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Honda Accord Coupe Transmission Problems



  • I have an '07 6 speed coupe and started experiencing the 3rd gear problem at about 12K. It didn't seem to matter whether the car was hot or cold. Somedays it didn't happen at all, and other days frequently. It only happened going into 3rd gear and from any of the forward gears - upshifting or downshifting. Usually it shifted with no problem, but sometimes there was a "notchy" feel -it took a little more effort, but it went in. I didn't get the "notchiness" in any other gear. The dealer was unable to replicate the problem, but drained the transmission fluid and did not find any metal filings indicating internal problems. They refilled with a different fluid and lubed the shifter linkage. For two weeks afterwards it was perfect (I don't recall about the notchiness). However, in the two months since the "fix" it's happened 3 times and the notchiness is there. The dealer is in the process of checking with Honda.
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 853
    ..........However, in the two months since the "fix" it's happened 3 times and the notchiness is there. The dealer is in the process of checking with Honda.

    Let me be the first to point out that over at AcuraZine, the word is GMSFM to cure all your 3rd gear 6M problemas..................

    best, ez.....
  • mzagarmzagar Posts: 1
    Honda actually did issue a TSB to fix (yes, really fix, not just change the transmission fluid!) the 3rd gear issue by changing out the entire 3rd gear set. It's Honda Service Bulleting 08-020 dated April 12, 2008. My local Honda dealer fixed my '07 Sedan 2 weeks ago and it's like night and day!

    Hope this helps those who've had issues with this.
  • mdebritomdebrito Posts: 12
    My car is already in for the TSB next week!!!!! I made the appointment earlier. YES!!

  • mppedersenmppedersen Posts: 25
    I know this is not exactly the same issue, but very similar.

    I have a 2008 Accord EX-L I-4 MT. I am having the exact same problem shifting. When the car is "cold", when I shift from 2-3, I feel like I have 3rd gear "in", but when I release the clutch, I get a grind, then a slip back to neutral. Second try I force it into 3rd gear, it works fine, then when I shift from 3-4, the 4th gear engages fine, but when I release the clutch, the car lurches. My local dealership cannot duplicate the problem, along with the dealership where I bought the car from. But the problem is definitely there.

    I was wondering if the 3rd gear parts from the 6MT are similar to the parts for the 5MT, and any advice from people in this forum to get dealerships to listen.
  • mdebritomdebrito Posts: 12

    I had the issue going from 4th to 3rd. Any dealership who recognizes the 6M problem should be able to recognize the same issue with the 5M.
  • mppedersenmppedersen Posts: 25
    The local dealership to where I live, not the dealership where I bought it, is aware of the 6M problems. They went out on a test drive and I could not get the issue to show up because it was 102° that day (which is unusually hot for Maryland) However they said they have not seen the 5M act up in the same manner as the 6M. They also said they would keep doccumenting the problem, so I have something to fall back on if there is a complete failure. However, this dealership sales percentage of MT models is very low percentage, even compared to other Honda dealerships, and I was the first '08 5M they have had to deal with, for any service, which may explain some of the denseness of the service department in regards to this issue. The service manager told me he would contact the regional rep to see if there are other similar complaints for the 5Ms. In the meantime however, I am going to take the car to another dealership in the area and explain the problem and see what they can come up with. :(
  • rogerb34rogerb34 Posts: 30
    Accord 2005 5 spd auto.
    This tranny has a transmission filter screen and not the standard mesh filter serviced at periodical intervals. Purpose of the filter screen is to remove large transmission particles.
    I service by removing the plug and draining fluid. About 3qts and cost $32.
    Replace the plug crush washer. Z1 fluid from Honda. Do not drop the pan.
    Test fluid color before service by a drop on a clean paper towel. If red with little dark at the drop point, fluid is ok. Dark or black is unacceptable. Check after driving 100 miles.
    Annually is cheap compared to overhaul.
  • Any update to these problems?! Looking to purchase a 2009 Accord Coupe 6M/5M but if the gearbox still has these problems, I may have to look further :(
  • I have good news for you, the new parts they put in the transmission works. Just check with honda for the vin#s affected in 2008....wait, you want a 2009, then the problem is fixed for the third gear popping out.
  • How about the supposed 2nd gear grinding?
  • I am still having the problems with the 2008 5MT in the 4 cylinder model. Dealership is looking at it again this weekend.
  • sky16sky16 Posts: 20
    I have had the same problem on my Accord Coupe V6EXL W/ NAVIGATION.

    I bought the car in November 2007 and noticed that it would pop out of 3rd gear occasionally and grind in 3rd gear so I told the dealer this and they advised that this should go away at 10,000 miles.

    I wish it were so but they ended up replacing the 3rd gear two weeks ago.

    I picked up the car from the dealer on Tuesday night and had a rental car for two days while Wilde Honda in Waukesha tried to fix the problem.

    I picked the car up and drove it home with no 3rd gear problems but did have a difficult time putting it into first gear with the clutch all the way down.

    The next morning when I was driving to work I was on the entrance ramp to 94 west to head to work and could barely get the car to go into first gear and was afraid that someone would rear end me.

    As the week progressed that problem with first gear went away.

    On day 6 and 7 when I shifted into 4th gear it began to pop out of gear on its own (hence the name "Gear Popping").

    At the end of day 7 it started whining in each gear and was still popping out of forth gear.

    On day eight I called the dealer and advised that major problems needed to be addressed with the gearbox/transmission. I drove the car to the dealer and barely made it on since it was loudly whining in each gear and the gear shift knob had to be held in at each gear so that it would not pop out of gear.

    The dealership has now had my car since Tuesday September 30th and I will not be getting my car back until possibly Monday October 6th. Originally the dealer told me that I would have my car back today on Friday. (By the time I pick my car up I will have been driving junky rental cars from enterprise for 8 days at the cost of $18 per day for the loss of rental insurance which means if someone crashes into you and the rental car needs to replaced and you don't have this insurance they can charge you up to $100 per day for loss of rental.)

    The reason for delay on getting my car fixed was Wilde Honda Dealership did not have the parts to complete this job and advised that hopefully the parts will be there on Monday. I sure the heck hope so this getting a rental car every single darn week is getting very old......

    I talked to the Sales Manager at Wilde Honda and told him my problems and he said it sounds like I have a lemon which is really rare with a Honda.

    I visited Wilde Honda to if they could give me an even trade minus navigation with automatic since I am so disgusted with the poor quality of this manual 6 speed transmission but the salesperson said we will give you $22,000 on the trade in. I told the dealer to forget it if thats the best you can do; since, I am not going to take a $10,000 loss on a $32K vehicle.

    Any ways I hope you have gotten your car fixed and you are the happy owner of wonderful new sparkling accord.

    I can only pray that Honda really listens to its customers and takes us seriously, since I am not feeling that way now with the second fix in two weeks.

    I am really hoping for an honest fix to these problems, but after reading much commentary on the problems with the gearbox's and transmissions and yes I had a 2001 Acura 3.2TL V6 that had its transmission replaced after $50,000 miles.

    Honda did a recall on 1/4 of a million transmissions on the TL and I think they are doing everything possible to avoid a "Man Up" on this current problem until enough people like myself spend hours complaining on sites like

    This whole experience has left a sick feeling in my stomach to be quite honest.

    I'm hoping that Honda will prove me wrong when I pick up my car on Monday that they have truly fixed the gearbox problem.

    Tune in this website and I will let you know how this one progresses.

    I will say that Honda did an excellent job on the 1998 Prelude 5 speed manual; thus, I never had any problems with this car and traded it in for the 3.2TL with transmission problems.

    Great job on that car Honda, please make me feel the same about the 2008 Accord V6EXL Coupe.


    Gear Pops Frequently Accord Coupe 2008 :sick:
  • sky16sky16 Posts: 20
    Was Honda able to fix the problem with your 2nd gear grinding?

    Two weeks ago I have had the 3rd gear replaced on repair at dealership on the first visit for this problem due to 3rd gear grind/popping out of gear which the vehicle has been doing since I bought it in November 2007.

    This week my Accord EXL V6 is in the dealership again for the 2nd time same problem different gear now it was the 4th gear grind/popping out of gear into neutral.

    I will pick the car up on Monday and have now been without the car for a total of nine days.

    I feel like the dealership is listening to me and doing everything they can to fix this problem; thus, I hope it is really fixed this time. No fault to the dealership they are trying their best.

    Let me know how your situation has been.


    3rd and 4th Gear Popping Honda Accord 2008 :confuse: V6EXL Six Speed Manual
  • The weather is changing and I have the rattle back in the driver door around the locking mechanism when I go over bumps. It was really cool this morning and I could have sworn it popped out, but I wasn't paying attention. I'll keep checking, but as is, it's hasn't happenned since I got it back.... except maybe this morning.
  • sky16sky16 Posts: 20
    Hi Manuel,

    Check this site to show video of Accord V6 manual popping out of gear the website "" it should show you what is happening.

    If you have a video camera and a friend that can ride in the car with you to video tape you while you are shifting you can catch it on tape and take it to the dealership to show them what your experiencing; thus, make sure that if it happens you take it in to the dealership and demand that they take care of the problem right away don't buy the line that the problem will go away at 10,000 miles, like I was told.

    I sent the dealership that I am working with this website so they can better understand the gear popping issue. Make sure to keep a note pad in your car to document each occurence that it happens so you can remember when you take it to the dealership.

    Let me know if you are able to access the site to see the gear popping problem on tape.

    Make sure you pay close attention when you put the clutch all the way to the floor if it grinds into that gear and then immediately pops out into neutral and then you have to put it in that same gear again.

    Good Luck and keep me up to date with whether your problem is truly resolved.

    I am going to the dealer on Monday to pick up my 2008 Accord V6EXL w/navi and I am having both service managers ride in the car with me and also drive it to see if there is any trace of gear grinding/popping.

    This whole experience has caused me to lose faith in the car I have and that is a bit unnerving.

    The dealership has provided me with two dumpy low end rental cars from Enterprise Rent A Car (PT Curiser and Mazada Speed 3), when I should have gotten a dealer demo that has a least has some safety built in like the accord, my mistake.

    I will have had a rental car coming up on Monday now for a total of 9 days with an out of pocket expense of $180.00 and will ask the dealership to cover this since they did not pick up on the frontside.

    The regular insurance does not cover the loss of rental insurance on the dumpy rental vehicles they have provided me with ($18 dollars per day).

    Loss of rental means you pay if someone runs into and crashes your rental vehicle and it cannot be rented to someone else you can be responsible for $100 per day which could add up to $3000 for the month if it takes that long to fix the vehicle.

    I am hoping the dealership will step up to the plate and cover this loss of rental insurance, since I am not at all happy with this whole nightmare experience with this Honda Accord. Wilde Honda acts like it is no big deal to be in a dumpy rental; since its not them driving it.

    Lets just say that I am numb about this whole Honda :sick: experience.... Let me :mad: :( :sick: know how yours goes.
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 853
    ....addressed by both honda and acura via Technical Services Bulletins. Also, many ( have been praising GMSFM transmission fluid as a non-mechanical method to improve the shifting quality of the 6M's shift to third gear.

    best, ez....
  • ezshift,
    After the "fix" with the GMSFM transmission fluid, honda reformulated their own transmission. The new fluid alone did not fix my transmission issue. Only after the replacement of the transmission parts fixed the issue for me. When only the fluid was changed, the problem disappeared for two weeks or so. When it was cold third gear popping was much more prevelant than when warm. Now that it is getting colder here in Jersey, it will be a better test for the new parts.
  • sky16sky16 Posts: 20
    If you don't mind me asking have you had this problem since you owned your vehicle?

    If so did the dealer tell you it would go away after 10,000 miles?

    How many times has the dealer tried to fix your problem so far?

    I wish I would have addressed these gear issues within the first week I had the car and not listened to the dealer that this problem just some how goes away after 10,000 thanks for the B.S. "nice snow job guys" just in time for winter I might add.

    You know its amazing I had bought a Honda Prelude in 1998 5 speed manual never any problems with any gear grinding popping what so ever now that is true Honda quality; thus, I know Honda can fix this problem if they really put their mind to it.

    What the hell is going on here with Honda's quality control on their 6 speed manual transmissions please own up on the problem that is facing many of us.

    The problem is there are not as many customers driving manual transmissions, so you can only imagine the percentage of people likely having problems with these transmissions and are not computer savvy enough to report it on a site like this to warn other people about it.

    All I am asking is that Honda really fixes this problem instead trying to pacify me; thus, Honda please hear what I am saying and step up to the plate and "Man Up" and take some responsibility here.

    I really love Honda engines and have been driving a Honda for the past 10 years and would like to be driving them for the next 30 years but I need some real fixes here this time guys and gals at Honda engineering transmission group this time lets get it right this is really getting old...

    If if sounds like I am venting about my frustration with this you bet I am when I spend $32,000 for a car I do expect it to be absolutely reliable come on folks wake up and smell the burnt coffee for pete's sake,

    Take a video camera and record your gears popping out so you can show the dealer and keep record of it.

    Good luck and hopefully Honda will resolve this problem for good so I can spend my time doing other things rather than on this site.

    Thanks for sharing your transmission problems/issues :mad: :sick:
  • sky16sky16 Posts: 20
    Are you still have problems with your Accord V6 6 speed manual? I have a 2008 Accord V6 EXL w/navi and the dealer told me this problem would go away at 10,000 miles, well it sure as hell did not go away.

    They tried a poor fix on it the first time two weeks ago at the dealership that lasted just about one week and darn near left me stranded on the side of the road and certainly not with warm fuzzies on the inside. The whole geabox fell apart; thus, how great is that on a $32,000 vehicle you can imagine that I am really not happy like a clam on the beach in summertime..

    The accord has now been at the dealership for 7 days come Monday when I am suppose to pick up it up.

    Believe me this is getting really old here, I really just want it fixed right thats all just want some quality for a change.

    Believe me I am not buying another v6 manual Honda to save my life if I have to take it in for this same happy problem the next time which will be time #3 to see if I am just having some bad luck here with one out of 100 forget it. ;) :surprise: :P :P

    Did you end up selling your car? Did the dealership replace your gear box?
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