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Hyundai Sonata vs Honda Accord

flc2006flc2006 Posts: 81
edited March 10 in Honda
In my opinion the 2008 sonata is still a better value than the 2008 Accord, the sonata has ESC standard on 4-cylinder models for over 2 years, the sonata cost $3000-5000 less than a Accord, a 10 year 100k powertrain and 5 year 60k bumper to bumper warranties are standard, Honda does not even include road side assistance,Even though the Honda has better resale value you have to spend close to $5,000 just to get the value, the Sonata gives it to you up front. I have researched the values of of a 2000 Accord and a 2000 sonata the difference was only $2,000.

These are my opinions do not take anything at heart.


  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    Yes, Great points stated! You get much more bang for the buck, and the Sonata has come a long way, and is proving to be a success. For the money you perhaps would go with the sonata, but rather look at the Honda as an investment, that will give years of faithful service, along with amazing resale value. I current own an 06 SE accord, and at this time I have positive equity already. Who can say that they can walk away from their car, with nothing owed on it. My dealer gave me full pay off for my car. When my lease is closer to being done, I will trade in for the 08 accord. You cannot take a chrysler, GM, or sonata in the dealer and do that, without any negative equity. But, that does not mean its a bad car. Its all up to you. You can get a fully loaded sonata for less than a standard accord. You get what you pay for.

    I almost bought the sonata! Very impressed, but it is more similar to the camry than accord.
  • By the numbers and features, the Sonata may seem a better value. However, there is something called peace of mind. With a Honda, you're sure that you won't be going to the mechanic all that often and you know you can still drive across the country with no hiccups 6-7 years down the road. I'm not saying the Sonata is not the same, for I have never owned one, but the Accord has already proven every single generation over and over that it can offer near-flawless reliability. That's the most important advantage for the Accord IMO, something I'd gladly pay a premium for.

    Plus, I think the interior and materials used are better in the Accord.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,681
    From a review of the Accord Problems discussion here at plus the problems and recalls on Accord in the past several years (e.g. transmission problems), I don't agree that the Accord has near-flawless reliability. It does have an excellent long-term track record for reliability, and its reliability used to be significantly higher than for other mid-sized cars (except the Camry). But in recent years the gap has narrowed considerably, especially wrt the Sonata. The previous Sonata was a big notch down from the Accord, IMO. The current Sonata is not, although it does have significant differences (e.g. smoother ride vs. Accord's sharper handling). I also agree that the Accord has a better-styled interior (the re-do of the Sonata's interior coming this spring, along the lines of the Veracruz, seem promising).

    So I too would be willing to pay a premium for an Accord, if only for the nicer interior and slightly better fuel economy. But I would not be willing to pay much more than $1000 more. This is for a 10+ year ownership, so short-term differences in resale value don't mean anything to me. The actual price difference, particularly for the 2008 Accord, is closer to $5000 depending on trim level. That's too high a premium for me.
  • It is interesting that consumers who are considering a mid-sized (or any sized) car/SUV are beginning to utter Honda..Toyota and Hyundai in the same breath. This alone says volumes to me about how far Hyundai has come in a very short time. Both Honda and Toyota have had decades to hone their reputations and both had vastly inferior vehicles for many years. We all know they now have a sterling reputation and many almost mindlessly gravitate to their showrooms year after year. Hyundai on the other hand has been selling cars in this country since 1986. The first Hyundai products were by all accounts poor..although I still see many late 80's and early 90's Hyundai products on the road. However, by about the year 2000 or so they began to get "serious" about the US market and now (in my opinion) AND after owning our first Honda product, a 2006 Civic, may actually exceed Honda in quality. I am an unabashed Hyundai advocate and less than a Honda promoter after our experiences with that Civic. So, I urge you to check both Honda and Hyundai and other brands too then decide if the difference in price warrants a Honda "H" on the grille verses a Hyundai "H"
    I can assure those who worry about "piece of mind" that you will achieve that given the long Hyundai warranty. Please keep in mind that NO car by any manufacturer is or will ever be totally trouble free but our experience with both brands (Hyundai& Honda)has shown the Honda to be more trouble over only 10K miles.
    Finally do not EVER look at a car (unless it is an exotic or a Rolls) as an investment. You will always loose $$ in the end.
  • cxccxc Posts: 122
    "rather look at the Honda as an investment"

    Investment? What return did or will you get by buying a Honda Accord? It is a large expense.
  • Investment? What return did or will you get by buying a Sonata? It is a large expense and less value.
    Most people would like a balance between quality and price... and the Accord beats the Sonata in this.
  • Actually, the Sonata is an excellent balance between quality and price. Except for the Accord's higher quality interior materials, scrutinize, and I mean honestly, and objectively, scrutinize the overall build quality of the Sonata, and it takes a back seat to very few.

    The 100K/10 year powertrain warranty and 5 year roadside assistance - neither of which you will need - add value. Overall, the Sonata delivers on value for an excellent price, just the way the Honda Accord did in its earlier years. Just for grins, I've seen more Accords on tow-hooks lately than I have any model Hyundai - for what it's worth.
  • Honda has made a name for it is self, i cannot justify spending 20k on a Accord LX when i can get a Sonata GLS V6 for only a seven hundred dollars more i have nothing against Honda i just think that the Sonata is just a good, what makes the sonata a good value is a rebate the Accord does not give you that is why i said Hyundai gives to you up front, I rather pocket a good deal now than later.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    What might be $700 now, translates to $3000 over five years, when gas costs are included. If you're looking for "value", how could you lose sight of that?

    And we're not talking about cars yet. Having driven Sonata quite a few times (a very easy find at rental centers), I can say... "you get what you pay for". My money is on Accord. It may be slightly more expensive car to buy, but it delivers.
  • ctc1ctc1 Posts: 66
    The Sonata is a better buy for someone like myself who owns there car for a long time. Resale value becomes less of a issue and reliability being similar makes it a great value. I've owned several Accords and while very good cars they were no better than other brands I've owned. Let's not lose sight of the fact that these are all plain old family sedans and not anything special. If you only plan on owning the car for a few years take the better resale of the accord or lease a Sonata. If you're going long term there both good I chose to invest the $5000 differance and buy the sonata.
  • I have disagree the Sonata gives you more than you pay for, the Honda V6 engine still uses a timing belt while the Sonata Uses a timing chain, i rather have the sonata, Honda are great cars but not worth the price in my opinion.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,681
    If someone is looking for fuel economy, they won't go for a V6. But then there's the choice between the Accord and Sonata I4s. Accord now has more power, if that is important. But it's a $5-6000 price difference, at least until the newness of the 2008 Accords wear off. I'll take the money and accept that I will be a few ticks less quick than in an Accord.

    Somewhat off topic is that the Sonata's cousin-twice-removed, the Optima, is quite a package for the money also--many think it's superior to the Sonata, and they start at under $13k (real-world price for 2007 Optima LX I4 MT). I prefer the interior of the Optima, also its handling is a bit crisper than the Sonata's.
  • I own a 2001 Accord V6 , 135K miles. had only couple of issues. Running very well. just recently saw accords running at 500k miles. But my firend's Acccord has tranmission problem, parts paid by Honda.
    I drove Hyundai once, impressed. But can't consider it for buying , recently bought another Accord for my cousin. Have seen many Hondas, totyotas running with no issues.
    look at the sales 40K cars for Accord/Camry Vs 10k for Sonata.
    Sonta interior gets you feeling of You get what you paid for.
    Either of these is a better choice if you are happy about your purchase.
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    The Sonata is a better buy for someone like myself who owns there car for a long time.

    I disagree. Even if the Accord is only considered a slightly better car than the Sonata, isn't it worth the extra money, for a better car over 10 years. Even after 10 years resale value still means a lot. I got $5,000 dollars for my 12 year old Accord (140k miles). You just can't get that kind of money for a 10 year old Hyundai no matter what kind of shape it's in.
  • Well, at $5,000 cheaper upfront, even if you sell the sonata for $1.00 after 10 years, you will still be ahead in terms of resale. that's $5,001.00 for the sonata vs $5,000 for the accord. Not to mention how much benefit it'll give you to have $5,000 cash to start with and not at the end of 10 years.
  • I know you Honda fans loves your cars, Honda was once like Hyundai with lower resale values but as time went on Honda improved their quality that is when resale values went up for Honda, Hyundai will be like Honda one day with higher resale values, for your information The sonata sells over 100,000 units a year.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    The Sonata is a better buy for someone like myself who owns there car for a long time. Resale value becomes less of a issue and reliability being similar makes it a great value.

    I didn't buy an Accord for its resale value. I bought it to keep it for a long time, and have. To prove my point, here's picture of odometer from my 1998 Accord taken yesterday:


    Big deal, right? Yes. This car has been flawless, absolutely fantastic car to own. The only "repair" that has been performed so far was an inexpensive cracked radiator hose.

    And despite being a leadfooted driver, superb mileage too. I've enough confidence in this car to take it on road trips. Even now, the car doesn't have a rattle or a squeak. And thats the reality. The kind of reality that has helped Honda gain virtually permanent customer base, AND high resale value.

    Given my experience, if I had to pick from a fleet of cars with over 100K miles, guess which would be my pick, even if it cost more. That should explain why some cars do better on resale than others.

    Let's not lose sight of the fact that these are all plain old family sedans and not anything special.

    That might explain why we have differing preferences. A family car doesn't need to be "plain". Some of us actually like being connected with the car and road. So no, a car has to be special in its class to get my nod.

    If you're going long term there both good I chose to invest the $5000 differance and buy the sonata.

    Ten years ago, I had set $25K for my budget, and ended up getting Accord EX-L for $21K plus TTL. Over a year ago, I decided to supplement my Accord, to split duties, and the budget was set at $35K, I got a TL.

    If I wanted something close to $20K, I just might get a Civic EX-L (I prefer leather, and want moonroof as first things in my cars). Sonata and other cars hold little to no appeal to me.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    I brought it up because someone threw a curve ball, suggesting getting a Sonata V6 over Accord I-4. And that was a value based point, while disregarding the position of the plate.

    Tell me why I should buy a Sonata I-4 over Accord I-4?
  • I am a current owner of a 2006 Sonata it does what any Honda or any other car could do get me from A-B, Honda is what you know, Hyundai is what i know, Honda's don't appeal to me, i make sure i change my oil every 6 months or 7,500 miles, I know the 2003-present 2.4 liter uses a timing chain, I know the Honda new V6 uses a timing belt that is a big no, both Sonata engines 4 cylinder and V6 use timing chains, I would have not bought my Hyundai if did not have a timing chain because changing timing belts can add up over the years, i know chains don't last forever that would be around 300,000 miles before replacement.
  • My reason is Value, you almost save $3,000 before rebates, the engine is very refined for a 4 cylinder, Sports shift mode if you opt for automatic transmission, No Auto Theft appeal, active head restraints, XM radio is standard on all models, three months free of charge.
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