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Honda CR-V Roof Rack Questions



  • rocket12rocket12 Posts: 5
    Installing Yakima mounts (assume so with Thule as well) into the CRV mounting units, the Yakima system has a gasket or boot that covers the void where the mounting bolts are located. It is really slick and no water should get in there. PS- I ended up not installing the Yakima towers on the CRV mounts because the distance between the bars was too short for hauling boats, etc. By using the QTowers, I have gained 5 inches spread. Good luck.
  • killgoretroutkillgoretrout Posts: 1
    edited April 2010
    I have a Yakima system on my 2003 CR-V. Will the Control Towers fit on a 2010 CR-V?
  • Thanks. Do you have any problems with rack deforming rubber window seals or scratching roof.
  • rocket12rocket12 Posts: 5
    To date, I have not experienced any problems with the rubber seals. I take extra care with installing the rack each time to minimize the chance of scratches. The Yakima mounting clips come with some protective tape which protects the vehicle paint. I will say that I only put the rack unit on the vehicle when needed. This eliminates the road noise when not in use for everyday driving. Good luck.
  • basspro76basspro76 Posts: 1
    Just installed a roof rack on a 2005 CRV for my canoe, which of course is jjjjjuuustt a hair to wide. It overhangs the edge of the rack by about a half of an inch. My question is are their are options for me to extend the roof rack? If not, do you guys think that if I use two ratcheting straps over the top of the canoe and also use a ratcheting tie down that connects from the front bumper to the back, will that be enough to hold it on a long trip?
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,936
    First off, I tie my canoes down front and rear (and side to side). Think rear-ending someone and having the canoe fly forward.

    I wouldn't try to haul the boat with your current set-up. I'd kludge up a wider rack somehow. I have 1x4's attached to the round bars on my Yakima rack for example, because I like a flat surface to rest the gunwales on.

    I think you'd want an inch or so on either side of the gunwale since the straps or ropes may stretch as you cruise down the road, and it's no fun when a canoe slips over the edge and bangs the side of the car (happened to me decades ago when a cheap rack failed).

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  • rocket12rocket12 Posts: 5
    I totally agree with Steve. You should invest in wider bars indeed, and I'll bet you can sell you short bars pretty easily. I use the round Yakima bars and have not experienced problems at all with straps from side to side and front and back. I have used the trick of using the foam canoe blocks as padding when loading on my Yakima. This allows me to tie down the canoe with some force, and it also eliminates any shifting at high speeds. It works for me. Good luck.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,936
    My Yakima bars are 78" wide. That lets me tote one canoe over the passenger side of the car and increases the visibility for the driver. And you can carry two canoes side by side (handy for running shuttle).

    But those long bars are dangerous when you forget they are up there and you get out of the car (I'm not that tall and I just miss them on my minivan but on a shorter car, ouch!).

    Even well tied down, it's a good idea to check your ropes and straps every hour or so and readjust as needed.

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  • greenmmgreenmm Posts: 1
    I noticed that all the roof racks for the 2010 CRV are two bars that go across the roof. Is there any rack available which also includes side rails that run post to post? My SX4 has raised side rails and cross bars allowing for 4 points of attachment. I'd like to replicate this with my 2010 CRV. Any kits out there? Thanks for any advice.
  • lch77lch77 Posts: 53
    1. There has been a bit of confusion in this thread regarding the weight capacity of the OEM Crossbars. There might have been a typo somewhere, but Honda's literature says 75 kg max. which converts to about 165 lb.

    2. Would someone be kind enough to advise the thickness of the Crossbar for the 2007 through 2011 CR-V? I have an INNO INA940 rack that will accomodate a thickness from 0.6" to 1.2" or if I use their extended Screws, 1" to 2."
  • Just wondering- I have a sears 20 cu. ft. Roof carrier and I think the mounts are 27" on center.

    It looks like the crossbar locations on the 2013 cr-v is 24". Not sure.

    In case it won't actually fit, does anyone have any recommendations?

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