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Hyundai Entourage Transmission Issues

Bought the Entourage at the end of April 07. (Toronto Canada) Made 4 payments on it and I'm told I need either a new transmission, or transmission casing.

I've been seeing what I thought was oil spots in my driveway, took the van in to get it looked at, and where the transmission casing is fused together, it's a metal on metal weld that is sealed with sylicone. So, I've been leaking transmission fluid for the last couple weeks. I'm told they will most likely have to order a new transmission to replace this one because they won't do any transmission repairs at the dealership.


  • Wow!! That's a new one. Definitely take the new transmission. Don't even bother to try to fix this one. It would probably be a perpetual problem for you if they try to fix it.
  • I agree, however I'm a little disapointed at the moment because neither the dealership, nor Hyundai Canada will give me a car (rental or service) for my use while this ones being worked on. Not impressed...
  • bspikebspike Posts: 9
    My 2007 with less than 13K miles recently does a strange thing when going from 3rd to 4th gear - it jerks a bit and the engine revs a little. This happens when I accelerate at moderate to somewhat fast pace, and not a problem at a slow rate. Any ideas?
  • I asked the same question when I got my new transmission (they ended up replacing mine with a brand new one after all), anyhow, I was told that the gas pedal is monitored with a sensor, and it takes a second for it to acknowledge that it's being pushed for excelleration, so it's got a little delay and seems to go into gear a little harder sometimes. . I was finding the same little issue, but not between the higher gears. I would check to make sure that you're not losing tranny fluid, and also, it sounds like that happens when your overdrive is gone. It used to happen to me in another van and that's what the problem was...(other van was a chevy though).
  • bspikebspike Posts: 9
    I like the way the van accelerates, so every once in a while I am a little less conservative than usual. Nothing like punching it hard though. So, I am not buying the gas pedal sensor explanation for this is a new issue for me recently. I checked the trans fluid - it's good. Will observe for a while and keep everyone posted.
  • I also have a 2007 Entourage. It refuses to shift into 5th gear for about 10 minutes in the morning when the air temperature is below 40. The van only has about 3000 miles on it. Hyundai claims this is normal, both dealer and now their customer service. Anyone know if this true?

  • bspikebspike Posts: 9
    It does not sound right if you are in auto or normal mode. Are you sure you weren't in sport mode? Wonder what it'll do in sport mode?
  • It does not matter if it is in sport or auto mode, it refuses to shift up until it has gone about 5 miles. It takes longer the colder it is.
    Thanks for the reply.
  • bspikebspike Posts: 9
    Should take it back to a dealer, a different one if possible. Be insistent.
  • herbbbherbbb Posts: 3
    I recently had to have a perforated gas tank replaced.Some road trash hit while on the interstate.After being towed in none of the dealers had one in stock and had to be shipped from Atlanta.Since we were on the road from Fl to Pa. we had to hole up for four days in a motel.Any way after we got the car back some gasket wasn't put in and it had to be towed back.More delay.Finally when we got going for the second time we noticed that every time we go into reverse the R on the indicator on the dashboard flashes.It never did before.We've been told this is the way its supposed to be.This is a 2007 Hyundai Entourage.
  • bspikebspike Posts: 9
    Never seen a blinking R. Don't think it is normal or "the way its supposed to be". Kinda cool, though.
  • Hello, mine does the same thing. I think it is a warning so you aren't thinking you're driving forward when you're actually in Reverse.
  • herbbbherbbb Posts: 3
    If it blinked from day one I'D say it was a nice feature.It only started after I had my gas tank replaced.No one at two hyundai dealers could figure it out.Had no previous reports on it.
  • I have had my van since Aug.2006. I started hearing squeaking noises from from my right front wheel well in Dec. 06. I took it in to have it checked out Jan.07. They said that they could not duplicate the problem???? I have had my car in in more than 10 different ocassions 2 different dealers and no one can find the problem. Just wanted to know if anyone else had the same or similar problem?
  • herbbbherbbb Posts: 3
    Have over 17,000 mi on my 07 Entourage with no similar problem.Only problem I've had is the reverse indicator on the dash flashes when I go into reverse.Dealers have no idea why it does?
  • blue17blue17 Posts: 5
    My Entourage has done it since day one.
  • I think that is normal for the reverse indicator our does that to and I have never thought twice about it. I think its just an extra alert to let you know it's in reverse.
  • jer739jer739 Posts: 2
    Just wondering if there are any updates on this issue. Our 2007 Entourage has been doing this off and on for the past 20k miles or so. Around 50k we started noticing this happening after long drives. When we would get off the highway and accelerate again it will jerk from 3-4 and sound like it is missing gears. The dealer had reset the adaptive transmission for this around 50k, but now around 70k its doing this again and they want to charge us for diagnostics even though we are under the 100k powertrain. If anyone else has seen this issue before PLEASE let us know. The dealer and hyundai "customer service" is giving us a hard time because we cannot duplicate this on their 5 minute test drive.
  • Got the same response (can't duplicate) form a Hynundai service center. So, nothing was done, and we still experience the issue. Sometime we would switch to manual mode and shift a bit early just to avoid the jerk. Maybe next time we'll have some sort of a recording device (a camera and a glass of water) to record the problem.
  • Yup, experiencing the same with our 08 Entourage. Only notice this on the long road trips to my parents house (4 hour Drive on the interstate.). Unfortunately, this doesn't happen all the time. This would make it easier for the shop techs to troubleshoot. Was debating about having it checked before our upcoming trip this summer, but knowing my luck, they won't find a thing. Will probably get corrected when it leaves me on the side of the road.
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