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Mazda CX-7 Starting Problems

First of all I am very impressed with this site and some of the posts I have read. Bought a new cx7 2.5 months ago, about 3 weeks ago I noticed a problem that has occured pretty well every morning. When I start my cx7 it starts fine, I go to drive it down the road and it is if there is no gas coming into the vehicle. It jerks, makes a terrible noise and moves very slowly. Almost as if I was running out of gas. I pull over and put into park and hit the gas pedal a few times and within 5-10 mins it is fine.

Only happens when the car is cold...I do experience the lag I read about which I now know it is normal..I use the recommended octane gas, I do not drive hard
Made appt to bring into dealership and wonder if anyone can give me some suggestions or thoughts so I can be prepared?
Someone mentioned that Mazda engines have to be re programmed?

Thanks for your time,



  • That could be a lot of things, but it's not normal, regardless of what version of software is in the engine computer. Let the dealer figure it out - just hope they can recreate the symptoms.

  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    Most unusual. I have no idea what could be the problem.

    Adding to what carlitos recommended, keep detailed records - it's wise no matter what car you own.

  • Thanks for the reply, I will start taking more detailed notes

  • :sick:
    Hi,I have exactly the same problem with my CX7.I bought the car 3 weeks ago and it happens twice so far.First they told me that they have to do some settings?!?!?!But the next day it happens again.Now it's in the service and they don't know what is the problem.Please let me know if you find something....
    Thanks a lot,
  • Will do Mike,
    I will update you in few days.
  • I had the same jerking issues with my CX-7. Ask the techs to look at the belt on the car. It took the techs in Dallas 16 days to find discover that it had nothing to do with the computer settings.

    Here's what the district manager told me:
    · The drive belt had been installed 1 tooth to engine side over the edge of pulleys, this caused the belt to be torn off at about 1/6 width (1 tooth).
    · Some pieces of belt materials and fuzz stuck/touched the crank position sensor and trigger wheel and would then interrupt the crank sensor signal momentary. (approximately 50 milliseconds)
    · The Powertrain Control Module would detect the momentary loss of signal from the crank sensor and would kill the fuel injection, which was causing the jerking.
  • lwdblwdb Posts: 2
    Does anyone have a problem with starting their vehicle in the cold? Bought my car a couple months ago and they said it had a block heater. Now that it is getting cold went to find the cord to plug in and could not findit and now they say there is no such thing. I am thinking it's going to be hard on starting
  • I guess "cold" is relative, but my CX-7 sleeps outside and I had no problems in the 20s last winter.

    There were issues with an "IMRC valve" recall; I think it just affected the 2007s, but cold weather made this defective part act up and cause real problems.

  • lwdblwdb Posts: 2
    I live in Canada where it gets to be -35C in the winter. Vehicles sometimes don't start unless being plugged in.
  • Hello All,

    Sorry for the delay! The dealer finally found my problem with my cx7. I had it in 3 times, the first two times they had it overnight and did all the usual stuff. Computer downloads, flashing this and that and nothing worked. I finally left it with them for 9 days and the problem ended up being my fuel pump. (High efficiency fuel pump which had to be ordered from Dallas)
    I can get more detailed info if anyone needs them. Have fun driving..

  • I am in the process of dealing with this issue. When it first happened they diagnosed a throttle bolt problem, and when that didn't fix the problem they tried a new fuel pump, which also didn't fix the problem. Then they installed a new high pressure fuel pump (I guess the CX7 has two fuel pumps). Finally, after 10 days it seemed like the problem was rectified. However one day later the problem reoccurred. They tell me it is the high pressure fuel pump again. Each time they have had to order the parts so the vehicle stays out of commission for an inordinate amount of time. All of this after four bouts with the CEL. To be true to form I should only get lemon air freshener for the vehicle in the future (if the shoe fits and all).
  • Hello,
    I feel for what your going through! Do what I did...tell them you are leaving your cx7 with them till the problem is fixed and arrange for the use of a loaner car. If they do not have this service available find a dealership that does....There is a fix, be patient and I wouldn't go buying the lemon air freshener just yet.
    I know how frustrated I was, but my cx7 is running perfect now. Drop it off and tell them to fix it. Keep me posted!
  • I should know tomorrow. After they replaced the high pressure fuel pump yet again, to no avail, they have told me it was a wiring issue and they think they have solved the problem - they just want to hold the vehicle one more day to make sure. I've had a rental, but I really didn't buy a CX7 just so I could drive a Ford Focus or Pontiac Grand Prix (its taken close to three weeks). Hopefully this is the fix.
  • Well, the POS went down again. Same problem. I honestly think there is a serious engineering issue with the CX7s, and I wouldn't be surprised if this starts cropping up more often as miles are added to these things. Never ever will I buy a Mazda again.
  • What iis the POS

    Thanks Charlie32
  • It's your service departments inability to fix the problem, take it elsewhere, it can be fixed.
  • They are the only Mazda dealership in town. If I want a rental while it is under repair I have to go to them. In any event, I believe they are going along with my lemon law claim and should be returning my money, unless the dealership is just jerking me around.
  • pgrudinpgrudin Posts: 1
    This morning we found that our new CX-7 (08) wouldn't start. It wouldn't crank. The doors would not lock or unlock remotely. Nada. No dash lights.

    The car was running fine last night. No warning lights.

    I'vew tried starting it in Park and in Neutral, checked the battery terminals, tried the remote start. Nothing. Not the slightest sign of life. ALthough I don't think the battery is dead (lights go off automatically), I will put it on a trickle charge just in case.

    Of course, I rather suspect that some expensive electronic thing is at fault. BUt I'd appreciate any suggestions other members might have.

  • zoom49zoom49 Posts: 76
    Check to see if your lights will turn on, which would indicate that battery is charged. Do you have a seperate car alarm? These can sometimes cause issues.
    Call Mazda free roadside assistance.
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