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Toyota Highlander Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning



  • dex_alaindex_alain Posts: 1
    Highlander 2003 with 267000km, 4 cyl. Whether you put cool air or air condition, while driving it sudently swith to very hot air. Either I take the air condition off and on again or I switch the knob from coolest to warmest and then back to coolest, and everything comes back to normal. Hate to do that, but it's the only way I found. Am I the only one? Any idea to solve the problem? It may appear one , twice or even three times on a run of 50 km.

    Thanks if there is a genius among us !!
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Read the post just before yours.
  • dcraytordcraytor Posts: 1
    May be late in day for this one, but I had same problem, and pulleed the knob cover off from the dashboard, that controls the temperature. The nut was loose holding the variable switched to the dash, and shorting out below. Tightended nut, put knob back on, works great...Dan
  • oakinskioakinski Posts: 1
    Thank you so much for posting your message . . . I too have an 05 Highlander with the AC issues, just taking the knob off, not even tightening it, I got immediate cold air it was wonderful. Just yesterday I had gone to a mechanic who told me it would be about $700 to replace the panel for the repair, you just saved me $700 and now I have cold air in my car, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  • Just drove a 2011 highlander off the lot 5 days ago. Air blows warm for 6-9 minutes after car has been sitting for awhile like in garage overnight. Took it in they found leaking o-ring and filled the freon. Again brand new car 200 miles. Still blows warm- left a baseball game tonight after the car sat for 3 hours. Took a/c 5 minutes to blow cold. It literally blows warm air then seems to kick in. Service mgr tells me it takes the highlanders 5 minutes to cool the cabin. It takes mine 6 minutes to blow cool air. Any similar problems? Considering taking it back. We live in a hot climate and our 18 year old BMW cools better. Help
  • I had the same problem with my 2005 Highlander. Googled it and tons of people had the same issue. If you take it to Toyota they tell you they have to replace the whole board which costs about 1k. In actuality it is just that two of three wires coming to the control button has come undone because they are too short. You need to just have them resolder on the other side and it works like new. Cost me $40.00. I can't remember the site but if you look hard enough you will find it where a guy give you detailed instructions on how to fix it with pictures.
  • Did A/C improve at all after repair? You might want to ask your dealer to let you compare any other new HL cooling with yours, see if any difference. I have a 2008 HL and A/C might take few minutes to cool off if car seats for long time on the sun. I can feel cold air coming from the vents pretty soon though, whole cabin space might take time to cool off if it gets really hot. If you live in hot climate then you should have chosen optional rear A/C when you bought the car.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    edited September 2011
    I can't remember the site but if you look hard enough you will find it where a guy give you detailed instructions on how to fix it with pictures.

    Here's the site. e/
  • cjr053cjr053 Posts: 2
    The control switch will not move the tempture up or down it's stuck at 65 degree. i check the hex nut and it it time for a new control switch?
  • model year? I have a '05 and initially I had the same problem that was remedied in msg #155. Problem occurred again this winter and it turned out that the "blender door" control is broken. It controls how wide to open the door (underneath the dash) to blend the warm/cool air into the cabin. Right now, I have a stiff wire propping the door wide open to get me thru a Chicago winter. I only get one temperature control HOT or OFF. Not sure if this is your problem, but it's my experience with lack of temperture control.
  • I have a 2001 Highlander, when i turn the knob the tempture doesn't change it stay at 65 degrees. i think i need a new control.
  • k8radk8rad Posts: 1
    The A/C in my 2007 Highlander was not cooling as well as it used to, so I added freon. As it was going in it made loud noise that sounded like pressurized air releasing from the lower part of the compressor facing the lower front part of the car. This loud noise occurred for a second or so, every 10 seconds. The A/C does not blow cold air now. If anyone can let me know what to try next, it would be appreciated. Thank-you.
  • jad5jad5 Posts: 1
    Overhead vents are broke, how do you get the rear overhead ac vents out, to replace, 2009 highlander
  • grannyjllgrannyjll Posts: 1
    Had an appointment scheduled for tomorrow with my local Toyota dealership because I was having problems getting my 2005 Highlander's AC to work. After deciding to check and see if anyone on the Internet had posted a similar problem, I was very glad that I did. On my way to lunch I removed the control knob to check out the hex nut that was mentioned on here and sure enough it was loose enough to spin around. I tightened it with my fingers and my AC and heater work beautifully now. This 56 year old granny is proud of herself. Thanks for this blog and the helpful information all of you posted. I was really scared to see how much I was going to have to pay to get my car fixed.
  • azchelaazchela Posts: 1
    So we have a 2003 HL with almost 100,000 miles - still runs great and this has been our only major problem. About a year ago the AC started blowing hot air even when the "coldest" temp was selected. We took it to our mechanic who said it was the "blender door" but he had done a temporary fix to make it work for now - in an attempt to save us some cash and get through the summer. (We are in AZ by the way).

    Then it broke again in December and he replaced the blender door. Has been working fine until today. Now I get HOT air, no matter what. Tried taking off the control and looking at the lug nut - that is not the issue.

    I am taking it in tomorrow - will tell him about the fuse length issue mentioned above - am I better off just taking it to a dealer and having them replace the panel? I know it's $1k, but that's cheaper than the new HL Hybrid I really want (and cannot afford right now).

    Just wondering if there are any tips to give my mechanic or whether he can even do the panel replacement - I just want it FIXED - and done right so I don't have to drive in AZ without AC!

  • jtumisjtumis Posts: 3
    Fuse is not the issue. The wire connecting the temp control knob to circuit board is too short and has separated. Give me a few minutes and I will find you step by step instructions to fix yourself. I did it and had never done anything like this before. Car shop will charge you a $1000
  • jtumisjtumis Posts: 3
    Here is the problem and the fix. Whoever put this on the Internet gas saved a lot of people money. e/
  • mode8mode8 Posts: 1
    Thank you

    The question I have since I also have a 2006 Highlander Limited:

    It has electronic panel for AC-Control that its of course very different from manual knobs shown on the pics provided by Devalcourt.

    Since you've been able to repair Highlander Limited 2006 I am wondering how disassembling-assembling instructions are different with those shown on the pics

    Thanks a lot
  • This worked....really worked. Took my husband an hour and a half. Thanks.
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