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Honda CR-V Roof Rack Questions



  • no, i am not kidding. the higher ground clearance (than a subaru lets say) and shorter / narrower wheelbase (as opposed to a bigger suv or van) makes it more prone to rollover - albeit as was pointed out you would have to take a turn pretty fast to rollover but it is possible on these cars.
  • funny - they warn against it in my owners manual
  • pinibopinibo Posts: 10
    "A roofrack with load will indeed raise the center of gravity and make the vehicle more prone to tipping."

    If the roof rack is loaded to the point of having the cross bars bending, I might buy this, but that "...a roof rack raises the center of gravity and makes it (more) prone to tipping... ", I kind of doubt it very much and dealers would not install. My .02¢ ;)
  • pinibopinibo Posts: 10
    stevegio, are you saying that they warn against installing a roof rack?

    Some people install or have it installed by he dealer for the looks alone. I love the look of it and would personally never carry anything on it. And it is an available accessory by Honda. ;))
  • the warning is "when using the roof rack you are more prone to tipping"
    can get you the page # if you want.
  • pinibopinibo Posts: 10
    "when using the roof rack..."

    So, I assume it is safe to add a roof rack and not use it, right? ;))

    All in good jest, stevegio. No disrespect meant.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,719
    "A typical load of about 160 lbs will raise the center of gravity by about 1.5 inches which means that instead of rolling over at a tilt of 40° you'll roll at 39.85°. Personally, I wouldn't be too concerned. "

    What is the weight limit for the Gen 3? I seem to recall that Honda allowed only around 75 lbs on the roof rack for the Gen 2.
  • droy224droy224 Posts: 3
    I purchased an aftermarket roof rack online (eBay, I think) made for the CR-V. It was about $135, and you can get a Honda one at for about $205. It was VERY easy to install. I have the Yakima kayak attachments for it. You have to also buy the Yakima universal mounts/clips to make any of their parts work, though.
  • We just installed a Honda roof rack on our CRV for a trip to Florida. How do you use this thing. No side rails. Cross rails do not move and how do you tie things without them sliding off the sides? It looks like they make it so you must buy the basket for $700.. Talked to the dealer - no help they don't know either. Thanks
  • markk1markk1 Posts: 30
    I am purchasing a new CRV and would like a roof rack, probably the Honda one. Is it easy to install or do I need the dealer to install it? I plan on using it for skis only. Will it be easy to uninstall and reinstall each year? I read something about needing to remove the paint covering the threads. is that a one time activity?
  • I have a 2009 Honda CR-V. I have the dealer installed roof rack. I am having trouble with the cross rails...are they adjustable? I took the the thing apart and unless I'm missing something the cross rails appear to be fixed. This doesn't help me because my car top carrier doesn't fit where the cross rails are.

    Can someone help? Are the cross rails adjustable and if so, can you tell me how I adjust them?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Cross rails are not adjustable on my 2010. I assume the 2009 is the same way. Kinda goofy, I think, but thats the way it works.
  • I think there may be some aftermarket cross bars that may be adjustable.

    although, normally I think the better car top carriers are usually adjustable or corss bar position.
  • I have read all the posts in this forum and I am still confused about the roof rack. I am buying a 2010 CR-V LX. I was originally going to have the dealership install the crossbars. When I found out that the crossbars only support 75 pounds, I decided to not have the Honda crossbars and to look at Thule. The Thule crossbars (for the CR-V) will hold 150 pounds. Since I use a rooftop carrier a few times a year, I need this accessory.

    I have a few questions. I know that the Honda rails can only hold 75 pounds, can the roof itself support about 150 pounds? I am a bit handy, would I be able to install the Thule crossbars myself or should I have a professional do it? Does the radio antenna on the roof of the 2010 (third generation CR-V) unscrew? My rooftop carrier is a hard shell and I believe it would extend into the antenna space.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    The main reason Honda advises 75 lbs capacity is the way weight this high up changes the dynamics of the vehicle. Being that this is a sue happy sciciety and people are not willing to accept consequences of their own actions, any roll over resulting from the changed vehicle dynamics will most likely land Honda in court. Which they don't want to happen.

    I believe the actual roof weight limit is about 5000 lbs, which exceeds the total vehicle capacity, but is required by the DOT for roll over protection.

    So, if you load up more than 75 lbs on the roof, and roll over, don't expect neither Honda, nor your insurance to pay up, since you have exceeded the recommended capacity.

    Good luck.
  • Just installed a Yakima system (Control Tower and Landing Pad #10 only to find that our snowboards do not fit due to the short distance between the bars (front to back). I have all the Yakima attachments from other car set ups. Does anyone know whether there is an alternative to the Control Tower? I can't tell from their site whether the QTower system will work, which would allow me to spread the distance further apart. With the Control Tower system it is obvious that the BOA bike rack won't work, and strapping my 16' canoe or 18' sea kayak will be sketchy. Any comments and suggestions welcome.
  • Would you have considered the QTowers with QClips for door mount? This set up appears to give the flexibility to spread out the bar distance to accomodate longer items, including snowboards.
  • "I went with the Yakima instead of the factory rack because I already have several Yakima attachments (bike rack, ski rack, snow board rack) so it only made sense."

    i'm actually looking for a good rack for our snowboards. was gonna go with rei's till I found your link to orsracksdirect. we're trying to decide between thule (the 91726 universal pull top) or yakima for our boards (w/ the bindings). also regarding the talk about tipping over from the center of gravity changing, that's the first i ever heard of that before. i would think you'd have to be driving somewhat recklessly with a lot of weight up top for that matter.
  • When adding Yakima towers and landing pads to CRV, do the pads fill in the void in the roof caused by removing the plastic trim strips? If not, do the voids fill with rain water, etc?
  • Once roof trim is removed to install the landing pads, does the Yakima base fill the void in the roof left after removing the trim? The factory rack does cover the opening.
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