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Toyota Celica Engine Problems



  • i've got a toyota celica 97 im looking for an engine but its a front wheel drive did they make a 2.0 liter front wheel drive performance engine for this model all the 3sgte engines i can find are awd and i wasnt lookin to modify that much
  • what modifications would I have to do in order to switch the same 1.8L engine even though they're different year,
  • I have a problem with the engine stalling when you accelerate aftercoming to a stop. The engine idles good, but when you press the pedal to the floor the engine dosen't response. It dosen't make any noise and as soon as you let up on the pedal , you can hear it idling again. This problem dosen't happen all the time.
    Also after tring to trouble shoot this problem, I developed another problem. I was looking at the throttle body. I removed a few vacuum line to see if I could get the engine to stall and put them back. There is a vacuum line coming from the valve cover going to the intake behind the throttle body. When I removed it the engine killed. After starting it back up, there was white smoke poring out the exhaust. I removed the oil cap from the valve cover and there was stong vacuum on it. I stopped the engine and removed the vacuum line again and there was oil in the line. Are these two problems related and how can I fix them?
  • doug89doug89 Posts: 1
    92 corolla seca hatch runs fine, will sometimes stop while driving, will then turn over but not re-start, a few hours later or next morning will re-start will then run fine for a few days or weeks then problem will re-happen any ideas? thanks
  • I recently was driving down the freeway with the cruise control on. i hit the brakes because someone cut me off and instead of the cruise control turning off the car started accelerating out of control. i had to stand on the brakes to stop the car and turn off the engine. when i started the car back up the engine almost pegged out. it took several start and stop engine trys before it stopped. Any help on this would be appreciated.
  • Our celica quit running while driving. It stummbled then just quit. It has a new timing belt and tune-up 300 miles ago. I have checked for spark, timing, and fuel pressure after the filter and all is good. It isn't showing any codes but still will not fire, any suggestions?
  • I have 94 Toyota celica. It has been around one week that I have exprienced a rapid right signal pulsating turn sound. I wonder what it may be cause my left turn signal light pulsates normal sounding. i wonder what could be the problem. Could it be a relay or something simple?-
    Please give ideas to repair it so I do not gave to take it to the Toyota Dealer mechanic.
    Thank you,
    D.A. :sick:
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,854
    The "fast flashing" turn signal can indicate a bulb is burned out (the simple solution) so first do a walk around and see if you can see one out. Since you say it's only on the right side, I'd almost bet that's the issue, but start with the bulbs first

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  • I have a 95 with the same problem---- heres what I did-- in the fuse box mine has a little toggle switch for a car alarm--- I through it the opposite way held the door open and it cranked--- try with the door closed or what ever---one time i had to unhook the positive cable from the batt and then throw the switch the other way with the door open good luck may u find the right combination but my problem :shades: and sounds like urs too is in the that alarm sys.
  • I have a 2001 Celica and there has been nothing but problems with it. I have approximately 75,000 miles on it, not very much. Just before the 5 yr. warranty was up, it started leaking oil and ultimately the entire engine was replaced. I have had to replace the clutch twice.......have been driving stick shifts since 1977 and never had to replace a clutch. I have also replaced 2 serpentine belts. The 2nd clutch was replaced recently and since then the car smells like burning rubber. I spoke to the dealer today and was told they replaced a seal, but I am leaking oil. Now they are saying it might be the converter. I refuse to put another penny into this car and think Toyota should be responsible for what I have already invested in. I see by some posts that there is a problem with oil leakage, and now I would like to know about any transmission and serpentine belt problems. Thanks.
  • jhottjhott Posts: 1
    Hey I bought my celica with 52k on it about 3 yrs ago. I have always put in fuel injection cleaner to clear up the sputtering about every 4 to 5 mths. It always clears it up until now.. Should I go to have the injectors cleaned with the machine they have or is that gonna be a waste of money? It needs a tune up anyway plus I have had the wonderful 0240 code since I bought it. I put so much into it and just gave up trying to figure it out. I dont think they are related but ive already had a bunch of stuff replaced, o2s cat was fine at the time had it checked. Any ideas let me know.
  • dalicea97dalicea97 Posts: 15
    JG I read your posting in reference to you getting a fuel injector cleaner every 4 to 5 months. You might want to to use premium gas instead of regular cause I only use premium gas to prevent the sputtering. I know the premium gas is more expensive but try it. Let know how it works for you. DA
  • Check gas; gas pump may be bad.
  • Thanks for the info, as it turned out the new distributor cap that I installed had resistance in the coil lead that would still give me a spark indication but not strong enough to fire the plug under compression.The new cap only had 300 miles on it. Thanks again for everyones input. Don
  • Sorry for th elack of info but this is my first dealing with a Celica. I bought my son a 97, with the 1.8 Lt engine. Here is the problem. When the engine is started, it is running very rough, shaken just sounds bad. When I adjust the throttle body up to around 2500 rpm, the engine smooths out and sounds great, let the throttle body back to idle, it goes back to rough. I bought parts, plugs, new wires, distributor cap, and rotor. Any ideals to look at before I put in the new parts? Looking forward to many replays!
  • Butch,

    I had a similar problem with my 2000 Celica. It turned out to be clogged fuel injectors. My car also made a popping sound wile I was accelerating until I got over 1000 rpm. Ultimately had to have a mechanic clean the injectors. That was a year age, and it's back to sputtering. I did see a prior post about using a higher grade of gas. hope that helps.
  • shifty017shifty017 Posts: 6
    I Have a 2000 Toyota Celica GTS, I had it running the other day and took the oil filler cap off and noticed it was blowing air not sucking still blew air even when i reved it, is it normal or is someing wrong?
  • valkyrie1valkyrie1 Posts: 1
    dalicea97-I am actually writing to find out what fixed your starting problem with your Celica back in 2008, I had been following your story. A friend of mine also has a 94 Celica with same issue and her car has been in shop for over a month.
    they have change multiple parts with no success. I would appreciate any input.
  • snoman65snoman65 Posts: 3
    My problem turned out to be a bad distributor cap. The cap was only a week old but had to much resistance in the coil lead that is built into the cap. When testing I would get current flow but just to weak to fire. Hope this helps, just shows that new parts aren't always good. Don
  • jmelee11jmelee11 Posts: 1
    I have a 1994 Toyota Celica GT that quit running while I was driving down the highway. I think everything just shut down. Tried putting more gas, no help. Jumping it worked once, but the car shut down again a few hundred feet down the road. Jumping it again didn't work. Would prior transmission problems have anything to do with engine failure, or are there other problems that can occur with Toyota Celicas?
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