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2007 Chevrolet Impala



  • no recalls yet , that I know of involving this problem you are having. But I am also starting to notice that when I have my AC on max my cars starts to idle rough & acts like its going to stall.
  • I have tried using the cruise control setting it in when the road is pretty straight not many hills & such, I-55 from Springfield Il to StL. I was staying pretty much at 65-70, not much braking, nothing crazy on the acceleration.
    I just do not think the fuel management is working like it's supposed to. I've even noticed my car , w/the AC while stopped at a stop light acting like it's going to stall now.
    We are in the process of getting out of this car & into the V6, complained enough to the dealer they are going to work something out w/use.

    Just wondering if I should stick w/the smaller V6/3.5 or if we should push for the bigger V6/3.9. I really want to see the 30 MPG's again on the highway like we did w/our 06 Malibu that had a 3.5L.

    The last time I checked our car the 07 SS, I did it using the odd fashion way, I wrote down the odometer, filled up then, let it get down to 1/4 of a tank, filled back up & checked odometer, subtracted the two readouts and then divided by the gallons i used, & it actually was getting worse, it was coming out around 19.8 HWY MPG's.
  • Sorry to change the subject , but I noticed you have a 07 LTZ What kind of Gas mileage you getting on it for the HWY? thanks
  • rguthrierguthrie Posts: 8
    This week, I made a round trip from Chicago to St. Louis, and averaged 26.12, doing about 68 mph, using the cruise control all the way. I got as low as 24.6, and as high as 30.4 with the gas fill ups. I have the 3.9 engine. I purchased the car in mid February, and in March my average for the month was 23.17, for April was 18.73, for May was 26.7,this being a combination of city & highway driving, using cruise control whenever I can. So, as you can see, the mileage goes all over the place.
  • garsarnogarsarno Posts: 72
    I have 10,700 miles on my 2007 Impala SS (black) since 1/27/07 and no problems at all. I would take the car back to the dealer for evaluation. Best mpg was Wilkes Barre to Cleveland at 75-80 mph, got 24.7 mpg per computer.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Keep in mind when you're figuring fuel mileage that when you fill up, you could throw your mileage figures off considerably depending on how you "top off" the tank. If you go to the nearest dollar, that could vary your top off by a 1/3 of a gallon at $3/gallon. If you just stop pumping when the pump auto-stops, you're letting the calibration of the pumps determine your top off. That's fine if you use the exact same gas pump at the same gas station every time but otherwise, there will be a variance. Over time, the variances will even out but you are basing a decision on whether or not to get rid of your car on a relatively short period of time so I would consider these variables as well.

    As stated earlier by you and others, it sounds as if you do have some mechanical issues as well. Have you ever run your DIC in the instantaneous economy mode and watched as the engine switches between 8 & 4-cyl mode? I did that a good bit when I first bought the car and learned to hear and feel when the engine switched into 4-cyl mode. Learning how to "soft pedal" the car may help improve your economy as well.
  • Well we were not successful in working things out on our 07 SS to get into a Impala LT w/a V6. They were going to trade us straight across but my husband was furious because we only had this car 30 days, & does not want to be upside down farther by having financing for a 07 SS, then loose further money when we go down in a lesser value car & you factor in the depreciation. So we turned them down. Tried to get them to just buy the car back from us, but they stated they had too much inventory & were not interested in purchasing any more vehicles. So I do not know what were are going to do.

    THe thing is not running right. SOmetimes at a idle w/the air on it's wanting to die. Not good when your stuck in the middle of intersectin somewhere & your car acts like its going to stall on you.

    Also today I had another weird thing happen. I was behind a old guy in a pickup truck & for some reason he almost stopped after taking off from a stop light & no one was in front of him. I'd just starting acclerating & had to slow down pretty quick, we''ll then you started taking off so when I went to step on the accelartor the car acted like either the transmission was not shifting right, slipped or the engine wasn't wanting to respond, I just know that it was rough, had a pretty major hesitation from either the transmission or the engine. I was lucky I did not get rear ended.

    I'm really being to think we've gotten ahold of a :lemon: I sure hope not.

    I not it's getting lousy HWY MPG's & I've had it looked out & have been told nothings wrong w/the car.
  • rguthrierguthrie Posts: 8
    I had the leaky trunk. I called Chevy direct @ 1-800-222-1020, and talked to a rep about all the problems I was having with the car. She then gave me a "Service #", contacted the dealer, and set up an appointment with the Zone District Manager. It took about 2 weeks, but I met with him, and had answers right away. You might try doing the same thing.
  • rysterryster Posts: 471
    It sounds like you may want to look into your State's Lemon Law rules. For example, in PA, if a new car is in the shop for the same mechanical problem 3 times or more within the first 12 months or 12,000 miles a Lemon claim may be initiated.

    Just make sure when you have the car looked at, each and every time get a work order from the dealer that clearly states the concern and their response. Make sure the concern is stated the same on each work order so it doesn't look like something different is being diagnosed and/or fixed.

    After the 3rd time of the same concern not being repaired, go back to the dealer the 4th time and let them know that this is their last chance for a fix before you file a Lemon Law claim. Many times this is enough for them to "suddenly" be able to fix the car. Be firm, but also be polite. Once the Lemon Law claim is started, working with the dealer gets kind of touchy. You don't want it to become adversarial BEFORE a Lemon claim is made.
  • The first time I took it in was because I was complaining about it's HWY MPG"s of only 20. They said they could find nothing wrong w/it, they did not give me paperwork showing I'd had them look at it.

    What happens if each time I take the car in they say they can find nothing wrong w/it? If the problems are only occuring randomly & not continuously, but does not occur while they are checking the car out.

    Doesn't it have to be a break down that they actually have to show that they've had to do some sort of repair to the car?

    How's that lemon law work anyway? Does GM have to give us back all the money we paid for the car? just wondering how that works when a person has a loan to pay off & if GM just pays a person back the amount paid on the car when you factor in the differnce they tack on when you do a trade in paying off the trade in so the dealership can get the trade in's title. I imagine a person is stuck paying the bank back the remainder like the tax, ext. warranties purchased, & of course the difference between Payoff & the trade in dealerships give.

    Has anyone on here every got a car bought back due to the lemon laws? What happens when it comes to the financial issues involved?
  • I'm having problems explaining to my dealership that I've been comparing MPG"S w/other 06 & 07 SS owners. I explained to them that pretty much everyone else is getting alot better MPG's on the HWy then we are, They of course come back w/well it's pretty hard to compare MPG"S w/other people because most people tend to stretch the truth when comparing their cars to others, so not getting anywhere w/this HWY MPG situation.

    We did have a guy last night , who saw us in a parking lot & came over & checked our car out , he started talking to my husband asking about the cars MPG, my husband explained the car was only getting 20 on the HWY, & that they sticker showed 27 for HWY. The guy said if i bought the car I'd really be on to them about only getting 20 for the HWY.

    Not for sure If I explained that the 20 HWY MPG was driving on the interstate w/ very little braking & normal acceleration. It's getting pretty much the 20 HWY MPG on the interstate as well as driving through towns on the hour long trip I take to Springfield or Pekin. I can't understand why it's not doing at least somewhat better on the interestate w/little slow downs at stop lights like I do going through the small towns I have to go through.
  • martin22martin22 Posts: 53
    I'm getting well over 20mpg on the Interstates around Champaign in my SS and you should be too. Two things:
    Are you sure your engine is switching to 4 cyl mode? It should stay in that mode when cruising at 65 - 70 mph on a level road and the indicated mpg should range between 25 and 30.
    Also, what RPM are you showing at 65 mph? From memory as I write, it should be just under 2,000. There is a remote possibility that you're not reaching overdrive top gear.
    Hope you get your problems sorted - it's a great car!
  • martin22, The computer readout shows it going into the 4cyl mode, & I try to set my cruise sometimes if possible, but most of the time it's not so I do not use the cruise alot, I try watch my speed & make sure I'm keeping it steady & in the 4cyl mode on flat straight aways. I'll have to look at the RPM gauge & seem what it's reading. I'm pretty sure it's under 2,000 though.

    WHen you say well over 20 MPG's on the highway, what are you varying, if you don't mind me asking?

    I've heard that several other people that have these SS are also getting better than we are I just can't understand why are car is not, I know it's very disappointing & I love the car's looks, power , safety & comfort, but the MPG's is killing us coming from a 06 Mailbu getting around 30 MPG'S on the HWY. The sticker showing the 27 MPG's is what sold us on the car, so I'm depressed over this MPG stuff.
    Thanks I hope they figure something is wrong w/it & fix it so it starts getting better MPG's on the highway. What's really crazy is that it's doing about the same maybe around 18-19 for the city mpg's .
  • martin22martin22 Posts: 53
    I'd say an average of 25 mpg highway. I did not expect to get the 27 - those figures are always optimistic. I've also heard that mileage improves as the car beds in - ours has now done 13K. We did a 5.5K mile road trip last winter down to Florida and back through the Carolinas and the DIC gave me an overall 23.9 mpg. That included a lot of interstate but also a good deal of town driving at 'base camps'. From what you've said about near stalling, I would guess there's something wrong with your mixture control - as if the engine is running too rich. That would obviously give you poor mpg. It could even be something simple such as a piece of rag stuck in the air intake. Your dealer should really give it good seeing to.
    Best of luck!
  • Ya, I didn't really expect to get 27 either, but I was at least expecting close to 24 at least.

    So far we've got 3,000 on it. I got something set up for a second look over on this car. I'm hoping they come up w/someting this time. Last time which was only 2 wks ago, they said they could find nothing wrong w/the car.
    Thanks for your input. Glad you like your car & are getting pretty descent HWY MPG's , wish I had your car.

    Is it a 07 or 06, which color did you get? Did you get the Bose speaker package? We have the Bose speakers, silver trim on Dash, not the woodgrain. Has a sunroof. It's a beautiful car, just wish for better MPG.
  • Yup, tried that, that's pretty much where I keep my readout set. I try to watch were the readout is & try to make sure on a level flat straight away that i keeping it at 4cyl.
    I know it's not because I have my foot into it or anything, because my husband complains that I drive like a grandma w/it that I should be driving it differently just because it's the SS. I drive like I always did w/ our 06 Mailbu, sometimes on the interstate I'll find myself getting up fast 75, but even when I did that w/the Malibu I was still getting 30 MPG's. So if anything Maybe I need to try a higher octane gas?
    I'm running out of ideas, maybe the service dept. is just not finding out what's wrong w/this car. I'll give them another shot, & if things do not improve I'll try taking it to another dealerships serive dept. I hate doing that though because I didn't buy the car from them, so I do not know how that works when you want to go to another dealership beside the one that we've purchased the car from?
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Teresa, read my mind...those were the two things I was going to suggest next. Higher octane fuel and another dealership. I was running 87 octane fuel exclusively for the first year I had my SS simply because I could and thought it really made no difference. Then, I got to thinking about how little it would cost and decided to switch. Well, the difference in power (once I had fully gotten used to driving the car with lower power) was truly remarkable. Besides that, I have noticed on the highway, with the higher octane, the car can remain in 4 cylinder mode at higher speeds and on steeper grades which contributes to higher fuel mileage. I don't know that it would be enough of a difference to justify the difference in cost or whether it will improve your situation at all, but it's worth a try. In my case, I haven't had a chance to take a long enough road trip to get a good comparison but I do know that my car can stay in 4 cylinder mode in places it couldn't before and at higher speeds than before.

    As for going to a different dealership, I have visited three different dealerships with mine. I bought my car out of state so I have only visited the dealership where I bought the car a couple times. All dealerships should treat you equally well and if not, you should contact the corporate offices and report them. GM is making strong efforts to improve customer relations and you shouldn't have a problem with a different dealership. They SHOULD welcome your business as an opportunity to win you over for your next purchase. Again, just be polite, don't bad mouth the other dealership, and explain your problem.

    One final suggestion would be to offer to ride along with a techician to show them the sputtering you've been describing since you say that the techs have said that they haven't been able to duplicate the problem. Sometimes communicating the problem is the hardest part of the process and if you can get them to let you drive them around and then maybe switch out let them drive you back you may both learn something (you mentioned you weren't sure if it was engine or transmission).

    Good luck and be persistent and patient. I'm sure you'll get to the bottom of this. The SS is a great car. Once you get your bug worked out, you're going to love it! Give it a fair chance. ;)
  • martin22martin22 Posts: 53
    It's an '06, fully loaded, Sport Red/Neutral. Last July, we couldn't resist the 72m/0% deal so we're in it for the long run! The only work done on it so far is the replacement of the screeching window seals. It still spooks me when it sends me an email every month telling me how it's doing!
  • wow 72 m/0% , that really was a heck of a deal. How you doing on the warranty, did you purchase a extended warranty? I'm glad Chevy went to 5yr/100,00mi. We purchased a extended on for our 07 because the computer part would only be covered I believe for 3yr/36,000? I imagine that computer that controls the fuel management could get expensive really fast.
  • how many miles did you have on the car when you got the 24.7 on the HWY?
    DId you already have around 10,000?
    The service dept. keeps telling me that I have to let the car get to 10,000 miles on the odometer to see anything close to 24mpg on the hwy. I trying to find out if this is true, if everyone else didn't get around 24 mpg's until 10,000 miles.
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