. They offer to call GM and GM generously offers to pay 60% of the cost. I have to wait for SEVEN DAYS for the bolts to put the thing back together and pay $650 for the priviledge of fixing a problem that they KNOW is a defect in their product. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I am selling this car ASAP because I don't want to pay for one more of their mistakes - and never a GM product again. I LOVED GM, but never again. FORD or FOREIGN here I come!
  • I understand why you are frustrated, chelly2. How has your vehicle been since the gasket work was performed?

    GM Customer Service
  • One month after the gasket work, the heater blows cold air, again, even when the engine is warmed up, until the car is traveling at 45 mph. I have to go through town and I hate riding in a cold car. I have told the dealer and they said the same thing happens in the Impalas that the police force purchased and that it needs a bubble removed from the circulation system. He said it happens. How can it happen unless there is a leak somewhere? This is getting to be ridiculous!
  • While I don't have technical resources available, and while I understand you're interested in selling your vehicle given your previous post, we are available if you are interested in pursuing a Service Request through Customer Service. When your dealership contacted GM, were you assigned a case number already?
    Please contact us via email if we can assist.
    GM Customer Service
  • Is there a lot of people having this problem? Took car in for oil change only to be told the intake manifold is leaking. And the bad news was it would cost about $800.00 bucks to fix. This seems like a quite a bit of money.
  • tenshi3tenshi3 Posts: 2
    I hate this car...I bought it because I THOUGHT I was getting a decent car....I have had it for barely TWO years and I have already experienced problems with the transmission slipping...gas usage is horriffic....the paint is chipping...and NOW THE DOOR STRIPS ARE COMING OFF! Has anyone had the same problem with their door strips or panels??
  • rguthrierguthrie Posts: 8
    The strips on my LTZ came off 2 times within the first year that I had the car, which I purchased in February of 2007. I have not had a problem with gas mileage, getting 28-30 on highway, and 20-25 around Chicago.
    I currently have almost 129,000 miles, and I just started to have transmission problems, when staring off, for about the first 10 minutes of drive. This is not all the time, just once in awhile. I'm waiting for it to be more of a daily thing to take into the dealer.
  • Does anyone have the TSB associated with tire wear on these cars, is there a permanent fix, or is yearly alignment the fix???
  • Hello all. The latest minor inconvenience happened today. Wife went to leave work and the dreaded "can't shift out of PARK" happened to her. Turns out that the lockout solenoid wires were (IMO) improperly run at the factory, making the small harness pull on the wires when the shifter was in park. The black wire broke, and I was able to pull the small silver plug from the harness, recrimp it, and reinstall with 100% success. I ran the harness in a much smarter way to allow sufficient travel with a bit of slack to spare. Should be the last time I have to deal with this problem. I posted a thread with a couple photos on the NAIOA website on the "Problems with my car" column for your viewing pleasure. It might help those of you with the 06+ cars to pop the shifter bezel trim and see how your harness was run. It may save you from being stranded somewhere. You may also contact me for the photos and more detailed description of the process.

    On another note with regards to an above post by myself, I did replace the rotted out factory mufflers in May with some Walker Quiet Flow Stainless mufflers. I coated them in several layers of ceramic paint before the install. Replaced the stock pipe from the mufflers to the cat as well with a new resonator and pipe which also got the ceramic paint treatment. Looks great, sounds quiet!! FTW! Peace, John
  • I have a 2007 Impala SS that I kept when my father, who had been a chevy service manager for 50 years, passed away. I brought it back to my city in Knoxville and it has had the best servicing on transmission, engine, etc. since 2008. Now I find the transmission is beginning to slip and since daddy bought this in 2006 as a new 2007 model in August, even the power train warranty is out conveniently, right when I need to get something done. It has 70,000 miles on it at the moment

    I have seen many other instances involving the same symptoms. How has GM gotten by without a recall on these transmissions? This was a $35000 car in 2007. I need to know what I can do about getting a chevrolet dealership to take responsibility to get this replaced. The symptoms? When you are at a light or just leaving your garage in the morning, you hit the gas and the engine revvs up and then there is a thud forward jerking the car into movement. It has its good days and bad days.....Sometimes it drives normally and others comes the lurch. Occasionally just over the last month while in cruise mode you will feel that the gears are trying to make up their mind to work and the car will jolt along a little.

    My father would already roll over in his grave if he knew that his beloved former employer had become a shoddy second class car maker. Daddy always honored problems with his customers and did the right thing. Will Chevy do the right thing in this case.? If not, I will never even so much as look at one of these vehicles again. Chevy and GM has left this world along with my father.

    Best Regards
    Kristen Lance
    (My father was C W "Buddy" Lusk of Tullahoma Tennessee Shapard Chevrolet.) Remember the original bald Mr. Goodwrench? My father was the model for that poster. They don't make em like they used to.
  • Good morning alexialance,

    We're sorry that you are currently experiencing some transmission concerns with your Impala. If you would like for us to check into this further with you, we're happy to do so. Please email us at with more details (including your name and Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 digits of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your involved dealership).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
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