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Ford Ranger gas mileage



  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    I've only had my 2008 Ranger 6 days, but I am very happy with the results of my first tank of gas. I averaged 27.4 mpg of city / highway driving. I do not live in a congested area or regularly use an interstate type highway so this is local road driving with long runs between traffic lights or stop signs. Ranger has the four cylinder with 5 speed manual transmission and 3.73 rear end.
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    After about 5 weeks of driving it looks like 27mpg is going to be a solid average for around town driving. I can't complain about that! This is a 2008 four cylinder with the five speed manual and 3.73 rear end.
  • 1995 2.3l 5sp manual 154,500 miles
    I get about 21.5 mpg combo of town & highway
    Not bad for an old lady.
  • Bought a 2001 XLT super cab 4 door Ranger with 152,000, 3.0 V6, automatic super looking condition outside and inside the cab, looked brand new, but gas mileage was extremly bad, approx 8 per gallon. Changed air filter and man was it nasty, ugly and just down right dirty! Added a K & N filter, cleaned the mass air flow sensor with CRC mass air flow cleaner, added one can of fuel unjector cleaner, filled up tank, now Im getting 20 miles per gallon. So if you buy a used truck that looks good on the outside better do something about the indside, I guess some folks just like to look good, but not go good! thanx, dpbottleman near Houston
  • I have a 95 XLT Ranger 178K GREAT TRUCK!!! I can count on 427miles to a tank of gas easy!!!
  • I have recently noticed that my little 2001 ford ranger, 4-cyl, 106,000 miles is getting about 30 to 34 miles for every quarter tank of gas all highway.... is this normal? What could be wrong, or what could I do to improve this?
  • sivicmansivicman Posts: 32
    I have a 2010 Supercab with a 2.3L 4 cyl., manual transmission 2WD, and I use Mobil 1 5W-20 in the engine and I get 22/23 mpg in suburban driving. I've never taking it on a long trip yet to see what type of mileage I could get on the highway.
  • Dumb question. But, whats the steps in changing the mass air flow sensor? I used to work on cars with my dad a long time ago, but haven't touched them in quite a while. I just bought a 2000 Ford Ranger to drive around in the weather, but it's gas mileage sucks. I have changed the air filter, changed the plugs and wires and replaced the fuel filter. I'm stuck on what else I could do. Please help!!
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