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Toyota Sienna Extended Warranty & Service Offers



  • I also recently purchased a AWD Sienna LE - the dealership (Broadway Toyota) offered me a 7yr/100,000 zero deductible platinum warranty for $2400. Needless to say, I did not take it. Interesting to note that the Toyota Financial website quotes a lower price - around $1700 MSRP for that warranty.

    I ended up contacting Jerry at Midwest Superstore, and bought the same warranty (7yrs, 100,000 mi) for $890. What a bargain. As other posters have indicaed, it is a factory warranty and is valid at any Toyota dealership.

    So, once again, here is Jerry's contact info:

    Jerry Johnson
    Warranty Manager
    Phone 800-530-5789
  • svisvi Posts: 4
    what about the Toyota Total care.

    I just finished my financing paperwork and I received a quotation of $1049 (with Costco discount) at Toyota Sunnyvale and $1500 for 5 year/75K maintenance and $400 for road tire hazard.

    after reviewing the forum, it looks like I should cancel this.
    and just get the 7yr extended warranty from Jeryy or the MO guy.

    what is your opinion on the prepaid maintenance costs?
    I believe Toyota is now covering 2 years of maintenance for free.
    so really we are only talking about years 3 thru 5.
    and if we put in 12k miles a year, thats 25K, 35K, 40K, 45K, 50K,55K - 6 minor services and 30k and 60k - 2 major services.
    how much would that cost?

    does extended warranty also cover road tire hazard? is that worth it?
    he says due to cost of tires, it is worth it - but i guess that will be available also cheaper elsewhere.
  • What kind of tires do you have? If you have run-flats, be sure to read the back of the contract and make sure run-flats are covered. The contract I have excludes run-flats. I accidentally purchased a tire protection plan that the Toyota finance dufus said would cover run-flats, and then learned that it doesn't, so 3 months later, I still don't have my refund of $650 yet.

    As for the prepaid maintenance cost plan, I would say not worth it. You can deal with each service when it is time, and get coupons/offers/% off, so it does not make sense to pay for it all upfront now.
  • Has anyone purchased an extended warranty after the 3/36K has expired? Was it worth it? I'm going Saturday to complete the purchase of a 2008 Sienna XLE with DVD, Navigation, Leather, power everything, etc.. an was wondering if I should purchase an extended warranty.

    I normally don't even consider the extended warranties but I just got rid of a 2006 Cadillac SRX that the warranty would have no doubt paid for itself several times over with all of the repairs we had. I'm not having much luck finding info about warranties of this nature by searching online except for this forum and even at that most if not all seemed to have been purchased prior to the 3yr/36K expiration.
  • So of course I didn't read up on this before buying our new van, and ended up paying $1300 for the 7 year 100,000 mile warranty. I went back to the dealer today, 2 weeks after buying the car and they tell me that they cannot cancel it at this point since the paperwork was submitted already to Toyota. Is this true? And can I still call and cancel it and then buy the same exact product for cheaper elsewhere? Lastly, will I be stuck paying an inflated monthly payment for the remainder of my financing since the warranty was rolled in? Thanks in advance for the advice.
  • jekkajekka Posts: 3
    The dealer must have given you a copy of the application. Call the Toyota Financial services (800-228-8559) and request for cancellation of the application. You have 30 days from the date you bought the extended warranty ( called VSA by toyota) to cancel it.
  • indydriverindydriver Posts: 620
    edited May 2012
    Boy, talk about easy...

    A couple of emails and a phone call with VIN and cc# and I'm the happy owner of an 8 yr/100,000 plan courtesy of Doug at Toyota of Danville (IL). Doug supports "Sienna Chat" so I supported him. Plus, he's within driving distance if I need a FTF for any reason.
  • mbillombillo Posts: 8
    Yep I agree. Thumbs up for Doug. Closed my Platinum (8Yrs/100K/0Ded) on my Sienna last week. BTW he beat Jerry's quote and was much quicker to respond. SiennaChat is how I located him.

    Thanks Doug
  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYPosts: 3,729
    Sorry, but didn't see your message until now.

    Yes, you can cancel the plan thru TFS, but they will not renegotiate the loan. Therefore they will make a principle payment against the outstanding balance, thereby reducing the term of the loan. The monthly payment, however, will remain the same.

    Next insult will be trying to get a refund on the sales tax if you state charges tax. It didn't go to TFS, so they will naturally refuse to refund it. The dealer paid it to the state. In some states, "insurance policy" taxes are not refundable, so they may refuse. You may have to go to your state's attorney general for help on this.
  • I recently purchased a certified 2008 Toyota Sienna 73 K miles on it
    Is it worth to have an extended warranty on this vehicle by taking out another 1000? Please advice
  • Not worth it for another 27K miles IMHO.

    In 2007 I paid $900 to extend my 2006 Matrix to 7 years and 100K.
    It had 8K when I bought it.
    The free roadside assistance for 6 years made it seem worthwhile.
  • suzyrsuzyr Posts: 3
    $1000 sounds like a good price, it will keep you protected for about two extra years. Unfortunately, you can't predict what happens to your car in a few years. It's similar to health insurance... I don't think that there is a correct answer to your question. You have to decide if you want to spend extra $1000 to stay protected a little longer.
  • jprocjproc Posts: 133
    the certification takes you to how many miles? Seems pointless to spend 1,000 for a few extra miles of warranty.I have an 00 with 186k on the clock -these are pretty solid cars
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