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Hyundai Veracruz Maintenance and Repair



  • Nutsofamily: I wish I had some info for you to tell your dealer. After I posted, the Veracruz stalled again. I got rid of it the end of March. I will never buy another Hyundai because this really soured me. I did not feel safe in it and both dealers could not seem to fix the issue. I hope you have more success than I did.
  • The day after I took possesion of my 2010 Veracruz (7-8-10) I was pulling out of a parking lot, press on the gad and nothing did not happen again until the following week.I took the Veracruz in the next week and Hyundai could not find any problem. It happened again intermittently over the next few weeks. Hyundai kept the Veracruz for 4-5 days but could not duplicate the problem. I asked for a different Veracruz but they would not. The hesitation problem at low speeds continues but I'm exasperated!!!As long as hyundai can not duplicate the hesitation..the problem does not exist in their mind...anyone have a similar problem...I can't get it fixed and Hyundai won't replace the Veracruz...they can keep their 100,000 mile warranty and this 2010 Veracruz...HELP!!!
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    edited January 2011
    That isnt hesitation, thats incommunication between the go pedal and the throttle. You just need to be persistent, they cant fix what they cant find. It could be a faulty component of the pedal assembly. Make notes of when it happens, and mark down the miles, eventually you will have a pattern they can go by, and then take it in and demand a loaner until they find and fix the issue. Try a different dealer if you get no results. Electrical gremlins are the worse problems any mechanic, from Kia to Mercedes, has to deal with. Drive by wire exasperates the issues. There is no longer a mechanical link between the pedal and the throttle body, it is all done by computer and electric motors. Either the computer isnt seeing the signal from the pedal, or the throttle motor is hanging or not seeing the input from the computer.
  • I have a 2008 veracruz w/ awd. One evening (1/29/2011) on the way back home, the car vibrated and would not move. I had noticed the AWD warning indicator came on. I had to turn off the ignition and re-started the car. The engine check light came on and AWD warning light went off.
    The next day, the dealer replaced the Throttle position sensor. I wonder there is a design issue with this sensor. :sick:
  • That is the same thing that happened to my Veracruz. They replaced the throttle position sensor on mine three times. I firmly believe there is a design issue. I called Hyundai Corporation and was informed they had received no complaints. I could not believe that I was the only one with issues, especially after reading consumer complaints online. Good luck to you. I hope your issue is resolved.
  • jetanijetani Posts: 1
    I would say, please contact
    as well as

    The more complaints are registered to third party, the better outcome. Because not many of us report or take this issue to the organization who can help us.
  • scjetsonscjetson Posts: 1
    I have replaced my APS Sesor twice in 3 years on my 2007 Veracruz. It seems to last about a year and a half. Both times, it was on a long trip in the middle of no where. I would actually like to buy an extra one and keep it in the glove box because I know it will go out again. Anybody know where it is physically located and could I change it easily on the side of the road?
  • cobalt107cobalt107 Posts: 2
    My 2007 veracruz started lugging or jerking between 35-45mph & would not throw a code. I carried mine to the dealer. The replaced the TPS but I still had the same problem. They kept the car & the mechanic drove with monitor attached & when the jerking, stumbling, bogging down whatever you want to call it showed misfires on cylinders 1,3,5 & no codes & bank #1 30.7 degrees out of timing with Bank#2. They contacted tech line & tech line, was told to replace oil control valve part # 24355-3C200. Runs like a champ now.

    Hyundai Technical Service Bulletin, May 2009, Engine, Number 09-EM-002, CVVT oil control valve inspection.
    Hope this helps some of you guys.......easy fix. One on each head & one bolt each holding each in.
  • cobalt107cobalt107 Posts: 2
    Hyundai Technical Service Bulletin, May 2009, Engine, Number 09-EM-002, CVVT oil control valve inspection.
    This will cause hesitation from stop, bogging down & etc. There is one on each cylinder bank.
  • While driving at 70 miles an hour using cruise control, the car jerked, check engine light came on and the car completely stopped accelerating. There was no response when pressing the gas pedal. Luckily we were near an exit, we were not rear ended by a truck and were able shift lanes and to roll off and put our hazard lights on. On the exit the car came to a dead stop. After checking the engine we turned it off and the car started back up and were able to drive to a local service station concerned about driving any farther. The mechanic was able to determine there was and error code related to the throttle control. On restarting the car the engine lights reset and the car ran normally.

    We continued on our trip and when returned home brought the car to to the Hyundai dealer where it was purchased to service the car. After they examined the car we were told there was nothing they could do as there were no error codes in memory and we should continue to drive it until it happened again. When I mentioned that there was a technical service bulletin regarding the throttle sensor and it should be either replaced or tested, I was told that they could not do anything until an error was recorded in the memory of the computer because Hyundai USA would not cover anything under warranty even though this was a serious safety concern and would most likely occur again. When I asked if it was likely to occur again, I was told it most likely would happen soon and too be careful.

    A month later, when traveling on a long trip, it happened again traveling at about 65 mile per hour. This time there was no shoulder but I was able to partial pull of the road and put on my hazard lights as cars drove by and avoided hitting mine. Based on my prior experience, I turned the car off and was able to restart and move again. This same situation occurred four (4) more times as I was able to get my car finally back home to the Hyundai dealer to service the car.

    The Hyundai dealer replaced both the throttle sensor and the pedal assembly and the car appears to be working properly for the last two weeks.

    Having researched the problem with acceleration, I have learned that a number of other owners have experienced this similar and potentially dangerous problem. After speaking with other Hyundai service technicians I was told off the record that this was not an uncommon problem. As the throttle sensor cost less than $30 I am not sure why Hyundai did not address this problem when I first brought the car in for repair or as a recall as the consequences could be much more serious.
  • jimsistjimsist Posts: 62
    bought this 10 days ago and no one at the dealer can help me find out what model is the bluetooth. how to pair my phone to it. the bluetooth is a round button with a green phone and a red phone on the button. it is on the console with the mike next to the rear view mirriw. each time i try to search with my phone it comes up no device found. called att no help,call hyundai and they said that it was factory installed.can anyone help please>thanks jim :confuse:
  • Hate to tell you this, but you aren't describing an OEM Bluetooth device. The OEM Bluetooth replaces the factory roof console sunglass holder and Is totally self contained. It isn't clear if you bought this vehicle new or used;if new the dealer owes you the instructions. You might look for a name or model on the control and then Google it,or snap a pic with Google goggles.
  • You also need to know that Bluetooth in the Veracruz has never been available "factory installed", it is only available as a dealer installed accessory. The Hyundai OEM Bluetooth is made by blueconnect; they supply many car manufacturers their devices. Yours sounds like it may be made by Parrot.
  • jimsistjimsist Posts: 62
    the car is used. but whin i called hyundai they pulled up the paper work and said that it was a factory from the koren factory the only poe adds was floor matts,splash guards roof rails and rack.even the dealer has no record except from the sticker .how to i find the parrot to i tack a picture and up load to google? i thank you in advance jim :confuse:
  • Are you in the United States? I've been a Hyundai owner since 2007, and have never seen a Veracruz come through from the POE with Bluetooth. Obviously you have the exception, but mine (and every other one I have seen) have a unit that looks like this:
    OEM Bluetooth
    Take a close up of the parts and send to me, I'll see what I can do to help.

  • jimsistjimsist Posts: 62
    I did find some letters and number from a sticker on the wire.ROU 5752D1-00.thats on the top now on the bottom is BB0808106-TW thats the best i could see.even took the sticker off into better light.the wire is comeing from the headliner .the mike is next to the rear view mirrow and is held on by a clamp.thanks in advance jim
  • jimsistjimsist Posts: 62
    yes this car is a exception even came with a 2tone leather seats.yes in charlotte nc the car was built 9-06-09 sent to the dealer in june of 10 is was bought from the dealer 2 weeks after it was was sold on 10-06-2011 to me .im the s 2nd owner it was hyundai cerified so it just a good as a new one.i got a 100,000 mile power train warrnety wats left of the 5year or 60,000 new car warrnety wich means i have at least 40,000 mile left or 3yrs.thanks again. :confuse:
  • jimsistjimsist Posts: 62
    i know that this a crazy question but how do i upload a picture to you. :confuse:
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 39,015
    edited October 2011
    You can use the IMG button and link to the photo URL. The photo needs to be hosted at a site like or Oh, try - it's quick and easy and will give you a URL to copy.

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