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Dodge Dakota - FAQs



  • I think the dealer may be telling the truth.


    My 2000 Dakota Quad with the 4.7 5 speed manual did not have the upshift light either. I believe that was used on the 4 or 6 cylinder motors only.


    When my heater was set for on the floor I remember heat still coming from the defroster vents for the side windows.


    I traded for a Ram 1500 in 2003 so I'm working from memory. Rick
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    I can't comment on the manual upshift lamp since I have an automatic.


    In my '03 Dakota there is a small amount of air movement coming from the side window demisters when the heater mode switch is in the 'floor heat' position. At the moment I'm not sure about air coming out of the windshield defroster outlet, but let me say that I've found the Dakota is very quick to have the windshield mist up when in the floor heat mode. I usually run it in the floor-defroster split mode to prevent this. Maybe on the 2004s they increased some air movement through to the windshield to eliminate this problem.


    Best regards,

  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Rick is correct. i wondered where the upshift light was when I received my 2000 QC, 4.7 5 speed. I had one on my 1995 Extended Cab, 318 5 speed. I checked with Dodge and it was not available with my present configuration. Happy new year.


  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    Upshift light was operatable when you got the 2.5L I-4 engine with its 5 sp manual (no auto). I'm looking at my 2000 sales brochure - fun what you save.
  • rebel1rebel1 Posts: 2
    Iowabigguy,dustyk,bookitty,and spike50 .Thanks for your come back on the up shift indicator and the heater questions. This is my second Dakota, and about my 8th chrysler product.I've had more odd ball problems on the two Dakota's than the other 7 cars and trucks. I like the truck it has 7800 miles on it. I'am now wondering if i should try another make of truck ????

            Thank again

           Happy New Year to all, and the best of luck for the coming year.

  • shansenshansen Posts: 1
    Just drove it home. When you start it up, the info center has a light that has SECURITY. I only got a key, no manual. Light goes out like the other check lights. Am I missing a remote? Does the key have a chip? If I am missing something, where can I get it?

  • studlygtstudlygt Posts: 1
    hey I have 2000 dodge dakota and i have a noise that sounds like a grind knockong sound like it coming for the motor sounds like a know but it only dose it when you hit the gas really quick and it seems to come frow the pasenger side i was told it was some kind of a pump just wondered if you here it in you truck if you could email me at
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    We prefer that the information be shared on the message boards rather than email. This way all our members can benefit from the knowledge. :)

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  • mikkimikki Posts: 1
    My husband bought a 2005 Dakota SLT Quad Cab that he absolutely LOVES. Or at least he did, until he discovered water leaking from under the dash onto the passenger side floor. We've had the truck a month. The dealer told us that this model is not intended to be parked on an incline; if it is and it rains, the truck will leak. Since we live in Seattle, where it's very hilly and rains 9 months of the year, this is not an acceptable answer. Has anyone out there heard of anything so ridiculous?

    We're getting the truck back tonight. Supposedly, they've made and installed some sort of baffle that will deflect the rainwater out to the sides and keep it from coming into the truck. I don't even know where to go with this. Thanks for any advice/information!
  • saabgirlsaabgirl Posts: 184
    Both Chevy Colorado and Toyota Tacoma threads also have complaints about similar leaks. In the Chevy's case the problem seems to be an unfinished seal under the windshield. I think other posters reported a hole in the sheet metal that had to be plugged. I would guess a defective seal somewhere under there is the problem. I would take the dealer's explanation with a very large helping of salt and would call the Dakota 800 number for good measure.
  • dakboydakboy Posts: 3
    I just bought a 2001 SLT Dakota with 3.9 V6 and 5 speed tranny. I love It! Traded my built 89 suburban (which I miss) but I am looking forward to a lower monthly gas bill. Anyway, I am wondering if there is an easy way to tell if I have a limited slip or not? This is my first Dodge I've ever owned.


  • sunburnsunburn Posts: 319
    There should be a sticker on the bottom of the glove box door that will list it if it does. It will be called an "Anti Spin" differential. If you don't have that sticker, you could take the VIN to a Dodge dealer and have them pull up the build info for the truck. Of course, you could always "burn a little rubber" and see if you leave two tracks. Good luck!
  • dakboydakboy Posts: 3
    I found the sticker in the glove box, and I also found a sticker on the axle tube which says "8.25 N-TRK" and "3.55 open case". I guess I'll just have to add the limited slip later. Oh well. Thanks for you reply.
  • krewerouxkreweroux Posts: 4
    I am looking to but a 2005 Dak quad cab SLT in the next week and I want the 6 speed tranny, but none of the dealers around New Orleans have one. I am very reluctant to buy one without driving one. i like shifting for myself and more importantly, by not opting for the $1,000 auto, I can afford the V8. Are there any brave souls who have the new getrag 6 speed. Also, I will be pulling a boat, and i can't get the Limited slip differential with the 6 speed. Boat weighs about 2500 with motor and trailer. Which do you think is more important, the 6 or the LSD? Thanks.
  • tcsmpsitcsmpsi Posts: 31
    I initially wanted the manual (6 spd.) transmission, as my '01 Dak Quad was a manual and I like the little bit of added control.
    However, when I bought the '05, the 6 spds. were not yet being shipped, so I went ahead and got an auto (which was surprising to the dealer as they had sold me several vehicles, adamantly with manual shift).

    I have the 6 cyl, and though I do not have a boat, I do haul building materials, firewood, dirt/rock, etc with a trailer. The last 8 cyl pickup I had was a '79 Adventurer. The Dak/3.7 pulls as well (maybe even a tad better on the hiway).

    The '01 Dak Quad 6 cyl manual pulled well too. Honestly, I do not find any real disappointment in the 4spd auto. Probably more than anything, nostalgia for my 'stick' kicks in from time to time.
  • jeryljeryl Posts: 1
    Every few days when I try to start my truck while in park, it won't start or even turn over. Usually, if I put it in neutral and then try, it starts. On a couple of occasions, this has failed as well. If I work the shift lever some, then it starts. I've checked the park/neutral switch, starter, and ignition switch. Anyone have this problem before?
  • Bought a 92 Dakota for my daughters and some kind soul has helped their gas milage nose dive towards zero by helping themselves to their gas at night. Hence the need for a locking gas cap. Turns out we have two choices, both appear to be the same but one is apparently vented the other unvented. Engine is V-8, we could not find a reference in the owners manual stating type of cap, just a suggestion to be careful when opening. Parts guys wanted to know did the cap "hiss" or "not hiss" when opened. Have not heard it hiss so far so it would appear that the cap is vented. Any easy answers? Is this a closed or open emissions system? do we need a vented or unvented cap? Seems pretty basic, just not so obvious to us at the moment. Thanks for any assistance!!
  • bgreenebgreene Posts: 1
    I just bought a '05 Dakota SLT Quad Cab and have the same problem. Did the baffle trick fix it? If so, what is the dealers name so I can contact them for the fix.
  • I just brought my Dodge Dakota truck in because the engine light was on. I was told that the Emissions Harness was bent and the harness had gone bad. A friend of mine suggested that I see if this might still be under warranty. Does anyone know how I can find this information out? It's just a plain Dodge Dakota truck (My baby truck) 5-speed, 2001 with 55517 miles on it.

    Thanks for the help.

  • By the way Hello to everyone. I am a new member and wanted to introduce myself and my baby truck.

    I've had him for a little over a year and I love him He's a 2001 Dodge Dakota, 5- speed and the best mode of transportation (other than my Honda 750) I have ever had.

    Me, just a lady who finally got her dream truck (for now anyway) and is a very happy woman.


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