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Dodge Dakota: Problems & Solutions



  • Hey Ned;

    My 94 Dakota 3.9 puts out plenty of heat. How many miles on yours, what thermostat and how often have you flushed the system? It sounds like the heater core may be partially plugged? Does the truck run hot in warm weather?

  • jnealjneal Posts: 247
    The resistor only controls the fan speed. If your fan works on all speeds the resistor is ok. Sounds to me like a coolant flow issue, either partially clogged heater core or the flow control valve isn't opening all the way to let coolant circulate.
  • jkonjkon Posts: 3
    I lost almost all lights on my 1999 dakota. The only lights I have are dome light, glove box light. My headlights are out, tail lights out, running lights out, fog lights out, dash lights out. I have checked fuses and they are all OK. Is there some big fuse 40-60AMP, breaker, fusible link somewhere that I should check? What could be my problem? Thank you for any help.
  • dcurdcur Posts: 1
    Hi, I have a 1999 Dakota that has an internal coolant leak. I think the coolant might be leaking into the transmission fluid, but I'm not sure. Is that possible and if so what would I need to replace to fix the leak. Also, I just recently had the tranmission cooling lines replaced because of corrosion, could the mechanics have messed up and caused this leak putting the lines in? Thanks.
  • sunburnsunburn Posts: 319
    The heater core on my 02 QC appears to have developed a small leak. I get a slight coolant smell for a short period after turning the heater on. What is involved with replacing the heater core? Is it something that the average person can do, or should I avoid the hassle and leave it to someone else?
  • have a 98 dakota 2wheel drive that has alot of squeaking in the front end.cant find any grease fittings . any way to fix with out putting new ones in? thanks
  • drum2drum2 Posts: 3
    To whom it may concern:

    For the past 3 years during the months of December through March my truck will crank but won't start. I will wait an hour or two at times and then it might start. I have gone to the dealership at least ten times during this period but still have the same problems with it. It is a v8 5.6 and it is in the dealership once again. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.
    Kevin Drum
  • 126k miles on it. Haven't flushed the coolant in a long time. It does run hot in summer. Would flushing it 'fix' it or could I be looking at needing a new valve.

    I don't know what thermostat, how do I find that out?

  • jnealjneal Posts: 247
    Flushing the cooling system certainly won't hurt but it is impossible for anyone to tell you whether or not that will "fix" it. Flushing the system in your driveway more than likely will not cure the problem. If the cooling system is clogged it needs to be back-flushed by someone with the proper equipment.
    Your engine should have a 195 degree thermostat in it. It's possible that the thermostat is stuck in the open position. This can also cause the symptoms you have given. Does your engine temp come up to normal mark during cold weather?
  • mir1mir1 Posts: 1
    ok... am a little bit frustrated! a friend of mine came by today and parked her truck. well that was at 2:00 this afternoon, and she is so stubborn that she will not listen to my boyfriend when he tells her that it is not her battery :mad: . she insisted that he do something with the jumper cables that would have ruined his battery and he said NO!! now it is 11:56pm and she is still out there. we have no idea what the heck is wrong with her car(and her)lol :confuse: anyway, she says that we need a rubber mallet? :confuse: i don't know but she... well we need some help or suggestions please.
    help please!!

    oh yeah i almost forgot, the radio and lights and all of the other stuff works, except for the car :lemon:
  • Dusty, another chapter in the on-going saga of the '01 Quad Cab w/4.7. If my Quad was a horse, I would have already put it out of its misery because my patience is gone. To recap - truck began to overheat last summer - numberous trips to dealership where nothing could be found wrong - replaced thermostat (twice), radiator hoses, radiator taken out and flushed/cleaned (shop said it was pretty clean before they worked on it), water pump (tiny leak in bottom of o-ring of old one) and fan clutch. System was flushed and anti-freeze replaced. Pressure check was done and it did not indicate any internal leak such as head gasket, and am not loosing any fluid nor is there any water in the oil. Truck stopped overheating.
    Now weather is cold and snow is on the ground. I cannot go out and start vehicle and let it warm up. It will not get warm unless I start to drive the vehicle and then it will warm up nicely. If I go into a store and leave the truck running, my temp gauge starts to go up and the warm/hot heater air will start to go cold. I think this indicates a flow problem but have no idea what else to do. Not sure what to do next except sell as I've sunk enough money into the truck. Thanks
  • Realizing the heater core might be blocked, that shouldn't make the heat gauge start to rise at idle, should it? Is there a valve somewhere that might not be opening fully to allow coolant to flow? Thanks again
  • drum2drum2 Posts: 3
    to mir 1 my 02 dakota wont start in the cold. cranks hard but wont start. i know what you are going through but i dont have no answers. sorry.
  • The engine temp comes up fine. Just running the blower at the 3rd or 4th (highest) setting, the heat cools down.

    Whereabouts is the thermostat located?

    Well I'm going to look at getting it back-flushed first, then go from there.

  • jnealjneal Posts: 247
    The thermostat is located in a housing where the radiator hose connects to the top front of the engine block.
  • it sounds like you might have a problem with your fuel. have all your gas lines checked change the fuel filter and have the fuel pump checked.
  • dunn4dunn4 Posts: 3
    this is my cry for help. Help. 93 dakota died with no warning, just quit running. I was thinking bad fuel pump, yet i have heard it pump at least 2x since we have been working on it. So we have ruled that out. We did find that the interrupter inside the distributor was worn heavily, so we replaced the whole distributor, and cap and plugs and wires. No luck. We removed exhaust at manifold, thinking it was clogged, no luck. We have swapped Auto Shut Down Relay with Radiator Fan Relay, no luck. We have tested the coil and plug wires and we are receiving spark. We have sprayed starting fluid into Throttle Body, still no luck. We have added 2 gallons of gas, no luck. Plugs do have gas on them, so we are assuming we are getting fuel. We pulled No. 1 plug and tried to start it we got fuel out of plug hole and plug sparked at the same time. Any one have any clues? :confuse: Looking for Luck.
  • title says it all

    How do I get the Spare Tire off the truck ... No owners manual ... and have a flat !!!! I see a turn handle infront of the tire but what do I use to lower it and where do I stick it !!!!
  • dunn4dunn4 Posts: 3
    hey, on older models you can take off the spare tire with the tire tool or the jack extension tool will go through a hole on rear bumper to lower the tire. I hope this helps. Good Luck
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,080
    Also, It is a very good idea to lower the spare and lubricate the mechanism once a year to ensure it actually works when you need it. I usually do this when I am lubricating the tailgate latches. It takes about 10 minutes. (It actually takes more time to get out the "tool" to do it than it takes to actually do it.)
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