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Dodge Dakota Accessories and Modifications



  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    (Dusty) The Edelbrock IAS (Inertia Active System) shock absorbers are VERY unique. Only Edelbrock has the patent on this design. The fist thing one notices is that they are installed UPSIDE DOWN from how a "normal" shock is. The skinny (piston) end is connected to the wheel-end of the suspension.

    This is because the piston contains a weighted valve that can sense when the wheel is trying to move slowly (cornering/braking) or quickly (potholes). This allows the shock absorber to be stiff most of the time to control the wheels and hold them to the road... but when a pothole is encounterd, it INSTANTLY opens up a larger valve within the shock to allow the wheel to move abruptly without transferring the jolt to the vehicle.

    In actual use, my origial shocks were TOTALLY SHOT and leaking fluid after about 1 year. My Dak had started to have some dangerous suspension problems wheras the rear end would "kick out" to the side over expansion joints (pretty scary at 65 MPH) There was a specific road wheras I could not even accellerate up without the rear wheels breaking loose over every expansion joint.

    After installing the Edelbrock IAS shocks, I could use FULL THOTTLE in second gear up that hill and the xpansion joints will not even faze it. Each xpansion joint seems to make the rear end hunker down a bit... but I never lose traction. Also, I know my braking and cornering is more controled than it was before the Edelbrock IAS werre installed.

    As for ride, there are a lot of dirt roads in Vermont.. and every spring there is the frost-heaves. The IAS shocks have performed very well over the 4 years I have had them on my Dak.

    The Edelbrock IAS also come with rubber boots that go over the piston-shaft. This keeps the elements away from the moving parts.

    I orderd my Edelbrock IAS from ( )

    Other places include;

    BEWARE: Shock absorbers are available is MONOTUBE (high pressure) and TWIN-TUBE (low pressure). Be aware that the MONOTUBE is superiour in every way. (except they cost more)
  • tiphtiph Posts: 1
    I'm also interested in a retractable cover for my 2005 Dakota Club Cab. I've been looking at the Retrax system and the Pace Edwards Jackrabbit and the BAK Roll Back. Anyone have any experience with any of these.
  • I have an 03 dakota w/ 3.9 v6 . It seems like it has poor throttle response, wondering if anyone else with same engine has expeirenced the same.. Thanks
  • regnarregnar Posts: 10
    I own a 01 Quad Cab and have a Pace Edward Jackrabbit. Works great in winter, not 100% water proof but only a small amount leaks in. Have no complaints. Good luck in your search.

  • hey saw your comment about spike50 roof rack for dakota can't find it could u send me pics or tell me where to find it . kayaker and got dakota 05 quad cab and don't want to go with expensive bed rack . looking forward to hear from u thks :
  • saw one made by spike50 posted could not find pics he recieved reply from saabgirl if any info out there send me PLEASE!!! thanks
  • Does anyone know how to tap in to the cargo light i need to add rear lights to my 05 quad

    Also i need a new rear bumper the aftermarket bumpers say that the can handle a 3500LB trailer. has anyone had one? i'm only using a small uhaul to move to a new house

    Thanks jim
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    jdl, it may be more cost effective to have a 2" receiver installed (you can do it, or have it done at places like U-Haul,1-800 Hitchit, etc.). If you present bumper is okay, the receiver also offers a place to mount bike racks, extra cargo carriers and will generally "pull" better than a bumper mounted hitch. It is probably even less expensive than a replacement after market bumper. Either way, you will still have to wire for lights for anything you might tow.

  • jnealjneal Posts: 247
    Anyone have any suggestion on where to find accessories such as running boards and grilles for 06 QC's?
    Seems to be a scarcity of aftermarket accessories of any sort for the 05/06's as of yet.
    Just took delivery of 06 SLT QC 4.7 auto w/lsd and love the truck so far w/only 450 miles. Also own a 93 SLT CC w/125K and no major problems ever and hope the 06 is just as good.
    Thanks, jneal
  • tcsmpsitcsmpsi Posts: 31
    I found had what others didn't for my '05 QC back last November. I suspect they would also have for the '06.
  • jnealjneal Posts: 247
    Thanks, I'll check out realtruck. Pretty well everything I will be looking for should be the same for 05 and 06 QC's. Just a few trim pcs etc ...not going to tinker with performance mods right now, my wife, for some odd reason, thinks a 60 yr old man is supposed to drive a stock truck.... :P
  • dfgdfg Posts: 2
    My wife has wrecked the truck again for the 2nd time in 3 months by rear ending someone. Both times this did over $2500 damage to my Dakota quad cab that could have been prevented with a higher quality after market bumper. Does anyone out there know of a good bumper, (something stronger that won't bend on shipping like the Reflexxion bumper that iowabigguy bought and later returned)perhaps something similar to a Ranch Hand bumper (no Ranch hand doesn't make anything for Dakotas, I checked but I wonder though if their Durango or Ram bumpers will fit??)or the equivalent that is "wife proof"?
  • jnealjneal Posts: 247
    If your wife drives like mine it is impossible for anyone to manufacture a "wife proof" bumper!! :D :D
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    My Dak has a cap on it. That makes it necessarry to use the mirrors to back up. ( A REAL TRUCK ;-) )

    Now that the snow is here for the next 5 months, my wife has comendeerd my Dak. for her commute to work.

    My wife has "standing orders" to NEVER back up my truck. It is possible to always find a parking spot that one can "pull thru" before stopping thus can simply drive forward to get out.
  • aaron18aaron18 Posts: 2
    I am strongly considering getting a bedrug for my 2005 Dakota Club Cab. But after reading the installation instructions, I was wondering what people are doing about the tie-downs in the bed floor. The general instructions from Wise are to cut a small slit or remove the anchor and reinstall over the rug. That will work for the ones by the tailgate, but am I going to loss access to the ones in the floor? Are people cutting hole in the bedrug and putting the rubber stopper in the bedrug???
  • bobs5bobs5 Posts: 557
    I removed and reinstalled the anchors over the bedrug when I installed the bedrug in my Quad Cab.
  • dewaltdakotadewaltdakota Posts: 364
    The caps in the floor on the 2005's are very thin, and don't have much of a lip to stay put on the painted floor, muchless on the flexible foam and carpet of the Bedrug. I have an '05 Quad Cab, and only put the floor section down on my bed, but did NOT cut holes in it for access to the floor tie-downs. I've been able to make due with the four corner tie-downs.

    Disclaimer: I have a cap on my bed, so the Bedrug stays put, without the sides being installed. It could easily blow out, if I didn't have the cap.
  • :cry: I just put a new instrument cluster face on my 2004 Dodge Dakota. Yeh, I got suckered into buying one of those with the flames on it that glow at night when the lights are turned on. Anyway, I did everything right with removing original cluster sticker, taking out all the needles, and replacing them after the new cluster face was put on. After driving a bit I noticed all the instruments worked except the gas gage. The needle wasn't moving and I knew I had already used up half a tank. So I took the dash, panel, ect. off again thinking the needle may have been pushed down to far and was getting stuck, Well, I put the needle back on making sure there was room between the needle and panel, drove the truck again and this time the needle moved about a quarter tank down and stopped. Is there anyway to just fix the gas gage some how or do I have to buy a whole new cluster panel? I spent 85$ on this stupid flame face (although it looks really cool) but I don't want to have to replace the whole cluster because then I also loose the flames that I just bought. Any suggestions :cry: :cry:
  • steak2k1steak2k1 Posts: 24
    I have an 05 QC. The rear brakes suck...for that matter they may as well not be there for all the good they do.

    I would be curious to know if anyone has changed these rear brakes out for disc brakes.? If so what was entailed in the job.? do it yourself or at a garage.? If at a much.??

    As some other posts have noted...the new Dak with an ~5L diesel would be awesome. 250 HP with maybe 330-350 ft/lb torque. Oh yea.

    come on Dodge get your poop in a group.!

  • Hi, I have a 1999 Dodge DAkota pickup and am trying to find a cap for it. I do not want a new since this is an older truck but I cant find one for my size. I cant believe they make so many different sizes. I measured mine and it is 80 X 63. Does anyone know if there is another make that has the same cap? Every time I find a cap it is either too widw or too long. Please help. Thank you
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