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Jeep Grand Cherokee Electronics and Navigation

tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
We're consolidating all the electronics and navigation discussions into this topic. This will include stereo equipment, computers, communication systems and so on.

tidester, host
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  • I just bought a '96 JGC. I need to know if there is a keyless system and an alarm system built in. How do I find that out, and how do I get control of them ?
  • I just had my 95 jeep grand cherokee serviced and I am trying to reset the screen to 3000 miles until next service but I can't seem to get it to reset any suggestions
  • sasukesasuke Posts: 77
    I just purchased a JGC, and the antenna in the front kinda bugs there a way I can get rid of it and buy something smaller?
  • I have a 95 and I dont remeber the sequence. I think you have to hold down both buttons when you start it up. Something like that. Keep holding untill it resets. If that doesnt work hold down just one keep tryg untill it resets. It is something like that.....
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    Press the "select" button until the mileage shows and then hold the "set" button until it resets.
  • gunz1gunz1 Posts: 9
    Just bought a GC Laredo with Sirius. Although radio works well , I cannot get display to list stations other than their numeric digit. Does the radio have way to adjust???
  • I have a 95 grand cherokee and just tonight after owning the vehicle for over a year discovered it had a factory alarm when it decided to go off and cut my fuel pump after disconnecting the battery for aprox 10 min. the lights were still flashing but the horn was no longer beeping a few minutes later after playing with the key and messing with the doors and door locks it turned off and i was able to drive home any input would be greatly appreciated thanx

  • reba1reba1 Posts: 1
    I have keyless entery system on my car, the car alarm and horn don't work, what could possible be wrong?
  • ddm777ddm777 Posts: 3
    i hit a deer on the interstate last year, i have fixed/replaced everything that needed it, yet i only get sound out of the front drivers side speakers. i followed the wiring, checked the speakers and even replaced the stereo to no avail. can any one help me with this problem? it's probebly something stupid that i'm overlooking or something. any help is very appreciated, thank you.
  • rawdribrawdrib Posts: 1
    Did you find any solutions for this? I bought an 06 Grand Cherokee and it has a fixed antenna as well. I've been looking for a good option to replace it.
  • jeeps2jeeps2 Posts: 45
    Just a thought, Have you check the speaker wires for any breaks? How about the main speaker feed plug that goes to the stereo? You may have a loose pin in the plug. If you replaced the stereo and have the same problem, I don't think the problem is in the radio. I know this sounds stupid,but are the rear speakers turned on at the radio level? Good luck
  • ddm777ddm777 Posts: 3
    i have followed the wiring and checked the plug and all speakers are on at the stereo it has confused the hell out of me.
  • jaydoc73jaydoc73 Posts: 4
    I have 99jgc with Sentry key theft deterrent sys. I'm the only owner and have never had a problem before but over the pass few day sometimes when I startup, my sentry key light blinks and my baby shuts down in 2-3 seconds. On one occassion the light came on while I was driving and stayed on but she did not shutdown. I can't find but little info. in my manual. Is my only option to take my jeep to the Ripoff vultures.(dealer)?
  • carrieycarriey Posts: 1
    I just purchased this car,when the trunk is locked and I try to open it the alarm sounds.How do I find out how to use the system,not knowing the original owner or code?
  • 2001 Grand Cherokee Limited - I cannot get any sound from the sound system (Infinity Gold with 180W amp). The head unit lights up, shows the channel, accepts the CD, works the changer, everything but sound. I had a similar problem in 2003 and the dealer replaced the head unit. This time, like 2003, seems like an abrupt failure. Any thoughts or advice before I spend hundreds on a remanufactured head unit? Thanks in advance for any help.

    p.s. This is radio #3 in this jeep. Radio #2 developed a short that was draining my battery and had to be replaced in 2005 - at my cost.
  • ssmssm Posts: 4
    I had this same prob on a 93 grand cherokee, dealer said they didn't know what to do-it was intermittent and they couldn't catch it. I used to pull all fuses relating to alarm , turned key a few times put the fuses back and it would start(usually). In another forum someone said it was related to the fuel pump(as it gets older-it causes the shut down)don't know if thats true. I did relpace the fuel pump - prob was gone for about 2 yrs and came back.
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    I have a 1997 and have had to replace all my speakers. The original equipment Infinity speakers have a paper cone and all of mine just rotted out from age. All of the door speakers are round and an unusual size. You will need to buy an 6 3/4" to 7" speaker to fit the hole unless you want to make or buy an adapter. 6 1/2" speakers will not fit without an adapter. Infinity does make a great sounding aftermarket speaker which I believe they advertise as a 7".
  • Had the same issue with mine about 5 years ago....I am still driving it but have learned to not use the auto locks on the doors - manually lock the doors. The only thing that shuts the alarm off is turning the drivers side door lock forward - with the key (which I've driven mine for 7 years and the drivers door lock now sometimes will work and other times wont - probably a short somewhere) or using the remote, if you have one. Mine was worse in the winter when it got cold but I just don't even mess with it - too many times of the stupid thing going off.
    Hope this helps some! :shades:
  • jaydoc73jaydoc73 Posts: 4
    thanks ssm for that info. It appears that those problems/solutions do not apply to my jeep at this time, but the information will probably come in handy at a later date. For any one that has this problem, I have since discovered that it is related to me tilting the steering wheel to the up position. If I don't tilt my steering wheel up,( I leave it down and don't touch the tilt level when getting in and out of the car), the light never comes on or blink. If when you turn on your ignition the sentry light stays on and starts blinking, the engine will shut down in 2-3 seconds. As soon as I forget and tilt my wheel up, the light comes on. If you need more info. drop me a dime. again thanks for your help.
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