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Mazda CX-7 Starting Problems



  • hucuhucu Posts: 1
    My cx7 had the same problem sometime it will start after driving it and other times it will not start at all. Lights and everything works. I bought a new battery and still my car will not start. I found that if you knock on the starter while trying to start the car, it will start right up. I will check the starter connections, to see if they are connected properly without any corrosion, if the connections are good then I will change the starter out to see if that fix the problem.
  • kes9kes9 Posts: 2

    I found the problem with my 2007 CX 7 that was having the starting issue. I looked at the wiring harness at the starter motor and the one grey wire that comes out and clips onto the solenoid must have been corroded. I simply unlocked/unclipped the grey wire connection at the solenoid and cleaned the connection and the clip with some fine sand paper/emery cloth and clipped it back together. Touch wood but it has started every time since ( about 3 months ago now).
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