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2007 Chevrolet Impala



  • Thanks Laura,

    I will get that info for you tonight. I will add that I took the car our for a spin at lunch today and everything seemed to be working just fine, both in drive and manually shifting through the gears. The car was responsive and shifted smoothly every single time. I will update you if anything changes or if I have anything else happen.

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Hello melo_olds,

    You are very welcome! Please do keep me updated if anything changes. We are here to assist.


    Laura M.
    GM Customer Care
  • i have a 2007 impala . im trying to replace the blower motor resistor. ive hit a wall. there are four screws that hold the resistor in place. two of the screws are 7/32 and the other two are of a unknown size or bit. if anyone knows what tool im supposed to use i would greatly appreciate the help
  • I am experiencing the same problems with the brakes and transmission on my 07 Chev Impala that are described here and many other locations on the web. GM Customer Care what can I do to get your company to address this global problem that should truly be addressed under a recall notice?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Hi 07_imp_tranny

    I'm sorry you're also having troubles with your Impala. Please reach out to us through email and we will work to address your concerns. Please include your VIN, mileage, and contact information. We can be reached at [attn Marty or Amber].

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • I too have to join this group of very upset and hurt owners of a 2007 Chevy Impala SS bought brand new off the dealer's lot. I've had to replace the transmission and now have to replace it again at the cost of $4,200.00. The dealer is saying it's because of the mileage and the warranty expiration date of October 16, 2013. I had the car towed to the dealer on November 4, 2013. I asked GMC if they would pay for some of the cost because I believe the problem is a defect in this model. I've had to replace tires after owning it for one year and now is on my second set of new tires after buying many used ones in between the years. I found out today that GMC nor the dealer will pay for none of the repair costs even after GMC customer rep Brandy at 1-866-790-5700 ext. 21206 said they would pay for some but didn't know how much they would pay. In the meantime the dealer said they would break down the transmission at the cost of $1,500.00. So now I have a car without a transmission at all and I don't have $4,200.00 to pay for another transmission and have to have it towed for storage or leave it at my loss. I am appauled at GMC and Chevy dealership Hilltop Richmond in Richmond, CA's decision and lack of fairness. The mileage on the car is from highway miles which were accumulated from Soccer tournaments and games not street miles which is hard on a transmission. I think we all should beg the mercy of an attorney to take on GMC with a class action lawsuit. Times are too hard for large companies to keep getting away with dismissing us once we've paid our cars off.
  • My wife and I just bought the 2007 3.5 LS Impala used 99,000 miles not even 8 months we have it starter went, tire ware terrible and yea we got alignment twice just in case now water pump going , oil pressure low stop engine now going off , dealer thought it was a sensor, changed it now the same thing happens but it goes off twice as long and much more frequent than before ,checked the air cleaner pulled the fuses with nothing working hoping to reset issue codes no luck ..Checked for leaky gaskets oil In the antifreeze and vice versa I have a warranty, I think the dealer that I bought the car off of is stalling for the warranty to run out in a couple of months he knows something is up or rather she was bitching cause it was the third time we had the car back in a month should I trust them ???when I bought the car it needed new breaks and Rotors I should say my wife went and picked it out I was away at work for the week or that never would of gotten by me I check everything car-fax not much trust in that but every little bit helps paper work for wrecks ,regular schedule maintenance reports you get my point I think they know a head gasket is blown or worse ....another problem I can feel brewing I can feel a delay when I pull out it won't go for a second and then sometimes gets to much power anyone have any ideas on that one ???
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