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Infiniti G35/G37 Seat Comfort



  • I like your solution. I have wanted to buy one. However sitting in the sport model...which is the best model....u have to get the sport seats. I am not that
    big as well 5' 11' 195 but it is a tight and uncomfortable fit. How much did that cost
    you to get that seat modified??
  • I read Nick's blog on the seat, he is absolutely correct. Those seats are made for the small Japanese population.
    But let me advise everyone...the air bags for this car do not go off
    unless directly hit in certain spots on the car.
    I found out after someone ran a red light and directly hit my drivers
    side door and crashed it in. I hit my head on the drivers window and
    was hospitalized. NONE of the airbags went off. When I complained to Infiniti they checked the car and said there was NOTHING wrong.
    SO BUYER BEWARE: YOU are paying for something that doesn't work.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    TallBrunette... you've been a member of the forums here for 2 years and you've made 4 posts within that time.
    Your past posts show that you purchased the Acura TL, and not the G35.

    Did you get rid of the TL and swap it for a G?
    Who's G was in this accident and what year was your model G35?
  • I just drove a 2005 6spd G35 coupe. I had high hopes that this would be the car for me, but it had to be the most uncomfortable car I have ever driven. My last car was a turbo Talon and it was a dream to drive compared to the G in almost every way. Ride, handling, seats (worst ever), shifter position, etc. About the only thing the G was better at was 0-60, but if that's all I wanted, I would get a Mustang (yuck!). And what's with the short gears when you have such a powerful engine? Maybe that's why there are so many late model G's on the car lots. :(
  • Who did the work on the seats? Please email me
  • bcdismebcdisme Posts: 1
    Nick: Please advise where you got the work done on your seat. Thanks.
  • Hello Nick,
    Please, help me with following information. Thank you kindly!
    1. Was the leather upholstery cut / unzipped or modified in any way?
    2. Can the upholstery be removed without the special shop-skills. In other words, is it easy to remove the leather cover from the seat?
    3. What tools did the shop use to remove the metal brace: hack-saw, torch, machine?
    4. Did you have to disconnect the air-bad fuse in order to disconnect the seat electrical connector during removal?
    5. Any other helpful hints, photos, etc? This is my e-mail:
  • ingvaringvar Posts: 205
    . Those seats are made for the small Japanese population.
    Or someone who less than 6'3'' and 240lbs. I can't properly fit in G37 coupe and so-so in sedan.
  • kmt123kmt123 Posts: 6
    There is a new Infiniti dealer opening in my area soon.... do new dealers have added sales incentives that may allow them to make a better "deal" than the existing dealers?

  • The Infiniti G35 Sedan seat from 2005-2006 model years is defective by design.

    There are two metal rails that run below the right and left side of the seat cushion. That is the error. Must have been a design decision by some French engineer at Renault. On most vehicles, this metal rail is below the seat line. Try a Lexus. But in the case of this model, the rail is raised allowing a "sling" of springs to sit between them. The theory is that your rear-end and thighs will be narrow enough to slide between these rails, effectively giving you a firm set of foam covered steel bolsters holding you in place.

    The problem with the design is that the rails are too narrow for most American (Non-Japanese) frames to fit comfortably in the seat. Thus, the vehicle is driven mostly by women and small men. Infiniti can not admit to the problem because it would mean a recall and all the class action issues that come along with such a problem.

    I decided to repair the problem in my G35 Sedan. I had the seat controls removed from the top of the seat bolster, and moved down to the front side. I had the right thigh side re-upholstered and re-padded. Unfortunately, this was not enough support in the middle because I still slid down into the seat between the rails, but my thighs are too wide (I'm not fat, jut a big guy). So I put new slings under the seat between the rails. All of this did nothing to make the seat more comfortable. Besides, the seat does not go down low enough so my head tends to graze the roof line (unless I lean the seat back).

    Infiniti really dropped the ball on the comfort issue of the vehicle. A true disappointment. To get so many issues right in this car and totally blow it on the driver's seat is such a sad oversight, that I question the design and engineering quality of the company as a whole.

    My back aches. So I take Advil - lots of Advil.
  • billpaulbillpaul Posts: 103
    What do you think of the solution previously posted:

    #20 Tight Sport Seats - problem solved by nick1958 Mar 24, 2008 (2:28 pm)

    It generated a lot of responses that nick1958 never responded to.
  • ocinfinitiocinfiniti Posts: 2
    edited July 2010
    I tried what nick1958 did and had the seat buttons moved. Didn't solve the problem. The seat rails on either side do not support the center of the seat. The design of the seat is fatally flawed. Infiniti should have had a whole new seat designed for the US market. People test drove the car and complained but the dealers could do nothing about it so they would deny the problem.

    I have spoken with several Lexus IS owners who tried the G35 first and walked over to the Lexus dealer and drove out with a Lexus. Infiniti lost thousands and thousands of sales due to the lousy driver's seat design. I'm sure of that. I've met drivers of Mustangs who asked me if my back side hurts from my G35. Why would someone I met randomly in a 711 ask me if I am uncomfortable in my car? This seat problem is universally known, so nobody can understand why dealers never complained about it.

    The 2005/2006 G35 driver seat back is the equivalent to a typical airline seat. The curve and support in the back of the seat is appropriate a 5'3" woman (my wife) or a small Japanese male. I am 6'1" with a 32" inseam. So every time I get in the car, I feel like I'm being squeezed into a cheap American Airlines seat. It's a horrible experience. I did not test drive the car long when I bought it. Had I taken it out for more than 20 minutes, I never would have bought. I could see making a lousy seat for the passenger, but the driver should have the most amazingly comfortable seat ever made.

    A proper drivers seat would have a back that stays at a certain height and the seat cushion only goes up and down. Hop in a Lexus GS350 or an IS250/350/F, BMW 325. Even if I lower the seat, the back does not adequately provide support for my back, shoulders, etc. I sit too high in the vehicle. So every bounce, turn etc makes me feel like I might roll off the seat. If I were seated lower in the vehicle, it would feel much better like I was in real sports car.

    It's the seat that makes the vehicle, sadly, a poor driving experience. I think otherwise the gear box, suspension, steering, breaking, etc are great. Go hop in a BMW. Drivers sitting position is taken very very seriously. Driver feels like he never wants to get out of the vehicle. Nissan/Infiniti unfortunately missed the boat on the seat for the 2003-2006 model years.

    I wonder if one of the newer G37 seats will fit in my vehicle? I borrowed one from a dealer during a maintenance visit and it felt much much better. So Infiniti actually knew that the seat was poorly designed. They just didn't want to go through new safety ratings tests for a seat redesign in 2005 for that model update. So they let the car go out with the flawed seat until the full revamp in 2007.

    Come to think of it, I did measure the tracks for a newer G37 and the seat rails seem to be the sam as in my 05 G35. If Infiniti would give me one of the newer seats to try out, I would consider showing a little respect to Infiniti.

    If you plan to purchase one of these cars, I recommend being 5'8" or shorter. If you are any taller, I recommend a crate of Advil.
  • I have owned a 2011 for three months. The seats are uncomfortable and I suffer lower back pain after driving for a period of time. The seats are much harder than the 2008 Infiniti I owned. Has anyone notice the seats appearing to look worn out? I have stone leather interior and the driver side seat already looks worn. I am curious if anyone has noticed.
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    I haven't noticed that (seats looking worn) on my 2009 G37, though I have the black leather interior.
  • billpaulbillpaul Posts: 103
    Other than the fact that I could do without the adjustable seat bolsters on my G37S sedan, I have found the seats to be among the most comfortable I have ever experienced. I have gotten used to the bolsters, so they don't bother me anymore.

    I don't know why the seats are so uncomfortable for you. Since it is your back that is bothering you, do you need to adjust the lumbar support?
  • tallbrunettetallbrunette Posts: 6
    edited September 2011
    I did own a Infiniti G. I was hit in the drivers side by someone running a red light. The air bags did not go off and I hit my head against the drivers window and was taken to the hospital. I brought the car to Infiniti Englewood, NJ and they had an "independent" person check the "black box" in the car and said there was no problem with the airbags. The car was NOT hit in the "sweet spot".
    Well when you pay $$$$ for an upscaled car you expect the whole car to have a sweet spot. Now I have a 2009 Nissan Murano and understand they have recalls for the airbags!!!
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