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Jeep Grand Cherokee Electronics and Navigation



  • bdexheimerbdexheimer Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Grand Cherokee Limited. Two days ago the alarm went off at 12:30 am. I shut it off and went back to sleep. Ten minutes later it went off again, so I went out and checked it. No one was around and it was fine. So I just manually locked the doors and didn't arm the system.

    The alarm also went off yesterday while in a restaurant. I have checked it and it seems that being around the front of the vehicle can set it off. Does anyone know what could be causing this??? It is really annoying.
  • n9136vn9136v Posts: 1
    The Speakers in my jeep, an "Infinity system," aren't cheap to replace. I've successfully replaced the surrounds (the foam portion between the cone and the frame) for a fraction of what it costs to replace the entire speaker(s) with new. I ordered the parts from partsexpress dot com (do the math!). Took a lot of time, but the results were worth it. The problem with the originals is that the Foam surrounds will deteriorate over time. Why "foam surrounds"? Well, the response of the driver (speaker) based on where it's mounted, and it sounds darn good... Regardless, Replacement surrounds (if you don't mind spending the time) are worth the cash.

    98 JGC 5.2L 4x4 Laredo
  • chaseavecchaseavec Posts: 2
    I'm looking into new audio options and I wanted to know if the jeeps stock audio might have an input in the rear or if possibly I could connect an aftermarket audio system and be able to connect the steering wheels volume and other controls. I want both luxuries!!!.. lol.. does any know?...
  • coolridercoolrider Posts: 84
    Hello to the forum: My question is does anyone know how to disable the in-motion (dis) ability on the nav unit? Other people have done it to GM products ect., but not to mopar nav units. Thanks in advance for your help the bread crumb method just does not always help and it would be nice if the passenger could call ahead to make a reservation for dinner or hotel or order chinese take out without havivg to stop on the side of the highway.
  • snsanbornsnsanborn Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The starter went and I replaced it. Since I did this, my radio doesn't get any reception. It only picks up stations intermittently. I get sound when I use a cd though. I have also lost the ability to control the radio and cd player through the steering column. The horn also does not sound when I lock the car using my key ring. I received an Ipod attachment for my radio which also won't work because of what ever is wrong with the electrical system for the radio. I am wondering if something messed up when the battery had to be disconnected to install the new starter. Or maybe the system needs to be reprogrammed. Any ideas?????
  • kgvwkgvw Posts: 29
    I just purchased the new Navteq DVD upgrade for my 05 JGC Nav system.

    Low and behold the powers of intellegence decided to remove all the "clutter" from the nav screen. Clutter being the street names you normally look for when driving.

    I can no longer drive down a street and look at the screen to find the street I'm looking for without actually using the joy stick to highlight a street and let it tell me what I'm looking at.

    Unfortunately the DVD upgrades the firmware and is no longer backwards compatable.

    I discussed this with Navteq, (claims they only write software based on requirements from chrysler),

    Alpine (radio mfgr who claims they only supply the hardware) and Chrysler who claims they have no fix because Navteq supplied the software and Alpine supplied the radio... so call them or the Jeep dealer who never heard of any fixes at all, so call Chrysler.

    DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS??? Right now I have a $1600 DVD/Radio with a very large screen that doesn't help me locate anything.

    Thanks for any help.
  • Sup , this isn't a Jeep specific problem really, but hoping someone knows what is wrong with my Jeep's door-speakers.

    Just the other day while listening to music in my Jeep, the whole right side speakers went out, leaving me with just my left side playing. But the right side would start working like 5 minutes later, only to randomly start cutting out again every 5-10 minutes.

    So yesterday I tried it again, this time checking the fade & balance of the speakers. I found that all 4 of the door speakers do work, it's just that 3 of them (both right side, 1 on left) only play at like 15% power..... while my other door speaker still plays at 100%. Not sure what is going on, as this just happened out of the blue... never heard any crackling beforehand or anything.

    So I'm just wondering if anyone here knows what the problem may be. Like, are the 3 door speakers just getting worn out? Or is there a loose wire that would cause something like this to happen? I would think it was a loose wire if the speakers were still cutting out... but since they all still play (just very softly), I don't know what to think.

  • i have 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee and have the same problem like in message no.2 ; the only difference that there is a sound the first few seconds i turn on the radio ; then noting. any ideas .
  • it just happened that yesterday my son opened the right back door for the jeep and the sound came on and then when he closed the door the sound went off; after doing that for a couple of times i figured that the wires that ran through the door are being pinched some how ; so i just wiggled the lines and every thing is working fine now .
  • read message no. 7 it might help
  • dwest2dwest2 Posts: 1
    I think the amp under the back seat isn't working. Probably my daughter blew it out.The sound for the radio comes from the 2 front speakers in the doors only. It's real muffled and basey sounding. Anyone had the prob
  • brad423brad423 Posts: 1
    My rear speakers suddenly stoped working. The fuses are all good and when I push on the stereo it will kick back on then off again. Is it common for the wires to come loose or is the stereo going bad?
  • Need information on where to start here. This Jeep was running fairly good, it had the hard to start problem, but as long as you held the ignition and pumped the gas it would start and stay started. Then the both Back lights and dash lights went out, all other bulbs worked and it still started, went to buy a new light switch and there was no power at all. I have checked all fuses and cleaned all connectors they were all extreamly gunked up, still no power. Where do I start now?
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