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Infiniti QX56 Problems and Solutions



  • I have read some of the problems on this site and others, I am starting to question my choice. I love my suv, but my goodness, I read alot of issues. My issue is when I unlock my doors, with my keypad or inside, the liftgate glass unlocks as well. So I have to close it ever time I get in the car. Annoying!!! Any suggestions? It is an 04.
  • gutfamilygutfamily Posts: 2
    We have a 2006 and the dealer has been telling us the same thing "recalibrate it" and it is better for a little while then it is back again. Has your car done it again after they replaced the compressors for the air suspension? When your car was having this problem did it feel like you were going to lose control of the vehicle? Was it happening at high speeds? 40 mph and above? We are so fed up with this SUV any suggestions?
  • dawnv40dawnv40 Posts: 1
    I've been experiencing a rear suspension noise that happens when I go over a large dip in the road or leave my driveway. Infiniti has tried to fix it but it comes back after a week's worth of driving around. Anyone else experience the same issue?
  • johnhwjohnhw Posts: 111
    This may be off topic, but my 2008 2wd has been flawless. 42k miles on it and only planned trips to dealer, once they did address two "bulletins" which werent causing any real world problems. Drove the 2011, man that is one awesome machine and a step up from my model even though I really like my QX.
  • jattzjattz Posts: 3
    I have a 2005 qx56 and every time i am going slow or just idling i can hear the heat shield rattling. What are my options to make it stop? and when i start the truck i always see the engine service light which turns on. The dealer said just tighten the gas tank cap and the light should go away but it hasn't.

  • I have a qx56 purchased in 2008. It drives very well. However, a few days ago, I started d truck but the navigation system will not come on. The entertainment system too will not work. Please any idea what may have caused this?

  • Did you check your fuses? I had a similar problem with the rear entertainment center and found that a fuse had blown.
  • I checked that but did not work. Took it to a dealership today and wala! It is the AV Control Unit that is gone bad. It will cost me $5500 + tax to replace. The truck is only 60,000 miles on it.

    I need help please!
  • I am so sorry. My QX56 was my third Infiniti and was sold on them. The first two never cost me a dime over routine maintenance. The QX56 required too many trips to the dealership between maintenance, recalls, and other problems. The problems were never cheap, but never cost me that much at one time. I just recently traded my 2006 in for a MB 350 Bluetec and could not be happier. Got 748 miles on one tank with 1/8 tank left before refill. It worked out to a combined city/highway of 30mpg.
  • I bought a new QX56 in 2006. I have been very happy with the vehicle and love the additional room inside. Comfortable vehicle. I've had this intermittent roar which sounds like it's coming from underneath the vehicle for almost a year now. It's happening more often as time passes. I've had the vehicle back to the dealership at least 4 times for this problem but they never hear anything. Is anyone experiencing this problem and if so, what is the cause and has the dealership helped you?
  • I have a 2006 qx56 whenever I brake and slide on ice or even fishtale on ice it makes a loud grinding sound. It seems as if it is right under my feet. At first i thought it was the brakes locking and then the sliding but then it did it when i was accelerating but fishtaling.
    Any ideas? Thanks!
  • That is your LSD (limited slip differential) kicking in. It's a good thing. Basically, the LSD kicks in when one tire starts spinning and transfers that power to the other wheel that has grip. I know the grinding noise sounds concerning, but it's a good safety feature meant to assist you when you loose traction while driving.
  • Thank you so much! I was concerned it was unsafe.
  • You guys who own 2006 QX56 Infinities have any idea what the roaring sound in my vehicle is? I've had the brake sound but knew that was okay but this roaring concerns me. It's not a constant but intermittent roar and sounds like it's underneath the vehicle. Any ideas or anyone had this happen? Still waiting for someone who knows what this may be. Thanks.
  • qx56qx56 Posts: 69
    Mountaincity - What is the outside temperature when the roaring starts?
    Does it happen when the engine is cold?
    Sounds like the radiator fan kicking in and out. The fan will pull max. air when the engine is cold, but should quite down within a mile of running.
    If the temperature outside is hot, which I find hard to believe this time of year, the fan will cycle back and forth from free-wheeling to roaring.
  • giuseppe3giuseppe3 Posts: 3
    after having used the child safety lock, we can't unlock the door, not even from the outside door handle. Did you have this problem? what did you do to fix it.Is it a problem with the BODY CONTROL MODULE ( BCM)?
  • giuseppe3giuseppe3 Posts: 3
  • dbsnowdbsnow Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 QX56 and love it as well. Same thing has happened to me, several times now with the windows going down. We hang our keys on a hook at night, so the pocket deal is not the issue. I recently changed the battery in my wifes keyfob, could this have something to do with it?
  • My 2007 QX56 has 100,000 miles and I have a turbine speed sensor problem, wont shift into 4 or 5 it is a 2WD. What is the best solution for this.
  • Before you had your Catalytic converters replaced...was your truck letting out a light white smoke from the tail pipe and not getting over 35 - 40 mph? The reason I'm asking is because my truck is experiencing these problems and the dealership informed me that the catalytic converters need to be replaced along with the engine but I've had two other mechanics to tell me to that it may only be a problem with the Catalytic converters. Do you have any suggestions for me?
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