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Infiniti G35 keys, door locks, security system



  • Yes. Had to have the entire door lock mechanism replaced. Apparently there is a plastic gear that wore out in the lock. Can't just replace the gear. Have to replace entire mechanism. I had a buddy do it for $250. I'm sure it would be at least $500 at dealer.

    Plastic gears seem to be the norm for Infiniti. My CD changer is also not working and was told it's the plastic gear in the changer. Between $300-600 to repair.
  • scrowescrowe Posts: 1
    The new Infiniti G35 has an auto lock feature that engages when the car is starting to go forward.This is a good feature.
    Can previous year(2008) models be programmed to do the same?
  • paulo6paulo6 Posts: 93
    I picked up my new 2008 G35xS back in October 2008. Its got 9K miles on it so far. Today when I got in the car, the "low battrey" warning light came on at the center display indicatinig its time to change key-fob battery. Is this normal after a short period of ownership?
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 749
    yeb, that's normal. This key needs to emit the signal all the time. That's why it eats a lot of battery. You can get a pair of this batter at walmart for a bout $5.
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