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Dodge Dakota Steering Questions



  • Thanks for the reply, Dusty. The whole sordid tale can be viewed on another forum, complete with photographs of the welding repair in progress at

  • damonpdamonp Posts: 1
    My Dodge Dakota makes a winding noise when I first start it up. It's not like the revving of an engine, but it's like a wind-up toy type noise. Once I get up to speed on the road, the noise disappears, but reappears when I turn. I think it's a power-steering issue...any thoughts? Also, I noticed the other day a squeaking noise everytime I accelerate from a stop or slow down to a stop.
  • kegler12kegler12 Posts: 5
    My 1995 dakota has loose play in the steering. The suspension parts all check out ok so we tried tightening the steering box and this didn't help either. It has 137,000 miles on it, don't know much about it 'cause I just recently purchased it. By loose play, I mean it kinda feels like it floats a little on the road. Any ideas?
  • jeff128jeff128 Posts: 1
    My 04 Dakota has steering problems, one time I have power steering the next time I do not. I took it to the shop and we have put on two racks and three pumps and it still has foam in the pump reservoir. My mechanic ran five gallons of fluid thru the system under vacuum and still can not get the air out. The Chrysler garage just put a new engine in it under warranty and this is when my problems started. I will not go back to my local Chrysler dealer. Please HELP !!!
  • ewc1ewc1 Posts: 2
    I replaced the power steering pump with rebuilt pumps, on my sons 2004 dakota V-8 three times within the past two weeks due to a leak. The pump functioned prior to replacement. First time it lasted 10 miles and went out. Second time it locked up when I was doing the air bleed, never got out of the driveway. Third time I decided it must have trash in the system and replaced both the rack and the pump. Pump stopped pumping on the way to return the cores. (5 miles) I read one post that stated this system takes ATF, is that the problem? I filled it with power steering fluid all three times. Is it possible to get three bad pumps? Any other ideas on why the pumps would fail?
  • wiswoodwiswood Posts: 1
    Last night drove my '01 Dakota (with 89,000 well cared for miles on it). On the way back I noticed that when turning the wheel about an 8th of a turn (both left and right) it feels like for a moment it is loose or slippery. Then when I went to turn it off the steering wheel would not lock into place as usual. Anyone have any ideas? I checked the power steering fluid and it is good. Anyone have any ideas?
  • Just bought with 118+++ miles. Loose steering as measured from left to right at the top of the steering wheel. Replaced the sterring rod that exits from steering box to wheel inside. What about the adjustment on top of the box ??? Any thoughts given all other related parts are tight !!!
  • ronindelawareronindelaware Posts: 2
    edited March 2010
    Hi ,
    I have a '98 Dodge Dakota- V-6, with 4 wheel drive. Its got about 222,230 miles on it. It runs fine. Recently I had changed out the idler arm, inner and outer tie rods, upper and lower ball joints.Two new front tires, with an alignment. Replaced the steering lower shaft as well.

    My question is why do I still have a 1 inch FLOAT in the steering? What am I missing? The power steeing pump could use a seal kit, I am leaking a little fluid and have since used LUCAS to thicken it up; and that works fine for now.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.
  • My 2004 Dakota (55K miles) has begun periodically acting as if the power steering is not functioning. Sometimes if you turn a little you have power, then none, then power, etc. Other times just plain no power. Sometimes it works fine. I don't see any leaks and the fluid level stays constant.

    I see other discussions that sound similar to mine, but I don't see what the solution was.
  • bob611bob611 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with power steering.
    Has any one come up with any possible solutions
  • s79vettes79vette Posts: 6
    I had problems with mine also, intermittent failure and then good then just hard to turn.
    took it to local wrencher and he replaced the steering knuckle on column and it's fine now. He said it's common on Dakotas.
  • my dakota steer to the right when wheel released, it has almost a 1/2 inch of play in the steering wheel the right wheel has no play in it when i jacked it up. but the left has some play front to back but up and down is good. any ideas on what it could be.
  • kellyj99kellyj99 Posts: 3
    have chirping noise when turning right or left what gives, just bought the truck less than a week ago payed 16000 dealer says I am on my own, wait and see if it goes away,
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    Power steering pump? Maybe just cavitating?
  • seems it was built up rust on caliper and pads ,so they say been in the shop as of 3 times, we will see seems to come 2 days after being in for repairs
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