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Extended Warranty - Toyota Extra Care



  • marc52marc52 Posts: 17
    When I purchased my Highlander from Royal Palm in Florida in October it came with a lifetime powertrane warranty. It covers everything for the original owner as long as the work is done by a certified mechanic. There is a deductable of $25 per visit. This was something that Penske, the dealer was doing at the time. What does the platinum cover? Ofcourse it will be awhile before I need to use this and hopefully never will.

    Good luck to all
  • Unless you're getting a smash up deal. Our dealership sales person tried to make it sound like he swung us a great deal on an extended warranty of 7 years/100k miles (Platinum Coverage) on a new (less than 20 miles) 2010 Highlander Limited and basically worked in another $2,000 cost into our payment plan. Thank God for these forums cause I was going to just go through with it.

    Some people suggested purchasing from the Superstore in Kansas. I called and they offered the identical Toyota Platinum Coverage for $810. What a wonderful little profit margin our dealership would have gotten on that. I'm definitely going to cancel it. Plus, I have 3 years and 36k miles to go before having to secure the coverage. I'm really disappointed in those sales and scare tactics they used and pressure point to buy and sign on the spot for the coverage. I guess I'm not the only customer who's experienced this as it looks like many other dealerships do the same exact thing, mark up the price and scare the customer into buying it.

    Thanks to all who posted about the Superstore in Kansas. I will be purchasing my coverage through them!
  • high4high4 Posts: 2
    Is it safe to purchase a extended warranty from out of state toyota dealer, if I live in WV, DC, MD or VA then can I buy a platinum warranty from out of state toyota's dealer? Will the coverage remain same and acceptable anywhere in USA? Please let me know. Thanks.
  • Is it possible to cancel and get a refund on an extended warranty bought from the local dealer and then get a cheaper one from elsewhere? How does one go about doing that?
  • smooth01smooth01 Posts: 18
    Yes it is perfectly all right. I purchased mine from Midwest Superstore in Hutchinson Kansas, They are a Ford -Lincoln Toyota Dealer. I purchased the same Platinum plan from them that my local dealer was selling for TOYOTA for minimum half the price. I was told they sell these for only $75.00 over dealer cost.After a week to 10 day's you will recieve your warranty paperwork directly from Toyota.The transaction was simple. They were friendly and explained the process in a simple way.
  • safari20055safari20055 Posts: 1
    edited October 2010
    Here is the list of quote(s) that I received from Midwest Superstore in Hutchinson Kansas (2010 Highlander base) - dated 10/04/2010.

    Platinum coverage with $0 deductable.

    8 yr - 100,000 mi $944.00
    8yr - 75,000 mi $659.00
    7yr - 100,000 mi $814.00
    7yr - 75,000 mi $559.00
  • I also purchased my Toyota Extra Care Platinum warranty with zero deductible from Jerry at the Midwest Superstore in Hutchinson, KS. I am in NY and had done quite a bit of searching around the local dealerships and on the phone calling out of state dealers as well. I called Midwest and their price was by far the cheapest. The process was easy and all done over the phone. I have a 2008 Toyota Camry which I purchased new in October of 2007. I got the 8 year/100,000 miles platinum warranty with $0 deductible for $1,039. Yippee! I highly recommend Jerry, he is very pleasant and informative. He made the whole process very easy!
  • Thanks.

    Cannot find the "superstore in Kansas"

    Where is it located, so I can purchaase a warranty from them.


    Dan P
  • Hutchison Kansas, "Midwest Superstore"It may say Ford Lincoln Mercuru Dealer, but they are also a Toyota dealer.
  • Unfortunately I purchased a 8yr/125K miles with 0 Deductible from a Dealer last week for $ 1900. Can I cancel and get a Full Refund? If I can do that, I can purchase from this Midwest Dealer that this thread has recommended very highly.

  • YES ! You either have a certain time frame to cancel or at worst case, prorated.I believe you might have 30 day's for full refund but I wouldn't be quoted on that.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,981
    edited December 2010
    The other wrinkle is that you may not be able to buy a replacement Toyota extended warranty if you cancel the current one. Honda has (or had) this policy but I don't know about Toyota.

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  • Both of you are correct. I did cancel and we do have 30 days to get a full refund and after that a prorated refund. I checked with Jerry and he said that Toyota does not have that restrictive clause about not being able to buy a replacement Warranty if we cancel the current one. So I went ahead and cancelled with the current dealer and Jerry quoted $ 1400 for the same Warranty! So, that is a straight savings of $ 500 that ima gonna use to buy myself a high end Escort Passport Radar Speed Detector!!
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,981
    Cool beans. That's a nice way to ring in the New Year. :)

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  • The Toyota extended warranty is a RIP OFF - and TOYOTA SUCKS. We purchased the same 100,000 mile extended warranty for our 2006 Sienna van for about $1500. The sliding door failed a year ago and the warranty claim was denied. It took many many many hours of fighting the warranty claim and finally we were able to get half the cost covered. Last week the van chugged to a halt 80 miles from town - I had it towed the 80 miles to the Toyota dealer, where upon they told us we had to pay $1100 to have the engine dismantled so the Toyota Investigator could determine the cause of the failure. It turned out the head gasket had blown. The customer service person at the dealership assured us this was covered by the warranty and was not a result of anything done by the drivers. The head mechanic assured us of the same. The service manager assured us of the same. The investigator assured us of the same. We received the call this afternoon from the warranty claim center saying our claim was denied.

    Tomorrow we begin the uphill battle of getting our due and getting the engine (replacement is the only option) covered. Frankly it is BS. If you own stock in TOYOTA - sell, sell, sell. I will never buy a TOYOTA and you should not either. TOYOTA SUCKS!
  • I purchased this warranty 3 1/2 years ago for my Sienna and Camry Hybrid. I think it was the best choice and have found it invaluable. My Sienna had a sensor problem at 60,000 miles that was $750 to fix and the Toyota dealer took care of it and it cost me nothing. Now i am selling my Camry Hyrbid and having that 7yr/100,000 zero deductible warranty is an incredible selling point making the car more valuable and much easier to sell. Fidelity is owned by JM Family who is the Toyota distributor for the southeastern US and is an incredibly reputable company. You couldn't ask for better security and customer service than these guys. I purchased a warranty from an internet company 6 years ago for another vehicle and they went out of business and i am out the $1400 I paid for it. That was very frustrating and I didn't want to take any chances again. Last point is that if you don't use this warranty you get your money back at the end of the contract. To me this is a no brainer worth while deal with nothing but upside whether you use it or not and a great asset when you go to sell your car
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,981
    Such effusive praise makes me think you are selling cars down in Florida yourself.

    Southeast Toyota has quite the reputation alright. For padding the cost of new Toyotas.

    Why does Edmunds' pricing for Toyota vehicles differ from pricing at my local Toyota dealer?

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  • Can you verify if you have Toyota extra care warranty or you have something different? Why was your claim denied?
  • Dunno what kinda warranty you purchased, it could be an Aftermarket warranty, not from Toyota itself. You shoulda been browsing this thread before you purchased that warranty on the internet as u claim to have done. Better late than never...
  • k_at_mdk_at_md Posts: 1
    Thank you Lucky777, "MIDWESTSUPERSTORE" is the real deal. Their Toyota care price is 35% less than where I bought my 2011 Toyota van from. Thank you again......
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