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Toyota Celica Engine Problems

Grinding noise at any de-accelerating speed and gear.
Celica has only 40K miles..........


  • I have a 91 celica st. 4afe engine. I have no pics to describe the part Im talking about here goes.

    Facing the engine it is on the left end. Right above the belts and in front of the oil dip stick. It is a black hard plastic that looks like it is covering a belt.
    I just started hearing a loud rubbing sound coming from this cover. Can anyone tell me what part is in there and how serious the part is? There are no leaks.
    Is it the water pump or something that important. It just started today. When I accelerate it tends to quiet down,

  • rolfzrolfz Posts: 7
    Go to eBay and Purchase a Celica Manual, very detailed, for $ 9.95, Search code is 3001 5520 1639

    Use a PVC pipe +- 24" long to listen and locate the noise source, like a "stethoscope".

    Be careful, engine is running >>>>>>>>>
  • I have a 92 celica GT 2.2 engine automatic trans Also getting the same problem what is a fix?????

    Facing the engine it is on the left end. Right above the belts and in front of the oil dip stick. It is a black hard plastic that looks like it is covering a belt.
    I just started hearing a loud rubbing sound coming from this cover. Can anyone tell me what part is in there and how serious the part is? There are no leaks.
    Is it the water pump or something that important. It just started today. When I accelerate it tends to quiet down,

  • hlaohlao Posts: 1
    Will the 2000 Celica GTS's 6 Speed Transmission fit in the 2000 Celica GT which has only a 5 Speed Transmission?
  • i am modifing my celica by putting a 350 c.i. chevy motor . i need to know if there is any info for me . so i can start my project. i like to find if there is any kits for doing this swap . thanks in avance for your help..
  • rolfzrolfz Posts: 7
    I am not aware of any "KIT" for a Celica / Chevy motor exchange.
    Please let us know how your creative project takes shape, some pix would be great.
  • I noticed my GTS overheating and check the raidiort fluid. There is what looks like oil in the antifreeze. I hope it's just a head gasket but want know until I tear the engine down. Any information on how difficult this job is?

    Thanks for any information that could help.
  • hey, i have a question to ask you guys here.
    i have a 04 celica GT, i dont know whats wrong with it can you please help me out??
    the problem is that the car hiss when i turn it off. and when the car idels/ being turn off it like the engine is shakeing before it dies.
    can anyone help????

    THANKS ALOT!!!!!
  • rolfzrolfz Posts: 7
    Do you have a drop in the engine oil level?
    Try a compression test and check your plugs for oil residue
    Check / replace your thermostat, test in hot water.

    Make tests first, thats your best.
  • rolfzrolfz Posts: 7
    I checked once my spark plug cables in the dark. Could see jumping sparks. Replaced cables with a tune up check, all went well again.........
  • spark plugs thanks. will do that
  • Looking for a reasonably priced, reasonably miled engine for a 2002 toyota celica gt. Preferably a J-Spec. I am having trouble finding anything that would safice. If you know where i can get one please let me know.
  • rolfzrolfz Posts: 7
    Sorry we can not be of any help
  • sls6862sls6862 Posts: 1
    I am in need of an engine for a 1997 celica gt convertible, 2.2, 4 cylinder, standard 5 speed.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,967
    As the forums cannot be used to buy and sell items, any responses offering to sell an engine would have to be removed.

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  • sezza217sezza217 Posts: 2
    Hello everyone,
    I own a 1990 Toyota Celica, which i love to bits!! No real big work done on it as of yet but was planning on starting to spend some money on it very soon. Only problem being I recently had a collision and people have been telling me once it is fixed I should try to get rid of it.
    The crash not being my fault (someone ran a red light and hit me) has resulted in the car having damage to the front left passenger side of the car and thats all i know as of yet. I was hit at about 80kms/hr.

    Anyone have any thoughts as to what I should do with it once it is fixed and or if once it is fixed it will be the same as before the collision?

    Any thoughts would be much appreacited
  • wtcolbertwtcolbert Posts: 1
    my wife was driving her 94 celica home and it just stopped warnings at all,any suggestions?
  • ectophileectophile Posts: 1
    I have a 1989 Toyota Celica convertible with a 3SFE engine and manual transmission. This issue began in November 2007 when my Celica check engine light first appeared while driving. I have taken my car to an independent mechanic. Computer codes read either 25 (too lean) or 26 (too rich). My mechanic, in stages, has replaced the O2 sensor, the fuel filter, the spark plugs, the EGR valve, and has made numerous rich and lean air adjustments to a screw under an aluminum covered plug in the MAFM (Mass Air Flow Module). In total, So far, I have spent $915.84 on four separate occasions between 11/22/07 and 06/26/08. The Check Engine light continues to come on while driving, at intervals of 22 miles to 305 miles. What can be done to correct this problem? Otherwise, my Celica operates and drives normally. It has 117,300 original miles, no hesitation, or other indications of any problems while driving. Thank you for your help
  • :sick: What could be causing my car not to start? :cry: Currently my starter,battery, alternator, ignition connections grounds are good so what could be the problem could be a certain relay fuse? They have been checked and also my timing belt was checked but it has been difficult trying to determine what is the problem. It seems electrical but I am so confused and I do not want to loose my celica they I have been keeping up with the maintenance promptly. Please give me advise oon how to go about resolving my celicas starting problem?
    Thank you,
    Deb :confuse:
  • I cannot figure this out, I push the clutch in and put the car in 1st , and if I let it sit for a few seconds in gear with the clutch pressed in it will start to disengage without me letting the clutch out (this happens sometimes in 2nd and happens a lot in reverse as well).

    I just put a new clutch kit in the car and it made no difference, it did this before I replaced the clutch and it does it the exact same now after. I bled the clutch as well and it made no difference (the fluid is pretty dirty but I don't think that would cause this problem).

    Anyone have ANY idea what this is? Please help! Thanks!
  • i've got a toyota celica 97 im looking for an engine but its a front wheel drive did they make a 2.0 liter front wheel drive performance engine for this model all the 3sgte engines i can find are awd and i wasnt lookin to modify that much
  • what modifications would I have to do in order to switch the same 1.8L engine even though they're different year,
  • I have a problem with the engine stalling when you accelerate aftercoming to a stop. The engine idles good, but when you press the pedal to the floor the engine dosen't response. It dosen't make any noise and as soon as you let up on the pedal , you can hear it idling again. This problem dosen't happen all the time.
    Also after tring to trouble shoot this problem, I developed another problem. I was looking at the throttle body. I removed a few vacuum line to see if I could get the engine to stall and put them back. There is a vacuum line coming from the valve cover going to the intake behind the throttle body. When I removed it the engine killed. After starting it back up, there was white smoke poring out the exhaust. I removed the oil cap from the valve cover and there was stong vacuum on it. I stopped the engine and removed the vacuum line again and there was oil in the line. Are these two problems related and how can I fix them?
  • doug89doug89 Posts: 1
    92 corolla seca hatch runs fine, will sometimes stop while driving, will then turn over but not re-start, a few hours later or next morning will re-start will then run fine for a few days or weeks then problem will re-happen any ideas? thanks
  • I recently was driving down the freeway with the cruise control on. i hit the brakes because someone cut me off and instead of the cruise control turning off the car started accelerating out of control. i had to stand on the brakes to stop the car and turn off the engine. when i started the car back up the engine almost pegged out. it took several start and stop engine trys before it stopped. Any help on this would be appreciated.
  • Our celica quit running while driving. It stummbled then just quit. It has a new timing belt and tune-up 300 miles ago. I have checked for spark, timing, and fuel pressure after the filter and all is good. It isn't showing any codes but still will not fire, any suggestions?
  • I have 94 Toyota celica. It has been around one week that I have exprienced a rapid right signal pulsating turn sound. I wonder what it may be cause my left turn signal light pulsates normal sounding. i wonder what could be the problem. Could it be a relay or something simple?-
    Please give ideas to repair it so I do not gave to take it to the Toyota Dealer mechanic.
    Thank you,
    D.A. :sick:
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,967
    The "fast flashing" turn signal can indicate a bulb is burned out (the simple solution) so first do a walk around and see if you can see one out. Since you say it's only on the right side, I'd almost bet that's the issue, but start with the bulbs first

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  • I have a 95 with the same problem---- heres what I did-- in the fuse box mine has a little toggle switch for a car alarm--- I through it the opposite way held the door open and it cranked--- try with the door closed or what ever---one time i had to unhook the positive cable from the batt and then throw the switch the other way with the door open good luck may u find the right combination but my problem :shades: and sounds like urs too is in the that alarm sys.
  • I have a 2001 Celica and there has been nothing but problems with it. I have approximately 75,000 miles on it, not very much. Just before the 5 yr. warranty was up, it started leaking oil and ultimately the entire engine was replaced. I have had to replace the clutch twice.......have been driving stick shifts since 1977 and never had to replace a clutch. I have also replaced 2 serpentine belts. The 2nd clutch was replaced recently and since then the car smells like burning rubber. I spoke to the dealer today and was told they replaced a seal, but I am leaking oil. Now they are saying it might be the converter. I refuse to put another penny into this car and think Toyota should be responsible for what I have already invested in. I see by some posts that there is a problem with oil leakage, and now I would like to know about any transmission and serpentine belt problems. Thanks.
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