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2007 Chevrolet Impala



  • hello.. picked up a new keyless entry for the 07 impala, and in following the instructions for programming it to my car, i haven't beeen able to get out of the blocks yet. in looking at a few different sites, the basic conceptual procedure is the same. close doors, hold down unlock button on car door, turn key to on,off,on,off, release unlock button; then car will lock and unlock to show it is prograrm mode, then procede with the remotes. i have tried several times to do that part of the procedure to get the car to do the lock/unlock thing, but i am not sure if my timing on the ignition switch part is right. is it a quick onoffonoff or a on, off, on, off, or is it any tips are as always appreciated. peace.... john
  • rysterryster Posts: 471
    This is the procedure for synching up a remote to your Impala:

    Cycle through the Driver Information Center using the "Info" button until you get to the following "Remote Key" menu:

    Remote Key
    This display allows you to match the remote
    keyless entry transmitter to your vehicle. To match
    a remote keyless entry transmitter to your vehicle, do
    the following:
    1. Press the vehicle information button until PRESS
    V[checkmark button] TO RELEARN REMOTE KEY displays.
    2. Press the set/reset button.
    will display.
    3. Press and hold the lock and unlock buttons on the
    first transmitter at the same time for approximately
    15 seconds.
    A chime will sound indicating that the transmitter
    is matched.
    4. To match additional transmitters at this time,
    repeat Step 3.
    Each vehicle can have a maximum of
    eight transmitters matched to it.
    5. To exit the programming mode, you must cycle the
    key to OFF.
  • wbowl99wbowl99 Posts: 133
    Glad to help John, and glad you got a different reaction from your dealership than I did when I mentioned TSBs. I was asked if I'd read the small print at the bottom and knew that TSBs were only for trained mechanics and not for me.
  • wbowl, very funny that the stealership tried to make you feel as if you found priviledged information. you know, if it weren't for internet based forums like this, my bet is that my dealership would try to tell me there's nothing that can be done about my car. TSB's, i am willing to bet, can accumulate and become full blown recalls, and that hits the car maker's bottom line. i know my dealership didn't find the TSB pertaining to my car; i talked directly with the tech. it's my belief that a consumer has to be so savvy now, and information is power. i paid $17,000 for my car, and seeing as how it's CERTIFIED, which i PAID for, it damned well better be right. trust me, any information i turn up on this car through these forums will be scrutinized. i guess what ticks me off is that GM knows about the issue i am having, but figures it made a defective system that they don't have to fix unless the customer figures out that the system is defective. well, bottom line is the dealership called today and informed me the parts are in, and the car should be going in friday for the big fix. as always, i will keep you posted. thanks again for everyone's help. sincerely, john hutchison
  • wbowl99wbowl99 Posts: 133
    I understand John. I bought mine new and it was over $20K and I've had all kinds of problems. If you go back through the posts, you'll see what I mean.

    There are a number of things GM knows about that they hope we will not report. If we don't, they're not going to admit it. I saw one TSB addressing a problem that actually said that if the owner didn't mention it they should not either because they didn't know what it was or how to fix it. It had to do with a noise in the rear passenger side that sounded like something had hit under the car. I had that happen numerous times for a couple of months, but then it disappeared and hasn't returned as yet.
  • hi teresa, it has been some time since you posted, and i was curious as to what happened with your mileage issue with your SS. did it get better, worse, do you even have the car any more? just wondering, as it seemed to be a problem for your particular car. thanks... john
  • hi everyone, just a quick note to say the dealer did fix the headlight flicker troubles thanks to the support and information i found here. they did just what the TSB said, and holy cow.... success. now why could GM not retrofit the 07 3.9's to take care of this problem? search me. well, my impala is as complete as i think it should be, but trust me, i will be keeping a close tab on any other issues brought up here about the car. thanks again to those who helped!!!! take care..... john
  • I have had my 07 LS implala for a year and a half now and with winter approaching I am not looking forward to big puddles. Every time I go through a large puddle, the car makes a terrible gurgling / rumbling sound right under the front-central part of the car. It will go away 10-20 seconds after the hitting the puddle, but it sounds just terrible until then. This is the only time this happens...big puddles. I made a service mgr ride with me to experience it the first day I owned the car and he had no idea what it was. I am looking to see if anyone else in the world has a hunch...your suggestions are welcome. Thanks
  • rysterryster Posts: 471
    My '06 Impala LT (3.5L V6) does the exact same thing. I have never bothered to have the dealer look at it because I expect the same answer your dealer gave you.

    I call it the "motor boat" sound. It sounds just like the noise heard when a boat accelerates away from a dock.

    To me, it almost sounds like water is getting into the exhaust system or something. It is defintely annoying, and I dread driving the car in a heavy downpour. I cringe at every large puddle.
  • Just had my second steering intermediate shaft replaced on my '07 LT. Car has about 39,000 miles on it. This is supposed to be a redesigned version that doesn't require greasing. Anybody else have trouble with this item? Does the redesign truly fix it? Thanks.
  • hi ken.... i'm not having that issue (as far as i know...) is this item you're having issues with part of the steering system between the steering wheel and the rack? my 3.9 LT 07 has been behaving itself just fine, but with this being the newest car i have ever owned, any little thing gets me concerned. any extra details would be appreciated. thanks.. john in grand haven, mi p.s... my headlight flicker problem is still a non issue since the i had the dealer put the ground strap onto the coil pack.
  • I to have an 07 Impala which clicks when you make a right turn and now its in the shop with a motor that will not stay running and GM nor my insurance company wants to repair
  • rhonda, just curious what 07 you have.. engine size, LT, LS, etc., mileage. more details can help us out a bit. tank you.... john
  • rysterryster Posts: 471
    I had my first Intermediate Steering Shaft replacement done at 32,000 miles in my '06 LT...I am now at 34,000 miles. On occasion, with the new ISS, I will feel the dreaded knocking randomly and then it will go away. Experiences with the redesigned ISS vary throughout the Impala community. Some never have the issue return, while others do. At least with the model that would need greasing there was the prospect of greasing it yourself. Now, with the new design, if the knocking comes back there is no real remedy the owner can try at home.

    GM has been experiencing ISS problems in numerous models for the past several years. From cars to trucks. They should have found a permanent fix for it years ago, but in typical GM fashion they would rather band-aid the problem in the field as opposed to solving the problem during production and simply eliminating the problem altogether.
  • I have the same sound when going over a big puddle highway or city. A guess of the sound would be like the grinding sound when ABS is activated.
  • I bought this Impala at the end of '05 brand new. In the beginning I had the 'normal' issues (TPMS, Key Fob, etc.).

    I just took it in because the oil consumption is very high. After about 1,200 miles I can hardly see any oil on the dipstick! Of course the dealer can't find anything obvious (no leaks, no oily residue in the engine compartment). At the same time they found that the radiator cap is faulty (from what I have read this could be attributed to Dex-Cool) which will cost me $71 in diagnosis and parts. Radiator has to be flushed - $84. Both front wheel bearings are apparently bad - $500/side. Since they have not diagnosed the disappearing oil yet there is most likely more to follow.

    I found some past threads about the disappearing oil but have not seen anything recently. Does anyone have an update on this? I currently have 51,000+ miles (covered by 5year/100,000 extended warranty). Since the warranty does not cover a lot of things (like radiator caps and resulting radiator flush due to part failure..) I was wondering if anybody knew more so I could potentially avoid the 'disappearing oil' repair cost.
  • rysterryster Posts: 471
    The front wheel bearings are in the hub. It is a hub/bearing assembly. If you are being charged $500 per side, you are being grossly overcharged.

    The front hub/bearing assembly retails for $296 each. It can be purchased for about $160 online. Even if you were paying full retail, parts would be $600. The old assembly is unbolted, and the new one is bolted on. It shouldn't take more than one hour labor to do the whole job ($100-$125).

    An aftermarket assembly can be purchased at auto parts stores for about $200 per side. Again, $400 in parts for both sides.

    My '06 Impala has a V6, but it "loses" oil. It requires 4 quarts when doing an oil and filter change, but I have NEVER pulled 4 quarts back out of it when draining the old oil. It has no obvious leaks that can be found. I would guesstimate that I lose at least 1qt every 3,000 miles. I always check the level, and keep it in the safe zone on the dipstick, but even doing that I never get 4 full quarts out.

    Just another Impala quirk. All I can do is laugh about it. With everything that has gone wrong with my car since purchased new, my Impala is a great source of material for family and friend's jokes. In fact, one of the first things I get asked is "How's the Impala...running okay?"

    My current concern is the "blow-by" I am getting with the automatic transmission lines. Once in a while there is a damp spot of transmission fluid under the car. But it is very sporadic. No problem for weeks, then there is a spot. I believe it is more of an issue in very cold weather. It was 8 degrees here yesterday, and my transmission was hesitating severely when trying to accelerate from a stop.

    I have about 1,200 miles left on the warranty...then it will be time to seriously consider trading.
  • The final cost for one of the hub/bearing assemblies came to $475 (296 parts/150 labor) billed to the warranty company.

    As for the 'disappearing oil' they are performing a oil consumption test and I have to take it in after another 1,000 miles. After about 1,500 miles the oil level was bearly visible on the dipstick. The dealer did not find any visible leaks or residue. They said the next step would most likely be an engine tear-down...

    I have not had any transmission problems...yet (knock on wood). A couple of nights ago it dropped down to 27 below and nothing felt 'stiff' on the car. The problem I have with the SS is grip. It's so icy here that the tires aren't sticking and teh Traction Control light flashes like a christmas tree...

    Trading in?? I like the car overall. I like the power and I like the roomy interior. GM just has to take care of these issues and fess up when they mess up! When I was looking for a new car it was between the SS and a Hyundai V6. I chose the SS hoping the re-sale would be higher around here... My Mom boutght the Hyundai V6 and has not had any problems at all (and didn't have to pay close to $5,000 for her 10/100,000 warranty)
  • rysterryster Posts: 471
    My V6 LT has grip issues in general. I can easily smoke the front tires on dry pavement, and in wet/snow/ice it requires very careful application of the throttle to prevent wheelspin. My car does not have the traction control option (I didn't want it.) If my 211hp V6 has issues, I can't imagine what the 300hp V8 is like!

    The resale value on Impalas is atrocious. My '06 LT has depreciated almost 67% in the 29 months/35,000miles I have driven it. The '06 SS isn't much better at about a 63% depreciation with mileage similar to mine. Believe it or not, a Hyundai Sonata V6 Limited will hold value slightly better than an Impala. Based on residual estimates, a $30,000 Impala SS will have a value of $8300 after 5 years. A $26,000 Sonata V6 Limited will have a value of $7300 after 5 years. The Hyundai was $4,000 less to start, but only $1,000 less in value after 5 years. The Hyundai Azera, on the other hand, does not hold value as well as the Sonata or the Impala. Interesting.

    I have had (and still have) too many annoying problems to be able to say that I like the Impala enough to keep it for a couple more years. It is "okay", I suppose. It gets me where I need to go and is relatively fuel efficient. I didn't buy an extended warranty simply because the price was ridiculously expensive ($2600 for GMPP Major Guard with no deductible).
  • Hey there- I'm a newb... I have just purchased a used 2007 Impala LT. What a great vehicle! The other day I was going to put a long bookcase in the trunk and lower the rear backseats and could not figure it out. Am I an idiot? There is no "cloth loop" to pull and I can't find anything else. There are no buttons/levers in the trunk either that I have found. By looking in from the trunk you can see that the backseat is made to come down, it even moves about an inch when I pull on it. Can anyone give me any advice as to how to lower the seat? It is a single backseat, not split. The manual was no help to me. Thanks in advance. -M
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