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Oldsmobile Aurora Transmission

I have a 1997 Oldsmobile aurora...The transmission acts like it has no power at all it wont go into any gears at all even reverse or drive unless you get the rpms up to like 5000 then it will go into gear but to get it to drive you have to stay at the high rpms....just wondering if it is the tranny or something else causing it...and also the car has always started then one day someone left a light on in it and the battery went dead so we jumped it and it started right up....then like 2 weeks later went to start it and it started right up i turned it off then went to start it again and no noice at all only a clicking sound in the fuse box in the back seat....tried to jump it and still same thing...and also my turning signals come on but dont flash just stay on solid just wondering if anyone else has had these problems.


  • I have recently purchased a 2001 3.5 Aurora, and was advised by the previous owner that the transmission occasionally had bouts of rough shifting. I experienced this today, and it is like popping the clutch between gears. Even shifing from Park to drive, the power train "clunks". Shifts occur where they are supposed to, but there is no cushion. I'm told that turning off the engine and restarting usually solved the problem in the past. We'll see.
    Can anyone point me in the right direction? Past inquiries at the garage came up empty, says the prior owner.
  • Driving my '98 Aurora (140K miles) at about 80 when I feel a slight "clunk". 15 seconds later, a HUGE "clunk" (felt like I hit something). I immediately pull over, but as I'm slowing, the engine is missing and there is some jerking deceleration. As I coast the last few feet in neutral, the car jerks to a stop - I never touched the brakes. I managed to 'baby' it off the freeway, but it was stuck in 4th gear. Got it into a gas station. Checked the tranny fluid (engine running) and it was surging up & down in the filler neck. Engine was idling all over the place too from 500 up to 1500 rpm. Tried reverse - no reverse. Only forward in 4th. The tow home cost $300. Next day I check trans fluid again, and it's empty. Put some in, started her up, put her in gear and she dropped smoothly into 1st. Tried reverse, it worked. BUT, just coasting in neutral in the driveway, I kept feeling these "grabs" like someone stepping on the brakes. At one point, the car would not move in neutral. Got out & tried to push, and could not. It will go in gear, but feels like something is hanging up in the tranny. Any guesses? Love this car, but I'm done with the majot repairs.
  • To the 1995 and 1998 aurora owners with tranny issues.

    I have a 1998 Aurora with 175000kms on it. My tranny went at 75,000. I started it on the garage pad, heard a large noise and stopped the car. I started it later and everything seemed fine, One week later, the gears all went. Maybe there was a weakness in the tranny--I do not know.

    I checked with various tranny rebuilders and they told me that since it is a cadillac tranny, the costs of rebuilding could cost more that getting one from GM. I got a new tranny with 80,000 Kms warranty. The new tranny still runs as smoothly and perfectly as a tranny can ---as does my entire 1998 Aurora, which I intend to keep for many years. I just bought myself a 2008 Solstice GXP as a fun roadster car since e I could not find an adequate replacement for the Aurora---so now I have 2, which is silly, but fun!!!.
  • Johnnyboy, how much did that cost? I've heard upwards of $3000. I love my Aurora so much I am tempted to go for it against the protests of my friends and family ("good money after bad...."). Easy for them to say (they all drive premium leased cars). Until you have owned and driven an Aurora, you don't know what falling in love with a car really is.
  • I had the exact same issue. It is in the shop currently and I am waiting on them to take a look at it. They are going to drop the transmission to look. ($225). The codes indicated the speed sensor was not functioning properly... that makes the pressure go up.. the result is the hard shifting. I will know more tomorrow.
  • Thanks, Hilltopperdad, for the update. I've had this problem occur twice since taking possession of the car in October. Please let me know whart you find out. The previous owner said he'd had it in the garage, but not faults were detected.
    I really like the car, and am glad that I purchased it. If this can be resolved without too much pain it will really be a joy.
  • Called a local dealer today....$4600. And that's the end of that story.
  • Got the rebuild price... $2700. I have 100k on the car.. will need to replace the AC in the spring... But,motor is fine.. I can't find a car like mine in any used lot for $3000...
  • pscheidpscheid Posts: 190
    $2,700 sounds pretty reasonable on a rebuild for this car. I've had more luck using private transmission shops versus national chains over the years (decades), referred by folks who drive cars cradle to grave like I do. Funny how the tranny problems in my fleet faded when the teens were out of the house and driving their own cars.

    The shop I use now was recommended by a friend who drives high end cars and puts a ton of miles on them. When he developed a serious tranny problem, he took his Acura back to his regular local dealer of many years/cars, got quoted $5,400, flipped out, went transmission shop shopping, and wound up at one that did the same job for over 35% less. No follow up issues, and that same car soldiers on five years later.

    When I pulled up to the same transmission shop (located in a lower rent industrialized area of town), I saw Acuras parked there. When I asked the owner what all the Acuras were doing there, he said he does that same dealer's overflow.

    I like the idea of getting the same level of quality without getting ripped off. Ask your more knowledgeable friends and acquaintances, and shop around.
  • I have an 01' and also have had that problem recently. My check engine light came in and that was a sensor about $500 from dealership to fix. Anyway power one day out of nowhere stopped and couldnt drive it past 20 mph kind of shaked al ittle. turned out it was 3 fuses that were out the injector fuses. Who knew fuses had that much power to make your car loose power, check that out first.
  • dkocchidkocchi Posts: 6
    Today my trans started slipping. On a cold engine all was fine, after the car started to warm up the trans started slipping. It did not completely go out yet. Is there an adjustment or fix for this problem or is the trans on its way out? After it cooled off the same symtom arose again, was fine at first then started slipping. Please advise.
  • pscheidpscheid Posts: 190
    dkocchi......start by checking the transmission fluid level, color, and smell. You didn't mention your car's mileage or previous routine transmission service in your post.
  • dkocchidkocchi Posts: 6
    The car has 94K miles, the car has been dealer serviced since new from prior owner. I would imagine the fluid has been changed at least once. I was told today its a strong possibility that the solenoid clip or bracket may have broken, which I guess is common for this tranny. That would be the only way I would fix the car. For the cost of labor and a new trans its not really cost effective to fix the car. Hoping to sell it to someone who can get this car back on the road.
  • can you tell me where fuses for this issue are located
  • I ordered a transmission solenoid upgrade kit today from GM. I have a 1995 Aurora with a 4.0L and she has 129,000 miles on her. Apparently, this might be a fix for this intermittent problem? Has anyone else heard of this possible solution? They say it's a fairly simple job, only two to three hours and a lot of tranny fluid.
  • oldwinooldwino Posts: 20
  • I owne an 2001 aurora 3.5 ingine. It has a hard shift at a speed of 10-15 mph. had input speed sencer replaced, but problem still remains. HELP my wife loves this car.
  • I have a 2001 olds aurora with just uner 90,000 miles. The car will not shift into 4th gear. At 60 miles per hour the rpm's are at 3000 and at 80 mph the rpm's are around 4000. Besides this, the abs does not work nor does the traction control. Recently the cruise control went out as well. If anyone knows anything about any of these problems please let me know.
  • I have a 97 Olds cutlass sup with the 3100 and 4T60E trans. It has 116k on it. My problem is it drops out of overdrive on flat surfaces or in and out during gradual accel. I drive it 145 miles a day. it happens with cruise on and off but wont do it every day. It just drops out and rpms go up then shifts back. but it will happen several times in a minute then stop for awhile. only does it at i say 45+ mph
  • akfisherakfisher Posts: 2
    edited April 2010
    I recently purchased a 01 Aurora with about 160000 miles on it, (3.5) I was driving home yesterday on the highway and stopped to make a turn and when I went to accelerate again, it would not shift into overdrive. No other problems, no clunking sounds and runs great except no overdrive. Any ideas what that could be?
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