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Dodge Dakota - Club Cab



  • ready10ready10 Posts: 13
    My apologies. It was only my second time using this site (damn new guy, LOL). Didn't know you could get messages from all the forums. Thanks for the answer, by the way!
  • nitro92nitro92 Posts: 2
      i currently just purchased a new dakota sport plus 4x4 with a 4.7 in it auto tranny, 3.55 rear end,heavy duty group, tire, handling also, and more. my question is how much hp would you gain by adding an air raid air filter .i know in the magazines they state increased hp and performance . but i think the best way is to hear from some one that did it to there truck and to get there honest opinion on it would i notice any improvement in the performence .also what about adding just a performance muffler by flowmaster . any other bolt ons that can help thanks ... rob from ct
  • nitro92nitro92 Posts: 2
    why doesnt dodge install the 5.9 in the club cab dakota ? it would be nice to get that extra hp and performance . dodge puts it in the quad cab , they should have no problems putting them in a club cab for those people that want it
  • ronslakieronslakie Posts: 58
    nitro92 - I would recommend that you join the Dakota Mailing List at they are really into the speed mods and have some 1300 members. Several on the list have the mod you are talking about as well as some that are similar. Further recommend that you join in the digest mode which consolidates messages and then provides them to you.

  • jimsixtjimsixt Posts: 5
    Just took delivery on an '03 club cab,4.7 5spd manual 2wd. The bucket seats installed do not have a release on the back. Other club cabs on the dealer's lot do. Chrysler and the dealer haven't provided a response yet. Since I have picked up such good info from the site already, thought I'd ask. Can't believe its the way its intended since the reach to the side release is so long.

  • jimsixtjimsixt Posts: 5
    Received the answer to my problem last evening at the dealer. After they dug the strap Chrysler now uses as a back seat release out of its slot, all you have to do is pull the tab to release the seat.
  • lotech1lotech1 Posts: 112
    I've had my 03 Quad Cab SXT for a month now. 1,100 miles on it and the motor (3.9) is starting to loosen up. I had a Dodge van with a 318 in it and can't help but notice how mopar engines seem to run rougher than other motors. My primary vehicle (GM 3800 v6) is as smooth as can be. Can't hardly tell it's running at idle. On the 3.9 you can't manipulate the throttle to get it to stay at 1,000 rpm (with trans in Park). Seems to like either 600 or 1,500rpm but doesn't like to maintain rpms in between. This isn't a big issue, and I'm entirely satisfied with the truck. Just wondering if the Chrysler motors have a little healthier cam or something? Sure wish the 4 speed auto tranny shifted as well as the electronic 4 speed auto in my Buick. What's Chryslers idea behind no coolant recovery system? Guess I'll have to get used to checking the radiator like I did years ago. I realize that a little coolant jug isn't enough to help much but it's nice to be able to add coolant without opening up the system. The 3.9 has plenty of power for my type of driving. Curious as to why the 3.9 is only rated at 175hp when my Buick 3800 is rated at 200hp? What did Chrysler leave out of this motor?
  • 2001 Club Cab SLT, 4.7, Auto, LSD, Roll-N-Lock.

        Installed a 2/3 drop kit from Hotchkis today. Now I can clean the windshield without a stool and my five year old grandaughter can get in and out without help. That's what I pointed out to my wife anyway!! Looks better too. Ride changed some but is not too stiff. Kit included four new springs and bump stops. I decided to go with Belltech shocks instead of Bilstein. A friend of mine told me that Bilstein shocks would be too "stiff" for my application. I'm not doing Pike's Peak this year. 8-)
  • I just replaced my '97 Dakota Club Cab with a 2003 (took possession yesterday) and have a question concerning the storage boxes under the back seat. My question is: should the storage boxes under the back seat have the rigid plastic covers like the '97 did? The dealer said no, but I'm sceptical of seating someone back there without them. The boxes have a lip and latch/hinge slots like the '97, just no covers. In the '97 I noticed the seat would slightly flex into the box if the cover was not on and someone was seated in the seat. I already have to go back to get one of the washer fluid nozzels replaced since it appears the detail crew knocked it off when waxing, I'm wondering if the same crew just didn't put the covers back in.

  • haselhasel Posts: 64
    My 1999 Club Cab did not have covers on the storage boxes under the rear seat.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    My 2003 Club Cab Sport Plus did not come with the aforementioned covers, either. In fact, I didn't even know there was such a thing.

    Best regards,
  • 2001 CC no storage box covers
  • I have a 2002 2WD club cab with the SXT package. What would be good snow tires for the 255/65-16 tires that are on this truck. Also what is the function of the bed rails some folks put on their trucks?
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    By "bed rails," are you refering to pieces that mount to the top of the box sill? If that's it they are generally intended to be used to tie ropes to for securing items that may shift in the bed during movement.

    What type of tire do you have on your Dakota? The Goodyear Wrangler SR/As that came on mine have surprised me by being very, very good this past winter. Of course, limited slip differential I'm sure helped, but last deer season I scaled a shear-icy road with them. I had my 650 pound ATV on the back, which helped, too. Later a four-wheel drive could not make the same hill!!

  • You answered the question on bed rails. That is what they are called. Thanx
    My truck came with 255/65-16 Goodyear Eagles with the SXT package.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    By the way, were you ground or flight crew on B-52s?

    Assuming yours came with the Eagle LS tire, you might have a better or equal tire to my Wrangler SR/As. It is sometimes inappropriate to compare characteristics across different types of tire classifications -- in this case a performance tire (Eagle) to a truck tire (SR/As). The Bridgestones that came on my wife's Avalon were a performance tire and they were absolutely the worst wet, snow tire I've ever driven.

    As a truck tire the Goodyear website seems to indicate that just about any other Goodyear tire will give better snow traction than the SR/As. So I don't know. A few days of snow driving will probably tell you if you want or need something a little more aggressive.

    Best regards,
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    George, Dusty, the B-52? Isn't that the one that was copied after my B-47? Well, that significantly dates me, does it not? How sophisticated we thought we were. What improvement could ever be possible over the mighty K Bomb/Nav system and the N-1 compass. We considered the WWII reciprocating aircraft as "seat of the pants" engineering. Well guys, time marches on.

  • Dusty; went on several websites and the Bridgestone Dueller seems to be recommended highly for use as a snowtire.
       The"52" in my username denotes the year 1952, when I enlisted. I spent most of my time on board the best aircraft ever built, the C-47 (DC-3). The old Gooney Bird was introduced in 1935, and many are still flying today. She was a great airplane and could almost fly itself. The B-52 is the bomber introduced in 1954, put in service in 1955 and still flying today. It's been used in VietNam, Desert Storm and the Iraq conflict. The plane is older than the crews that fly her.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    The B-47. Wasn't that the eight engined monster that had the two JATOs on the wings? I can't remember the name they gave it, but I worked with a guy that was stationed in England that ground-crewed on those, I believe.

    I like those "seat of the pants" bombers: B17, B24 (LB-30s or PB4Y2s to you Navy guys), B25 (PBJ), B26, B32s.

    And the Douglas C47, or R4D in the Navy, which I believe was officially called the Skytrain in the Allied Aircraft Identification book. I think the C47 has been in service longer than any other aircraft. Brazilian Air Force was still flying them a few years ago.

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