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Subaru Outback/Legacy Electronic & Lighting Problems



  • xwesx - Thanks for the info. & feedback...I was thinking I would need to disable that after reading some other posts... some people were talking about removing a fuse or two to achieve it.
  • While driving along, the radio on my 2009 Outback wagon will suddenly pump out full-volume static. (It is ear-splitting.) The only way to get it to stop is to shut off the engine and restart. Today it happened while the radio wasn't even on to begin with. I am wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem.
    I am going to bring into the dealer, but am worried that since it is not something that can be reproduced on demand, that they won't find it. And meanwhile, it is so loud, it is really a safety issue.
  • different than your problem, but:

    my legacy wagon's radio sometimes spontaneously changes volume. however, i believe its a problem with the radio buttons themselves (sony), as they dont work properly.

    or, could possibly be radio signals affecting the wireless remote control that came with the system??
  • The radio (HK) in my wagon did not come with a remote, so I think we have different problems. But I would suspect that other things on the same radio frequency could affect your radio.

  • meo1meo1 Posts: 1
    Help My running lights and low beams will not work. How are they connected to the hand brake? Ever since I used the hand brake the lights will not work. High beams work fine. Anybody have this problem?
  • saedavesaedave Chicago, ILPosts: 683
    Putting on the hand brake turns off the daytime running lights. Be sure the brake handle is in the fully brakes-off down position.
  • soplushsoplush Posts: 29
    Just purchased a great condition 97 Legacy Outback that was originally sold in Canada. The speedometer and odometer are calibrated for kilometers. I'm most concerned about the odometer, in that when it comes time to sell down the road, it looks like it has more miles than it really does.

    Is it possible to modify these 2 instruments? If so how and how much am I looking at? Thanks.
  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYPosts: 3,732
    It probably could be done, but would require major dash surgery and a replacement speedo/odometer head. Hardly worth the time, effort and expense on a 13 year old car. When it comes time to sell, as a 15 year old or more car (??), it will probably be a private sale anyhow. It says KPH right on the unit, and anyone who looks at it will understand if you do the translation to MPH for them.
  • ianc435ianc435 Posts: 10
    Radio display and ac display flashes on and off. Caught it on video. Dealer said it was the radio. The radio is fine it does not cut out. Had a screeching in the am am band. There was a problem with earlier models and ABS module that was not suppressed porperly. is up. There is a TSB for this. As long as you report the problem most dealers are good about fixing after warrenty.
  • has kits to make your turn signal bulb your daytime running light. and a lot of good information
  • Did your dealer replace the radio/A/C unit because of this problem? Mine has gone from flashing to no longer displaying anything. I have steering wheel controls for the radio, but cannot control the temperature of the vehicle. I have called a dealer (closest one is 3 hours away) to research this before I go in, but want to make sure I get a good answer from them. Thanks
  • ianc435ianc435 Posts: 10
    Dealer replaced radio unit becauae i kept loosing climate control a readio display. Has not happened since radio was replaced.. They weren,t a hundred percent sure the problem, the mechanic i talked to seemed okay. They got licky with radio. My temoeture still work. It was the illumination circuit. Radio and climate share same power supply and ground. The illumination should have nothing to do with the functionality of the the radio or climate. I hope they can fix it. Make sure you take out any cd you have if you can. They can mail them to you if you can't retrieve yhe cds. Good luck
  • We also had this ACC-message flashing in the driving computer of the Legacy 2004. The Subaru garage had no idea what it was. But recently we prepared the car for selling it and that solved the problem. What we did was removing the (unoffical) cellphone loader. We also removed this device that can send radio waves from an MP3 player to the car radio.
    Are theory is that one of these devices had some electrical short circuit that would only appear when the car was in use. Therefore the car battery would not be emptied when the car was not un use. The last 2 weeks after removing these devices, we never got the message again. To those of you who get this ACC message: please try my theory and confirm it.
  • Our radio quit working and we had an ACC error code on the display. Nothing was listed in the book for this code and none of the dealers could give us an answer. We tried changing the fuse even though it wasn't blown. It seems to have worked. The ACC went away and the radio and display started working again.
  • The dome light doesn't light when the doors open. I pop off the cover, and then it works. It keeps working after I pop the cover back on a couple of times and then stops again. The bulb is ok. The electronics seem ok. But something is intermittent somewhere. If I wiggle or otherwise try to encourage the dome light, it still won't start working. I have to pop off the cover and then it will work a little while. Aaarrgh!! Anyone ever see this before?
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    It may be a bad connection, or it may be a broken bulb filament that reconnects with a jar (such as popping off the dome cover). As a cheap first option, replace the bulb if you have not yet done so and see if the problem persists.
  • ldizzoldizzo Posts: 1
    Did you get this problem fixed? I have a 2009 Legacy that is doing the exact same thing. It is so frustrating. I just had the audio panel replaced but it is still doing it.
  • bigdan4bigdan4 Posts: 3
    I have a 99 forester with 80,000 miles. Turning the any signal light on results in all 4 lights flashing and th 4 way flasher lighting up. In the connector at the right side of the dash, below glove box, the light green/black wire and the red/green wire seem to be shorted. I cannot find where they go so that I can replace them. I have all the Schematics but cannot find the wires anywhere.
  • Three days ago I was driving in the rain in the highway, suddenly the speedometer and rpm dial needles started going crazy, up and down, and the wipers were going slower than normal. The abs light and others in the dashboard came on. Although the car never lost power completely, we decided to tow it home (30 miles), to avoid further damage to the car, and left it at my trusted mechanic. The mechanic charged the battery and checked it and the alternator. All was fine. He says he cannot figure out what caused the battery to lose power and what could be wrong. The RPM & speedometer went crazy again yesterday. We had to leave the car in a parking garage. What could this be? Is my dear, dear car lost forever?
  • I forgot to add, the car in trouble is a 2001 Outback Legacy (I love my car!)
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