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Infiniti QX56 Problems and Solutions



  • tdkeatortdkeator Posts: 16
    Actually, 60 on the nob is supposed to indicate the internal cabin temperature, not the temperature of the air at the vent. The air coming out of the vents needs to be much colder than 60 degrees to blend with warmer cabin air to produce a temperature of 60 degrees in the cabin. Industry standard is 38-48 degrees at the vent. Unfortunately, on hot days, the QX56 is no where close.
  • zone4zone4 Posts: 46
    I already knew that 60 degrees on the knob represented the cabin temperature. However, I disagree with your statement that the air coming out of the vent needs to be much colder than 60 degrees to blend with the warm air. If the outside temperature is 20 below zero the temperature inside the cabin is not warm but cold. You can still turn the air conditioner on if you wanted too (even though that would not be a good idea) and it would not mix with warm air to produce a temperature of 60, 70, etc. degrees because the outside temperature is too cold. It has nothing to do with the air temperature inside the vehicle. The air conditioner will put out enough cold air to make the cabin the temperature you chose assuming the outside temperature is not too extreme.
  • tdkeatortdkeator Posts: 16
    The point is that the industry standard vent temperature, using a thermometer, is 38-48 degrees using recirc mode after 10-12 minutes. The nob temperature is irrelevant. The QX56, at a whopping 60 degrees, fails miserably. I took mine back and got a Yukon that blows 42 degrees while it is 100 degrees outdoors. I really wish I didn't have to make this choice. It is ridiculous to have to take back a $61,000 luxury vehicle because the A/C is insufficient. This is one of the dumbest flaws I've ever encountered. Its like building a beautiful new 50-story skyscraper but forgetting to install elevators. And I don't think it was just a problem with my vehicle - I test drove another brand new 2010 and it gave the exact same readings at the vent using my thermometer. Unfortunately with a wife and little kids I can't sacrifice A/C for the other bells and whistles the QX has to offer. If Infiniti fixes this flaw, I'll trade in the Yukon for the Infiniti in a heart beat.
  • zone4zone4 Posts: 46
    I disagree with you again. If the knob temperature was irrelevant then there would be no need for automatic climate control where each passenger can set "their" air conditioner to their desired temperature. Although I still can't see why people choose this because if one passenger set their temperature at 60 degrees and another sets theirs at 75 degrees the air would still mix in the cabin and not give them their desired temperature. I know for a fact my vehicle's vents cannot cool to 38-48 degrees especially when it's hot outside. In fact when it's really hot I wonder if it's cooling at all(Yes, it has freon). Kudos for you for taking your QX56 back. I was thinking about purchasing one but now maybe I won't.
  • tdkeatortdkeator Posts: 16
    I meant that the lowest nob temperature isn't necessarily the lowest air temperature at the vent. There's a distinction. My 2003 Yukon, 2009 Yukon, and former Volvo XC90 all said the lowest they would go is 60 on the nob (or LCD). Yet, they all cooled air to 40-45 at the vent.

    I would say buy a $5 A/C thermometer at Autozone and take it on all of your test drives. Drive a QX56 on a day above 90 and see if it cools the cabin air, but more importantly see how you feel inside. To me, it felt hot even after 20 minutes, and the thermometer (60) backed me up. The rear air (after traveling about 4 feet through the roof of the vehicle) actually came out hot - 71 degrees.

    FYI - I drove a Sequoia as well and it didn't cool below 55, which was OK but not ideal. I don't know what kind of A/C equipment GMC uses, but as I've said again and again, my new Yukon will get down to about 42 after 5 minutes on the hottest Texas days. I will never overlook the A/C again when buying a new vehicle. Luckily I bought the QX56 in June when I could catch the flaw quickly. Had I bought last winter or spring, I would be sweating like a pig while cruising in syle.
  • zone4zone4 Posts: 46
    If you put a thermometer at the vent the thermometer will only give the temperature coming out of the vent which is not the temperature of the cabin. That's why weather reporters don't take the outside temperature in direct sunlight. The sun will cause the thermometer to rise and will give a false reading. If you put a thermometer in the cabin and not directly at the vents it will tell you the cabin temperature. Some vehicles will give you the outside temperature and the inside temperature as well. If I ever test drive a QX56 I will be sure to bring a themometer to see how cool it gets the cabin. ;)
  • Here is a list of problems that I have had with a QX56. According to the internet most of these are common with the QX.
    1. Brakes Fail with no explanation
    2. Brake Rotors warp at 5,000 mile intervals
    3. Automatic skid control actuates unexpectedly.
    4. Transmission noise and shifting is irregular
    5. Gas Mileage is horrible compared to its competitors
    6. Dashboard button for rear hatch release repeatedly breaks.
    7. Very harsh ride for a vehicle this price.
    8. Dealership is clueless as to many of these problems.

    Probably THE worst vehicle that I have ever owned.
  • johnl11johnl11 Posts: 3
    Try changing the cabin filter ? Maybe the cabin air is not circulating properly ?
  • johnl11johnl11 Posts: 3
    I have a 2004 QX with 26900 miles and am being told the AC lines that run to the rear have been corroded ! This is a $1000 repair that is not covered by my extended warranty ! I have called Corporate and will get back if they fix this ! You can't sell vehicles in the Mid Atlantic and blame road salt for doing this kind of damage ! This appears to be a design flaw .
  • Does anybody elso has the steering wheel shake on rough and bumpy road in awd qx56 2010?
  • kktjkktj Posts: 2
    I have the same vehicle and complained about the same noise. The dealer replaced two front sway bar bushings and there is a TSB for a clip that fits on the brake pad and calipers to stop the rattling of the pads with the calipers. The TSB is over a year old
  • kktjkktj Posts: 2
    I have this on my 2008, in fact I registered complaints with Nissan and the NHTSA regarding this as I feel it is an unsafe condition. You will see others describing this and the suspension bounce over bumps etc at highway speeds in other posts. As you will see in those other posts Nissan deems this as "normal".
  • Thx to both of you.
  • k5hduk5hdu Posts: 6
    Can you play an Ipod in the QX 56 ? I have tried to plug into the Aux without success.
  • I haven't had any problems playing my iPod through my Q's aux input.
  • gryangryan Posts: 35
    Does anyone know if it is similar to my M35, In that Model you can see the songs and playlists on the Navigation screen
  • na, you can only hook an iPod up through the AUX input in the QX... there's no iPod interface system like the M35/45.
  • Last weekend my family and I were headed home in our 2005 QX56. We stopped to get gas. When we tried to start the car it was completely dead. Luckily, we were at a gas station with a mechanic. He changed out the battery (yes, it was the correct size). The car was still turned off at this point when all of the sudden all the side curtain airbags in the whole car exploded and went off with my wife and 5 year old son inside. The dashboard bags did not go off. Has anyone heard of this before? I know it sounds completely bizarre. Nothing mechanical is wrong with the car. It starts and idols fine. It is currently sitting at the dealer awaiting the Infiniti tech "specialist" to determine if it will be covered under warranty. I pray that it is. The bill I am sure will be around $10,000! Please help if anyone else has heard of or had this problem. Thanks....
  • i have a 2006 qx56 and i have that same problem ad mine is a 2wd
  • These are one of the noisiest, harshest riding cars known to man. My 1928 Cadillac is smoother and quiter at 50 mph (and it top ends at 60!). They also have recurring brake problems, rotor shimy, exploding sunroofs and horrible gas mileage
    The only solution is to sell it, but dealers are wise and don't like to take them on trade. I had one dealer tell me that they didn't want the liability because of the brake issues. :lemon:
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